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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"C'mon, we got some croakin' to do!" - Moe (RHYTHM AND WEEP, 1946)

Cast Member : Harriette Tarler

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 Born  1920-11-04
New York, NY
 Died  2001-11-18
New York, NY

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Acting Credits

  Released Film or Short Title Featuring Role
1.  1956-06-21 RUMPUS IN THE HAREM Moe, Larry and Shemp Harem girl
2.  1956-11-08 COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN Moe, Larry and Shemp Emma Blake
3.  1957-01-31 HOOFS AND GOOFS Moe, Larry and Joe Dinklespiel's daughter
4.  1957-02-28 MUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER Moe, Larry and Joe Mary Brown
5.  1957-03-23 A MERRY MIX-UP Moe, Larry and Joe Letty, Max's wife
6.  1957-04-18 SPACE SHIP SAPPY Moe, Larry and Joe 3rd Amazon
7.  1957-09-12 HORSING AROUND Moe, Larry and Joe Attendant's daughter
8.  1957-12-05 OUTER SPACE JITTERS Moe, Larry and Joe Zunevian woman
9.  1958-04-10 FIFI BLOWS HER TOP Moe, Larry and Joe Parisian waitress
10.  1958-06-12 PIES AND GUYS Moe, Larry and Joe Countess Shpritzvasser
11.  1958-10-09 FLYING SAUCER DAFFY Moe, Larry and Joe Girl at party
12.  1959-09-01 THREE STOOGES FUN-O-RAMA Moe, Larry and Joe archive footage
13.  2015-05-01 HEY MOE! HEY DAD! Miscellaneous Appearances archive footage

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