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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Your drink madam." [splat!] "Pardon me madam." - Emil Sitka (HALF-WITS HOLIDAY, 1947)

Episode Characters

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I. CheathamBrian O'HaraTHREE PESTS IN A MESS (1945)
I. FleecemVernon DentHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
I. FleecemVernon DentBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
I. KatchumTom Kennedy'FRAIDY CAT (1951)
I. KatchumTom KennedyHOOK A CROOK (1955)
I. PeekDonald MacBrideWRONG, WRONG TRAIL, THE (1934)
Icabod SlippKenneth MacDonaldHOLD THAT LION! (1947)
Icabod SlippKenneth MacDonaldLOOSE LOOT (1953)
Ice Cold KatyRita ChristianiTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Ice Cold Katy numberMadame Sul-Te-WanTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Ice cream customersUnidentified BOOBY DUPES 3BOOBY DUPES (1945)
Ice cream manBorrah MinevitchI SCREAM (1934)
Ice cream menThe Harmonica RascalsI SCREAM (1934)
Ice cream truck driverPat GleasonVIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY (1938)
Ice cream vendorSnub PollardBOOBY DUPES (1945)
Ice cream vendorHubert DiltzMR. NOISY (1946)
Ice customerVictor TraversACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
Ice customerDorothy VernonACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
Igor the GorillaArt MilesBIRD IN THE HEAD, A (1946)
Iman the Holy OneRichard HaleDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
Immigration officerEd GarganBOMBSHELL (1933)
Immigration officerJames BurkeBOMBSHELL (1933)
Immigration officerCharles CaneGENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES, THE (1946)
ImpersonatorBen FrommerCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
ImpersonatorEzelle PouleCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Ina HeathJudith BarrettGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
IndianCy SchindellBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianBert YoungBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianBlackie WhitefordBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianCharles DoretyBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianSam LufkinBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianCharlie PhillipsBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianBudd FineBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
IndianJohn TyrrellROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
IndianBert YoungROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
IndianRichard FiskeROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
IndianCy SchindellROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
IndianGeorge E. StoneROAD SHOW (1941)
IndianCharles SoldaniTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
IndianCharles StevensCORONER CREEK (1948)
IndianRodd Redwing4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Indian braveDean ReisnerIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Indian ChiefDick CurtisROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES (1940)
Indian fatherJim ThorpeIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Induction SergeantMichael RossWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
InmateHarry WilsonLAZY RIVER (1934)
InspectorJohn McKeeHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Inspector CraneThurston HallLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Inspector CrotchetMaurice DallimoreTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Inspector Hugh DrakeFrederick WorlockMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Inspector MadiganAlan WardFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
Inspector McCormickClive MorganHOT SCOTS, THE (1948)
Inspector McCormickClive MorganHOT ICE (1955)
Inspector VanceDonald MacBrideMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Insurance adjusterVernon DentHOKUS POKUS (1949)
Insurance adjusterVernon DentFLAGPOLE JITTERS (1956)
Insurance company presidentC. Montague ShawWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Insurance patientSlim GautGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
InternConstant FrankePARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
InternMaurice BrierrePARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
InternArthur WestMEN IN BLACK (1934)
InternJoe FineMEN IN BLACK (1934)
InternNeal BurnsMEN IN BLACK (1934)
InternCharles DoretyMEN IN BLACK (1934)
InternWilliam TannenSPEED (1936)
InternGeorge ChandlerSING, BABY, SING (1936)
InternPhillip TerryOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
InternJoseph ForteOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
InternCoulter IrwinBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
InternJames DouglasHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
InternChristian MetasSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Intern with Anna CondaArthur RankinMEN IN BLACK (1934)
InterpreterBill WalkerAFRICA SCREAMS (1949)
Intersection patrolmanRoy EngelIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Intersection patrolmanPaul BirchIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Ira JaffeeLester MatthewsSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Irate womanMinerva UrecalSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
IreneChristine McIntyreOPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944)
IreneFerike BorosDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Irene TaylorIrene TaylorEVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC (1934)
Irma ParamutualIsobel ElsomERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
IrondomeEdgar DearingHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
IronheadCasey ColumboGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Ironhead's corner manBobby CallahanGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Irritated woman in restaurantMoyna McGillSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
IRS agentVernon DentINCOME TAX SAPPY (1954)
IRS ChiefRichard TuckerIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
IrwinMarvin KaplanIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
IshyaBurnu AcquanettaARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Istanbul policemanUnidentifiedTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Italian chefGino CorradoMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Italian manHector SarnoMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Italian manGenaro SpagnoliMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Italian manAgostino BorgatoMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Italian musicianHenry ArmettaHELLO POP (1933)
Italian soldierHarry 'Zoup' WelshHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Italian womanMinerva UrecalHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Italian womanInez PalangeMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Italian womanBelle MitchellMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Italian womanNina CampanaMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Itchy SmithPinky LeeONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Ivan / Shemp's stunt doubleErnie StantonCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Ivan BustoffHarrison GreeneGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)

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