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[slap!] "I didn't nothin'!" "That's why I slapped you, do somethin'." - Curly & Moe (ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE, 1941)

Cast Member : Christine McIntyre

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 Born  1911-04-16
Nogales, AZ
(Christine Cecilia McIntyre)
 Died  1984-07-08
Northridge, CA
She was the second child of John Edward McIntyre, Sr. (occupation: mining engineer) and Edna Annette Barnaby. Her older sister was Marian (Mrs. Hermann Walecki); her younger siblings were Jean M. (Mrs. Ricardo Martin), John Edward Jr., Annes Constance. She was of Scottish-Canadian, Irish-Canadian, French-Canadian, German, and Irish descent. She graduated from Aquinas Dominican H.S. (Chicago) in 1928 and from Chicago Musical College in 1933 (B.A. in voice).

After she married radio producer/writer/actor J. Donald Wilson on June 27, 1953 (they had no children), the couple managed several apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area, mostly in the San Fernando Valley. Christine died of cancer less than six months after her husband's death from a heart attack. She is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA.

A detailed biography was featured in The Three Stooges Journal #s 44 and 45.

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Acting Credits

  Released Film or Short Title Featuring Role
1.  1944-07-16 IDLE ROOMERS Moe, Larry and Curly Mrs. Leander
2.  1944-10-27 OPEN SEASON FOR SAPS Shemp Howard (Solo) Irene
3.  1944-11-24 NO DOUGH BOYS Moe, Larry and Curly Celia Zweiback
4.  1945-01-19 THREE PESTS IN A MESS Moe, Larry and Curly Con woman
5.  1945-02-16 OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN Shemp Howard (Solo) Edith
6.  1945-10-04 WHERE THE PEST BEGINS Shemp Howard (Solo) Annie Bass
7.  1945-11-15 MICRO-PHONIES Moe, Larry and Curly Alice Andrews / Alice Van Doren
8.  1946-04-11 JIGGERS, MY WIFE Shemp Howard (Solo) Trixie
9.  1946-04-25 THE THREE TROUBLEDOERS Moe, Larry and Curly Nell
10.  1946-09-12 PARDON MY TERROR Miscellaneous Appearances Alice Morton
11.  1946-09-16 SOCIETY MUGS Shemp Howard (Solo) Muriel Allen
12.  1946-11-07 SLAPPILY MARRIED Joe DeRita (Solo) Mrs. Bates
13.  1946-12-05 THREE LITTLE PIRATES Moe, Larry and Curly Rita Yolanda
14.  1947-03-27 BRIDE AND GLOOM Shemp Howard (Solo) Maisy Keeler
15.  1947-04-24 OUT WEST Moe, Larry and Shemp Nell
16.  1947-09-11 BRIDELESS GROOM Moe, Larry and Shemp Lulu Hopkins
17.  1947-12-18 ALL GUMMED UP Moe, Larry and Shemp Cerina Flint
18.  1947-12-18 WEDLOCK DEADLOCK Joe DeRita (Solo) Betty
19.  1948-01-08 SHIVERING SHERLOCKS Moe, Larry and Shemp Gladys Harmon
20.  1948-03-04 SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE Moe, Larry and Shemp Princess Elaine
21.  1948-04-29 JITTER BUGHOUSE Joe DeRita (Solo) Myrtle
22.  1948-07-08 THE HOT SCOTS Moe, Larry and Shemp Lorna Doone
23.  1948-12-09 CRIME ON THEIR HANDS Moe, Larry and Shemp Bee
24.  1949-03-03 WHO DONE IT? Moe, Larry and Shemp Delores
25.  1949-07-07 FUELIN' AROUND Moe, Larry and Shemp Hazel Snead
26.  1949-09-08 WAITING IN THE LURCH Joe Besser (Solo) Mae Knott
27.  1949-10-06 VAGABOND LOAFERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Ethel Allen
28.  1950-01-05 PUNCHY COWPUNCHERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Nell
29.  1950-02-02 HUGS AND MUGS Moe, Larry and Shemp Lily
30.  1950-03-02 DOPEY DICKS Moe, Larry and Shemp Louise
31.  1950-05-04 LOVE AT FIRST BITE Moe, Larry and Shemp Katrina
32.  1950-09-07 THREE HAMS ON RYE Moe, Larry and Shemp Janie Belle
33.  1950-10-05 STUDIO STOOPS Moe, Larry and Shemp Dolly Devore
34.  1953-10-08 BUBBLE TROUBLE Moe, Larry and Shemp Cerina Flint
35.  1954-06-03 PALS AND GALS Moe, Larry and Shemp Nell
36.  1954-09-02 KNUTZY KNIGHTS Moe, Larry and Shemp Princess Elaine
37.  1954-09-30 THE FIRE CHASER Joe Besser (Solo) Mae Knott
38.  1954-11-04 SCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND Moe, Larry and Shemp Lorna Doone
39.  1955-02-03 OF CASH AND HASH Moe, Larry and Shemp Gladys Harmon
40.  1955-10-06 HOT ICE Moe, Larry and Shemp Bea
41.  1956-01-05 HUSBANDS BEWARE Moe, Larry and Shemp Lulu Hopkins
42.  1956-05-03 FOR CRIMIN' OUT LOUD Moe, Larry and Shemp Delores
43.  1956-09-06 HOT STUFF Moe, Larry and Shemp Hazel Snead
44.  1956-10-04 SCHEMING SCHEMERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Mrs. Allen
45.  1958-04-10 FIFI BLOWS HER TOP Moe, Larry and Joe Katrina
46.  1959-09-01 THREE STOOGES FUN-O-RAMA Moe, Larry and Joe archive footage
47.  1960-07-27 STOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! Moe, Larry and Curly archive footage
48.  1983-08-30 50 YEARS WITH THE STOOGES: THE FUNNIEST GUYS IN TH Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
49.  1986-06-01 STOOGEMANIA Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
50.  1990-10-15 DISORDER IN THE COURT: 60th ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
51.  1997-05-15 THE THREE STOOGES GREATEST HITS Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
52.  1998-08-21 THE THREE STOOGES FAMILY ALBUM Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
53.  2003-04-29 THE THREE STOOGES 75th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
54.  2015-05-01 HEY MOE! HEY DAD! Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage

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