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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Was I in here last night, and did I spend a $20 bill?" "Yeh!" "Oh boy, what a load that is off my mind! I thought I'd lost it." - W.C. Fields & Shemp (BANK DICK, THE, 1940)

Cast Member : Cy Schindell

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 Born  1907-03-04
Brooklyn, NY
(Seymour Schindel)
 Died  1948-08-24
Los Angeles, CA
A World War II veteran, he is buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA. Cy worked while he was suffering from terminal cancer to make sure his family could survive after his death.

Sometimes billed as 'Al Seymour.'

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Acting Credits

  Released Film or Short Title Featuring Role
1.  1937-01-15 GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS Moe, Larry and Curly Waiter
2.  1937-03-19 DIZZY DOCTORS Moe, Larry and Curly Pursuing orderly
3.  1937-04-17 3 DUMB CLUCKS Moe, Larry and Curly Wedding guest
4.  1937-05-14 BACK TO THE WOODS Moe, Larry and Curly Indian
5.  1937-07-02 GOOFS AND SADDLES Moe, Larry and Curly Gang member
6.  1937-09-03 CASH AND CARRY Moe, Larry and Curly 2nd vault guard
7.  1938-10-14 MUTTS TO YOU Moe, Larry and Curly Policeman
8.  1939-01-06 THREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS Moe, Larry and Curly Brig guard
9.  1939-04-07 A DUCKING THEY DID GO Moe, Larry and Curly Produce deliveryman
10.  1939-07-28 BEHIND PRISON GATES Shemp Howard (Solo) Convict
11.  1939-08-25 CALLING ALL CURS Moe, Larry and Curly Tony
12.  1939-11-24 GLOVE SLINGERS Shemp Howard (Solo) Charlie Benson
13.  1940-03-08 ROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES Moe, Larry and Curly Indian
14.  1940-04-05 MONEY SQUAWKS Shemp Howard (Solo) Jake Lund, robber
15.  1940-06-14 NUTTY BUT NICE Moe, Larry and Curly Butch
16.  1940-07-26 MILLIONAIRES IN PRISON Shemp Howard (Solo) Red Vernon
17.  1940-07-26 HOW HIGH IS UP? Moe, Larry and Curly Supervisor with Blake
18.  1940-08-23 FROM NURSE TO WORSE Moe, Larry and Curly Policeman
19.  1940-09-13 THE LEATHERPUSHERS Shemp Howard (Solo) Wrestling referee
20.  1940-12-27 BOOBS IN ARMS Moe, Larry and Curly Enemy soldier
21.  1941-07-11 I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN Moe, Larry and Curly Chizzilini
22.  1942-04-23 WHAT'S THE MATADOR? Moe, Larry and Curly Spectator
23.  1942-04-23 WHAT'S THE MATADOR? Moe, Larry and Curly Bullring attendant
24.  1942-07-02 MATRI-PHONY Moe, Larry and Curly Guard
25.  1946-02-28 THE GENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES Shemp Howard (Solo) Stagehand
26.  1946-03-29 UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS Moe, Larry and Curly Union soldier
27.  1946-04-11 JIGGERS, MY WIFE Shemp Howard (Solo) Jack
28.  1946-06-20 MONKEY BUSINESSMEN Moe, Larry and Curly Clarence
29.  1946-12-05 THREE LITTLE PIRATES Moe, Larry and Curly Dirk
30.  1947-03-06 FRIGHT NIGHT Moe, Larry and Shemp Moose
31.  1947-10-30 SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS Moe, Larry and Shemp Henchman
32.  1947-12-18 ALL GUMMED UP Moe, Larry and Shemp Man with prescription
33.  1948-01-08 SHIVERING SHERLOCKS Moe, Larry and Shemp Officer Jackson
34.  1948-05-06 FIDDLERS THREE Moe, Larry and Shemp 3rd guard
35.  1948-10-07 I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE Moe, Larry and Shemp Caveman
36.  1948-12-09 CRIME ON THEIR HANDS Moe, Larry and Shemp Muscles
37.  1953-09-03 RIP, SEW, AND STITCH Moe, Larry and Shemp Henchman
38.  1954-05-13 MUSTY MUSKETEERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Guard, stock footage
39.  1955-01-06 FLING IN THE RING Moe, Larry and Shemp Moose
40.  1955-02-03 OF CASH AND HASH Moe, Larry and Shemp Officer Jackson
41.  1955-06-02 STONE AGE ROMEOS Moe, Larry and Shemp Caveman
42.  1955-10-06 HOT ICE Moe, Larry and Shemp Muscles
43.  1959-06-04 SAPPY BULL FIGHTERS Moe, Larry and Joe Bullring attendant
44.  1960-07-27 STOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! Moe, Larry and Curly archive footage
45.  1983-08-30 50 YEARS WITH THE STOOGES: THE FUNNIEST GUYS IN TH Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
46.  1984-01-01 THE CURLY SHUFFLE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
47.  1986-06-01 STOOGEMANIA Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
48.  1990-10-15 DISORDER IN THE COURT: 60th ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
49.  1994-01-01 STOOGES: THE MEN BEHIND THE MAYHEM Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
50.  1997-05-15 THE THREE STOOGES GREATEST HITS Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
51.  1998-08-21 THE THREE STOOGES FAMILY ALBUM Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
52.  2003-04-29 THE THREE STOOGES 75th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
53.  2015-05-01 HEY MOE! HEY DAD! Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage

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