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"I'm tryin' to think, but nuthin' happens." - Curly (CALLING ALL CURS, 1939)

Cast Member : Jock Mahoney

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 Born  1919-02-07
Chicago, IL
(Jacques O'Mahoney)
 Died  1989-12-14
Bremerton, WA
(Complications of auto accident)
In his earlier films, he billed himself as Jacques O'Mahoney.

Stepfather of actress Sally Field.

Jock played a villain in the United Artists "Tarzan" feature TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1960); he inherited the title role in TARZAN GOES TO INDIA (1962) and TARZAN'S THREE CHALLENGES (1963). During the latter he contracted dysentery but continued working, compromising his health. After the film wrapped, he suffered a heart attack, and when he recovered, was no longer able to earn leading man roles and became a character actor in TV series like BATMAN.

Starred in TV's YANCY DERRINGER (1958) and THE RANGE RIDER (1951).

Ashes scattered over Puget Sound

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Acting Credits

  Released Film or Short Title Featuring Role
1.  1947-04-24 OUT WEST Moe, Larry and Shemp Johnny, the Arizona Kid
2.  1948-03-04 SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE Moe, Larry and Shemp Cedric the Blacksmith
3.  1948-07-01 CORONER CREEK Joe DeRita (Solo) stunts
4.  1949-07-07 FUELIN' AROUND Moe, Larry and Shemp Cell guard
5.  1950-01-05 PUNCHY COWPUNCHERS Moe, Larry and Shemp Elmer
6.  1954-09-02 KNUTZY KNIGHTS Moe, Larry and Shemp Cedric the Blacksmith
7.  1956-09-06 HOT STUFF Moe, Larry and Shemp Cell guard
8.  1983-08-30 50 YEARS WITH THE STOOGES: THE FUNNIEST GUYS IN TH Miscellaneous Appearances Himself
9.  1987-05-28 THE STOOGEPHILE TRIVIA MOVIE Miscellaneous Appearances Himself
10.  2003-04-29 THE THREE STOOGES 75th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage
11.  2015-05-01 HEY MOE! HEY DAD! Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage

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