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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"You know, these old Greek things certainly have lovely curves, haven't they?" "These young Greek things ain't bad, either!" - Quinn Redeker & Moe (THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE, 1962)

Cast Member : Symona Boniface

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 Born  1894-03-05
New York, NY
(Symona Ferner Boniface)
 Died  1950-09-02
Woodland Hills, CA
(Pancreatic cancer)
Symona is buried at Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, CA. Her grave was unmarked until 2005, when The Three Stooges Fan Club donated a grave marker... a picture of the memorial tribute was published in The Three Stooges Journal # 114.

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Acting Credits

  Released Film or Short Title Featuring Role
1.  1935-08-01 PARDON MY SCOTCH Moe, Larry and Curly Larry's dinner companion
2.  1936-12-27 SLIPPERY SILKS Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Morgan
3.  1938-01-07 TERMITES OF 1938 Moe, Larry and Curly Party guest
4.  1938-01-15 HOLLYWOOD HOTEL Ted Healy (Solo) Woman in movie theatre
5.  1938-04-01 TASSELS IN THE AIR Moe, Larry and Curly 3rd bridge player
6.  1940-04-19 A PLUMBING WE WILL GO Moe, Larry and Curly Party guest
7.  1940-10-04 NO CENSUS, NO FEELING Moe, Larry and Curly Bridge party hostess
8.  1941-05-16 ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE Moe, Larry and Curly Party guest
9.  1941-08-22 AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE Moe, Larry and Curly Party guest
10.  1941-10-16 IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE Moe, Larry and Curly Party guest
11.  1941-12-04 SOME MORE OF SAMOA Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Winthrop
12.  1942-01-08 LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD Moe, Larry and Curly Dancer with mouse down dress
13.  1943-04-02 SPOOK LOUDER Moe, Larry and Curly Customer
14.  1944-02-05 CRASH GOES THE HASH Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Van Bustle
15.  1945-11-15 MICRO-PHONIES Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Bixby
16.  1946-03-28 TALK ABOUT A LADY Joe Besser (Solo) Ladies League woman
17.  1946-04-11 JIGGERS, MY WIFE Shemp Howard (Solo) Trapella Weatherwax
18.  1946-09-05 G. I. WANNA HOME Moe, Larry and Curly Landlady
19.  1946-11-07 SLAPPILY MARRIED Joe DeRita (Solo) Hotel desk clerk
20.  1947-01-09 HALF-WITS HOLIDAY Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Smythe-Smythe
21.  1947-03-20 THE GOOD BAD EGG Joe DeRita (Solo) Board member
22.  1947-12-18 ALL GUMMED UP Moe, Larry and Shemp Woman who loses her dress
23.  1948-09-02 HEAVENLY DAZE Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. DePeyster
24.  1949-09-08 WAITING IN THE LURCH Joe Besser (Solo) Wedding guest
25.  1949-10-06 VAGABOND LOAFERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. Norfleet
26.  1949-10-12 JERKS OF ALL TRADES Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. Pennyfeather
27.  1951-12-06 PEST MAN WINS Moe, Larry and Shemp Party guest
28.  1955-04-14 BEDLAM IN PARADISE Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. DePeyster
29.  1956-10-04 SCHEMING SCHEMERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. Norfleet
30.  1958-06-12 PIES AND GUYS Moe, Larry and Joe Party guest
31.  1959-09-01 THREE STOOGES FUN-O-RAMA Moe, Larry and Joe archive footage
32.  1960-07-27 STOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! Moe, Larry and Curly archive footage
33.  1974-11-22 THE 3 STOOGES FOLLIES Moe, Larry and Curly archive footage
34.  1984-01-01 THE CURLY SHUFFLE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
35.  1987-05-28 THE STOOGEPHILE TRIVIA MOVIE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
36.  1990-10-15 DISORDER IN THE COURT: 60th ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
37.  1997-05-15 THE THREE STOOGES GREATEST HITS Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
38.  2003-04-29 THE THREE STOOGES 75th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
39.  2015-05-01 HEY MOE! HEY DAD! Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage

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