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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"On those 2 fried eggs over easy... use the fresh ones this time!" - Larry (OF CASH AND HASH, 1955)

Episode Characters

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M. C.Joey RayeHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
M. C.George SorelSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
M. C.Robert ShermanHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
M. C.Cliff FerreHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
M. H.John ElliottHEADIN' EAST (1937)
M.P.John PickardROOKIE, THE (1959)
M.P.Richard ReevesROOKIE, THE (1959)
MaEva McKenzieYOKE'S ON ME, THE (1944)
MaJessie ArnoldDIZZY YARDBIRD (1950)
MaJessie ArnoldG. I. DOOD IT (1955)
Ma McCarthyValerie BergerePURE FEUD (1934)
Ma O'DareMaude OdellDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Ma SmithEmma DunnVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Ma StevensDorothy VernonTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Mabel unidentifiedSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
MabelVirginia DaleSTART CHEERING (1938)
MabelMabel BoehikeSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
MabelConnie CezanCORNY CASANOVAS (1952)
MabelConnie Cezan.RUSTY ROMEOS (1957)
Mabel FineAnna-Lise PhillipsTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Mabel TaylorMary TreenONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
MacUna MerkelBOMBSHELL (1933)
MacBilly GriffithOPERATOR 13 (1934)
MacDouglas FowleySING, BABY, SING (1936)
MacArthur SpaceSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Mac's friendErnie StantonSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Mac, policemanJames FlavinWOMAN WANTED (1935)
MacFay's chauffeurHorace McMahonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Machine gunnerLew HarveyBIG IDEA, THE (1934)
Machine gunner tower guardEarle D. BunnBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
Mackerel customerBlanche PaysonCOOKOO CAVALIERS (1940)
Mackley Q. GreeneDick PurcellBANK DICK, THE (1940)
MacklinCliff ClarkKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
MacPhersonTed LorchHOT SCOTS, THE (1948)
MacPhersonTed LorchSCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND (1954)
MacPherson, new footageGeorge PembrokeSCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND (1954)
Mad Bill HookupJoe PalmaGUNS A POPPIN! (1957)
Madame AlbaniAdrienne D'AmbricourtSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Madame DuBerryGertrude MudgeART TROUBLE (1934)
Madame La ZongaLupe VelezSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Madame SmetanaEvelyn SelbieMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
Madge ReillyJeanne KellyMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
MadiganDick CurtisGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Mae KnottChristine McIntyreWAITING IN THE LURCH (1949)
Mae KnottChristine McIntyreFIRE CHASER, THE (1954)
Mae West impersonatorsThe Brox SistersMEET THE BARON (1933)
Magda AndersJanuary JonesDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
MaggieGladys BlakeLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
MaggieMary GordonEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
MaggieNancy SaundersI'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE (1948)
MaggieNancy SaundersSTONE AGE ROMEOS (1955)
Maggie SmirchBess FlowersTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
MagistrateGrandon RhodesHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
Maharajah of KarengoreRichard DevonTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
MaidMuriel EvansBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
MaidHelen MartinezANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
MaidUnidentified 3 DUMB CLUCKS 23 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
MaidLibby TaylorCALLING ALL CURS (1939)
MaidMarjorie KaneNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
MaidBernice PilotTIGHT SHOES (1941)
MaidBlanche PaysonACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
MaidLilyan IreneAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
MaidAlice DahlHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
MaidMarjorie HoshelleTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
MaidMarie De BeckerDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
MaidAnita Sharp-BolsterDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
MaidIda MooreEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
MaidSuzanne RidgewayUP IN DAISY'S PENTHOUSE (1953)
MaimieRuth GilletteSO YOU WON'T T-T-T-TALK (1934)
MaisieBeatrice CurtisFALSE ALARMS (1936)
Maisie BurleyJessie RalphSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Maison Elya waiterBill Walker4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Maisy KeelerChristine McIntyreBRIDE AND GLOOM (1947)
Maitre 'dFred RapportHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Maitre 'dGabriel CurtisHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Maitre d'Tenen HoltzPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Maitre d' UnidentifiedSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Maitre d'HotelLloyd WhitlockTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Maitre d'Hotel, Bette Davis numberHenri DeSotoTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Maitre'd, stock footageGino CorradoHOI POLLOI (1935)
Maj. Allen PinkertonSidney TolerOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Maj. Bedd's girlfriendLouise SquiresOFFICER'S MESS, THE (1935)
Maj. EvansEdwin StanleyPRIVATE BUCKAROO (1942)
Maj. Harper, scene deletedPierre WatkinIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
MajorSi JenksUNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935)
MajorEdward EarleHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Major BeddDetmar PoppenOFFICER'S MESS, THE (1935)
Major EversNorman LeavittROOKIE, THE (1959)
Major FilbertTed LorchUNCIVIL WARRIORS (1935)
Major Gen. EmersonSamuel S. HindsBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Major in lobbyJimmie LucasBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Major SmithEdward LeSaintHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Major WarringforthArthur TreacherCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
MajordomoLane ChandlerARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Male nurseCharlie PhillipsFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Male nurseJoe PalmaFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
MalindaKathryn SheldonLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
MaloneyIvan MillerIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mamie, scene deletedGwen SeagerIDIOTS DELUXE (1945)
ManBuddy HenryVARSITY SHOW (1937)
ManRobert ClaytonVARSITY SHOW (1937)
ManCliff SaumVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Man arrested in burlesque houseCharles WilliamsDANCING LADY (1933)
Man arrested on busJohn HarmonWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Man at barCyril RingSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Man at bus stationJames ConatyWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Man at bus with HectorHeinie ConklinFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Man at Callahan's with ice cream coneConstantine RomanoffHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at Carteblanche screeningDick WhittinghillERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at Carteblanche screeningNicky BlairERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at Carteblanche screeningRegis ToomeyERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at fightBobby BarberLEATHERPUSHERS, THE (1940)
Man at gangplankFrank O'ConnorSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Man at graduationVernon DentDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Man at gunpointWarren HymerROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
Man at hearingCharles TrowbridgeMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Man at Hollywood Hotel deskDale Van SickelHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at lockerMichael GordonWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Man at McGrath's tableEdmund MortimerTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Man at McGrath's tableLester DorrTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Man at movie premiereBert StevensERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at movie premiereArthur ToveyERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at movie premiereCosmo SardoERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man at premiereWilliam WorthingtonHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at premiereFrank McClureHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at premiereJames ConatyHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at premiereBarry NortonHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at premiereRalph T. BrooksHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at premiereHarold MillerHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man at rooming houseHarry TenbrookDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Man at seanceLeon WilliamsDOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973)
Man at seanceEric BolesDOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973)
Man at train stationJohn DilsonMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Man at water fountainEddie FetherstonSTART CHEERING (1938)
Man calling for Mrs. JonesFrank DarienHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Man carrying suitcasesMichael MaurerKOOK'S TOUR (1970)
Man driving car during escapeFred "Snowflake" ToonesFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
Man from phone companyCharles HowardSALT WATER DAFFY (1933)
Man from phone companyCharles HowardABSORBING JUNIOR (1936)
Man hit by horseshoeJames C. MortonGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Man in apartmentEddie LaughtonBOOBS IN ARMS (1940)
Man in audienceDick ElliottRECKLESS (1935)
Man in audienceMonte VandergriftMAD LOVE (1935)
Man in audienceJohnny ArthurMAD LOVE (1935)
Man in audienceLester DorrHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Man in audienceBrooks BenedictHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Man in audienceJohnny ArthurHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Man in audienceJames CarlisleAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Man in audienceJohn C. FowlerAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Man in audienceJames ConatyTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Man in audienceSam HarrisTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Man in audienceEddie BordenGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
Man in audienceBobby BurnsGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
Man in audienceLew DavisGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
Man in audienceVictor TraversGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
Man in audience, stock footageCharles LaneSMOKED HAMS (1934)
Man in barJerry SheldonSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Man in Betty's wayBen HallHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Man in Bilbo's audienceNeal BurnsA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
Man in Bilbo's audienceAl ThompsonA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
Man in Bilbo's audienceGeorge GrayA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
Man in bookstoreSteve AllenDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Man in Bradley's officeEdmund MortimerDANCING LADY (1933)
Man in breadlineWilliam NewellSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Man in broadcast boothEddie PhillipsDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man in broadcast stationHarry PilcerTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Man in bunkerBernard GlasserSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
Man in burlesque audienceBobby BarberEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Man in burlesque audienceHarry SemelsEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Man in bus depotMike LallyWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Man in cafeBill ElliottDANCING LADY (1933)
Man in cafeMonte MontagueFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Man in cafeWilliam SundholmFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Man in cafeRoy ButlerFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Man in cafeteriaBrick SullivanOUTSIDE THE WALL (1950)
Man in carAl ThompsonPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Man in carVernon DentEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Man in carUnidentifiedSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Man in carDanny DaytonWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Man in carnival audienceI. Stanford JolleyCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Man in courtroomJeffrey SayreHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Man in courtroomTed LorchHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Man in courtroomWilliam O'BrienHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Man in courtroomSayre DearingHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Man in courtroomJack ChefeSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Man in courtroomJoe PloskiSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Man in Craven's officeSam HarrisMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Man in crowdAl HaskellIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Man in crowdEddie SmithIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Man in crowdCharles SherlockIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Man in dinerForrest TuckerDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Man in dinerDanny ThomasDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Man in elevatorBob GoldenERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man in hallwayJim ToneyRECKLESS (1935)
Man in hallwayHarry KeatanDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
Man in hallwayEd MullDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
Man in hallwayNick BaskovitchDISORDER IN THE COURT (1936)
Man in Hollywood Hotel lobbyRonald R. RondellHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man in hotel lobbyBert YoungLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Man in hotel lobbyEdmund MortimerCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Man in induction officeEddie LaughtonHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Man in Karne's boxSam RiceDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man in knickersMaurice MillardHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Man in lobbyEdmund MortimerIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Man in lobbyFred CordovaHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Man in lobbyVictor TraversIDLE ROOMERS (1944)
Man in lobbyFred KelseyDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Man in lobbyCharles CrossSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
Man in movieRobert PaigeKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Man in movie theatreAl LloydHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Man in overturned truckEric BunnDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Man in parkSheldon LeonardHIS FIRST FLAME (1935)
Man in police lineupHarry SemelsSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Man in poolDale Van SickelHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Man in premiere audienceHal TaggartERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man in radio audienceBert MoorhouseTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Man in railyardTony HughesCORN ON THE COP (1934)
Man in railyardSam LufkinGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Man in railyardBudd FineGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Man in restaurantHarold MillerIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Man in restaurantVernon DentHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Man in restaurantBilly EngleGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Man in restaurantJack HillGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
Man in row boatCharles DoretyCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Man in saloonBobby BurnsGOOFS AND SADDLES (1937)
Man in saloonJack HillGOOFS AND SADDLES (1937)
Man in scarfGeorge RamseyHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Man in small carLew DavisDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Man in Steve's dressing roomKit GuardPRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Man in street crowdJohnny KascierHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Man in street crowdSolomon HorwitzHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Man in street crowdLew DavisHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
Man in ticket lineHal CraigIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Man in top hatErnie YoungPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Man in treeHarry BrownFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
Man in Twitchell's partyCharles DoretyLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Man in windowJohnny KascierTHREE PESTS IN A MESS (1945)
Man leaving assessor's officeVictor TraversNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Man leaving elevatorVictor TraversTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
Man listening to taleEddie HallFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Man on bicycleJohnny KascierFLAGPOLE JITTERS (1956)
Man on bikeJohnny KascierHOKUS POKUS (1949)
Man on coroner juryTed LorchRECKLESS (1935)
Man on coroner juryEdward LeSaintRECKLESS (1935)
Man on dockJames GuilfoyleFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Man on dockBlackie WhitefordFLAME OF NEW ORLEANS, THE (1941)
Man on dockSam HarrisROOKIE, THE (1959)
Man on mechanical horsePaul FixRECKLESS (1935)
Man on phone at partyEdward NorrisWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Man on shipboardEdmund MortimerSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Man on streetAl HaskellMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Man on streetCharles DoretySITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
Man on streetJack HillSITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
Man on streetCharlie PhillipsSITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
Man on streetJohn RandWEE WEE MONSIEUR (1938)
Man on streetBobby BurnsMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Man on streetUnidentified A DUCKING THEY DID GO 2A DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
Man on streetJack HillNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Man on streetVictor TraversHOW HIGH IS UP? (1940)
Man on streetShemp HowardAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Man on streetChuck CallahanTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Man on streetLew DavisSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Man on streetLew DavisOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
Man on streetSam LufkinOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
Man on streetLarry SteersBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Man on stretcherJohn ''Skins'' MillerSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Man on ticket lineBruce BennettDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man on ticket lineJack RaymondDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man on ticket lineDon BrodieDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man on ticket lineSumner GetchellDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man on ticket lineKane RichmondDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Man on tractorUnidentified G. I. WANNA HOME 2G. I. WANNA HOME (1946)
Man on trainBilly GilbertMAD LOVE (1935)
Man on truckCharles KingPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
Man on truckCharles KingHIT WITH A MISS, A (1945)
Man outside office buildingChet BrandenburgFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
Man outside PlantationBrooks BenedictSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Man outside PlantationRalph T. BrooksSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Man outside theaterBud GearyPITTSBURGH (1942)
Man outside theaterEthan LaidlawPITTSBURGH (1942)
Man outside theatreEdward NorrisMAD LOVE (1935)
Man outside Wallace's officeGeorge GrayMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Man outside Wallace's officeTed LorchMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Man panhandled by CurlyJohnny KascierTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
Man panhandled by CurlyWilliam IrvingPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
Man panhandled by LarryBobby BurnsTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
Man panhandled by MoeLynton BrentTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
Man playing tic-tac-toeFreddie SanbornHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Man posing as mannequinJerry FrankEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Man prayingSpec O'DonnellSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Man pummeled by Mrs. Marcus / stuntsHarvey ParryIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Man raising curtainEdward Peil, Sr.RECKLESS (1935)
Man reading newspaperMichael KraikeWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Man restraining BlackieBud GearySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Man searching debrisBen HallSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Man setting up microphoneEddie FetherstonSTART CHEERING (1938)
Man sitting outside saloonVictor TraversYES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA (1939)
Man taking a siestaUnidentified WHAT'S THE MATADOR? 2WHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
Man walking by Legion HQVictor TraversWEE WEE MONSIEUR (1938)
Man wanting new bodyJeffrey HermanDOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973)
Man watching rushesJoe BesserERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Man who punches DrakeBill KennedyDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Man who runs over hatJerry LewisIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Man with baby buggySalvatore SportelliHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Man with beardVictor TraversHOLD THAT LION! (1947)
Man with beardVictor TraversBOOTY AND THE BEAST (1953)
Man with beerJohnny KascierNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Man with binocularsHarry MyersFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
Man with cigarGeorge B. FrenchHOI POLLOI (1935)
Man with girlJack MowerDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Man with gripCharles SullivanDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Man with groceriesUnidentified SO LONG MR. CHUMPS 1SO LONG MR. CHUMPS (1941)
Man with hoseCharlie PhillipsMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Man with Mr. MullinsHarold MillerTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Man with prescriptionCy SchindellALL GUMMED UP (1947)
Man with ropeMilton BerleDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Man with seltzer bottleAl ThompsonLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Man with tailorVernon DentTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Man with toupeeCarl ReinerDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
ManagerTorben MeyerHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
MandyEtta McDanielTERMITES OF 1938 (1938)
Manny WeeksJohn TyrellGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
ManuelMarek WindheimTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
ManuelNestor PaivaI, THE JURY (1953)
Manuel GonzalesBob O'ConnorCOOKOO CAVALIERS (1940)
MarciaEve ArdenDANCING LADY (1933)
Marcia's agentMatt McHughDANCING LADY (1933)
MarcyMary DoranBLONDE BOMBER, THE (1936)
Margaret WallaceVirginia BruceHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
MargeJean CarmenHEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938)
Marge MinterDonna DamerelMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
MargieHelene DicksSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
MariaInez PalangeFUGITIVE LOVERS (1934)
MariaMarie MonteilLOVE AT FIRST BITE (1950)
MariaMarie MonteilFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
Maria Callas impersonatorMarian MannersLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Marian RandDusty AndersonGENTLEMAN MISBEHAVES, THE (1946)
Marianne, scene deletedIsabel JewelMAD LOVE (1935)
Maribel MathewsMarjorie MainFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
MarieSara HadenMAD LOVE (1935)
MarieMaria MontezINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
MarieEileen O'Neill4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Marie BrodyGrace LenardMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Marie Dumont BaumlerMarguerite ChapmanSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Marie FinchMary TreenSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Marie RosettiJane BarnesMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
MarigoldDoria RevierPARDON MY CLUTCH (1948)
MarigoldDoria RevierWHAM-BAM-SLAM! (1955)
MarineCharles SherlockIN THE NAVY (1941)
Marine sentryLyle LatellIN THE NAVY (1941)
Marion BlissGrace McDonaldHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Marjorie WyndinghamMartha O'DriscollCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Marjorie's singing voiceMartha TiltonCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Mark HellingerWarren DouglasHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Mark ThorneSam AshSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Marlow, scene deletedCrauford KentTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Marsha, Nazi housekeeperMinerva UrecalTHEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943)
Marshall BoringVernon DentHIGHER THAN A KITE (1943)
Marshall Dan CorbinWilliam TalmanTWO-GUN LADY (1956)
MarthaMargaret SeddonIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
MarthaMary GordonAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Martha BurtonHope LandinART TROUBLE (1934)
Martha Washington JonesJanet ReadePAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Martian ChairmanNestor PaivaTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Martian Council MemberGuy WayTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Martian Council MemberHubie KernsTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
MartinCharles R. MooreHIT THE ROAD (1941)
MartinHarry HaydenHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Martin TinwellBobby WatsonPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Martin, hotel clerkRalph BushmanIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Martin, print shop convictJohn TyrrellBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
MartyPaul DubovI, THE JURY (1953)
MartyStanley ClementsMAD AT THE WORLD (1955)
Marty ConroyGeorge LloydBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
Marty, internDick RichTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Marvin GimbleLon Chaney Jr.TOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Marvin LewisShemp HowardONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
MaryMarjorie WhiteWOMAN HATERS (1934)
MaryLindsay BourquinGENTS WITHOUT CENTS (1944)
MaryPat ParrishEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
MaryMary IcideSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
MaryAlyn LockwoodBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
MaryMary AinsleeHOKUS POKUS (1949)
MaryMary AinsleeFLAGPOLE JITTERS (1956)
MaryConnie GilchristSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
Mary BellamyTani GuthrieI, THE JURY (1953)
Mary BelleFaye WilliamsUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
Mary BelleRoyce MilneSCRAMBLED BRAINS (1951)
Mary BlakeJeanette MacDonaldSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Mary BrownHarriette TarlerMUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER (1957)
Mary ClayJoan CrawfordFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
Mary Gimlet / Mary WrightMae ClarkeTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Mary HillJune AllysonSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mary KellyDorothy VaughanGLOVE SLINGERS (1939)
Mary Louise PorterLouise HenryPARIS INTERLUDE (1934)
Mary SmithLouise LatimerMY MUMMY'S ARMS (1934)
Mary TomaselloIrene HerveyWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Mary WilkinsBeulah BondiOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Mary's brother-in-lawGeorge GrayWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary's fatherA.R. HeyselWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary's motherDorothy VernonWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary's sisterJune GittelsonWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary's uncle, the copTiny SanfordWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary's uncle, the fighterMary's Uncle, the fighter Unidentified WOMAN HATERWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mary, blonde chorus girlBeverly ThomasFLAGPOLE JITTERS (1956)
Mary, Freddie's cookLillian YarboSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mary, Jeff's fianceeJeanne CarmenMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
Mary, Peter's secretaryFay HoldenLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mary, schoolgirlRoberta SmithTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Mary, showgirlBeverly ThomasLOOSE LOOT (1953)
MasseuseGreta MeyerBOMBSHELL (1933)
Master of CeremoniesBert FrohmanPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Master of ceremoniesJack CliffordSPEED (1936)
Master of CeremoniesGuy RennieGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
Master Sgt. CallahanHarry StrangBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Master Sgt. GoodBrian O''HaraDIZZY YARDBIRD (1950)
Master Sgt. GoodBrian O''HaraG. I. DOOD IT (1955)
Master Sgt. MarksFrank PennyBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
MastersTed LorchMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
MatTed HealySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Mate on bargeBen Hendricks, Jr.LAZY RIVER (1934)
Matilda HawleyJanet BeecherGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
MatronCharlotte MineauWISE GUYS PREFER BRUNETTES (1926)
MatronSarah SchwartzMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
MatronAlice FlemingKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Matron in hallwayLucile WatsonMEN IN BLACK (1934)
Matron party guestUnidentified ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE 1ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Matron with babyNatalie SchaferDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
MatsonCharles Bronson4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Matt MorrisonAndy DevineHOT STEEL (1940)
Matt, police detectivePaul BryarMAD AT THE WORLD (1955)
Mattie HerringLorna GrayYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
MaxMoe HowardMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
Max KaneAndrew TombesHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Max RichterUrsula Andress4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Max, booking agentTenen HoltzBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
Max, convictAnthony WardeMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
MaxeneMaxene AndrewsIN THE NAVY (1941)
MaxeneMaxene AndrewsHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
MaxeneMaxene AndrewsMOONLIGHT AND CACTUS (1944)
MaxieAl HermanHEADIN' EAST (1937)
MaxieMax "Slapsie Maxie" RosenbloomCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Maxie RosenbloomMax "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom3 OF A KIND (1944)
Maxie RosenbloomMax "Slapsie Maxie" RosenbloomTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
MaximilianHenry SilvaCINDERFELLA (1960)
Maximilian, as a boyStephen HammerCINDERFELLA (1960)
Maxine Gates' stunt doubleUnidentified MUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSERMUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER (1957)
Maxine ScottPat CarrollWITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968)
MaxonDoodles WeaverHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
MaxwellHarry T. MoreyVERY CLOSE VEINS (1934)
MaxwellFrank MitchellSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
May JenkinsLorna GrayOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
May ThomasVirginia ValeMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
May TrentRuth GodfreyMUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER (1957)
May, Jack's wifeNanette BordeauxMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
MayorUnidentifiedMEET THE BARON (1933)
MayorUnidentifiedPUGS AND KISSES (1934)
MayorChuck CallahanA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
MayorLloyd CorriganIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Mayor Clarence TeepleChester CluteONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Mayor HowellWilbur MackMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Mayor JonesFerris TaylorVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Mayor SmunFrancis PierlotCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Mayor WhiteheadDick ElliottHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
MazieGracie WorthIN THE DOUGH (1933)
Mazie FrumpGrace LenardOFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945)
MaznahLois AndrewsDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
McCarthyJoe FieldsPURE FEUD (1934)
McCarthy manTony HughesPURE FEUD (1934)
McClellandLloyd IngrahamSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
McCuneForrest TaylorCORONER CREEK (1948)
McGannMilton KibbeeKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
McGintyFranklin Parker3 OF A KIND (1944)
McSwat stoogeUnidentifiedFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
McSwat's managerRichard LaneFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
MeadowsEmil SitkaPEST MAN WINS (1951)
MechanicBud GearyMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Medic UnidentifiedSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
MedicJoe BesserROOKIE, THE (1959)
Medical examinerRoy EngelI, THE JURY (1953)
Medicine show balladeersThe Four Mills BrothersOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Meek man, scene deletedJoe DeRitaTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Mella StevensJulie DuncanTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Melville CrumpSid CaesarIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Men's store clerkLynton Brent3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
MerchantHarry HaydenSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
MerchantLester SharpeDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
MerchantJan ArvanDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
MerchantMilton KibbeeDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
MergatroydMoe HowardSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
Mergatroyd the MagicianPhil Van ZandtFIDDLERS THREE (1948)
Mergatroyd the MagicianPhil Van ZandtMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
Mert MorganTed HealyMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Mess attendantSam LabradorMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
Mess cookRusty WescoattTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Mess hall cookShemp HowardBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Mess hall trusteeShemp HowardBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
MessengerHenry RoquemoreSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
MessengerRobert McKenzieSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
MessengerGeorge GrayPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
MessengerCarlyle Blackwell Jr.DOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Messenger boyJoe RechtTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Messenger, scene deletedBilly BenedictTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Meter maidAudrey BetzOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Mexican with directionsDon ZelayaWHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
Michael DaileyReginald DennyAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Michael Lanyard, the Lone WolfWarren WilliamLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Michele ''Mike'' TracyMary WickesHOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943)
Mickey MoranLionel StanderI SCREAM (1934)
Mickey the batboyMickey RooneyDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Mickey TomaselloRoland FitzpatrickWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Midge RileyKathryn Kitty McHughLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
MidgetBuddy DouglasSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Midget devilAngelo RossitoHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Midget in bedLittle BillyMEN IN BLACK (1934)
Midget taxi driverHarry MontyHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Migrant truck driverNick StewartIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Migrant's wifeJean SewellIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
MikeBert RoachGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
MikeVernon DentSAVED BY THE BELLE (1939)
MikeLynton BrentDIZZY DETECTIVES (1943)
MikeRobert SpencerKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
MikeJack YoungerHAND OF DEATH (1962)
Mike ArmstrongRichard LaneTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
Mike Clancey / Papa AlvarezLeon ErrolSIX LESSONS FROM MADAME LA ZONGA (1941)
Mike HammerBiff ElliottI, THE JURY (1953)
Mike O'BrienRussell HardieBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Mike O'TooleMickey RooneyLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mike ZalorisHenry ArmettaGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Mike ''Curly'' BarclayEdward BrophyVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Mike's lawyerCharles LaneBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Mike, as a childBeaudine AndersonBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Mike, butlerCharles ColemanPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mike, dissenting jurorBob MurphyWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Mike, Irishman in churchJack KennedySAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Mike, reporterHal K. DawsonMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Mike's friendBuster SlavenLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mike's friendLeonard KibrickLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mike's friendGeorge BillingsLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
MildredFlorence LakeSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Miles StandishGene LockhartPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
MileyClark MarshallMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
MilfordColin KennyI, THE JURY (1953)
Military PolicemanJoe PalmaFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
MilkmanHeinie ConklinI'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE (1948)
MillieAngela Stevens.HE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952)
MillieAngela Stevens.TRIPLE CROSSED (1959)
MilliethNorma RandallMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
Milt MillerTom PowersI, THE JURY (1953)
Milton DavisShemp HowardMISSISSIPPI GAMBLER (1942)
Milton WurtleAlvin HammerFEUDIN', FUSSIN', AND A-FIGHTIN' (1948)
MimiBeatrice BlinnFALSE ALARMS (1936)
Mine superintendentWade BotelerPITTSBURGH (1942)
MinerCharles SullivanPITTSBURGH (1942)
MinerTed BillingsPITTSBURGH (1942)
Miner with JohnnyHarry CordingPITTSBURGH (1942)
Miner's wifeGrace CunardPITTSBURGH (1942)
MinisterWilliam Irving3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
MinisterAubrey MatherROAD SHOW (1941)
MinisterBobby BurnsGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
MinisterJeffrey Sayre4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
MinnieJune GittelsonFALSE ALARMS (1936)
MinnieMargaret HamiltonGOOD OLD SOAK (1937)
Minnie LescalleMaude EburneLAZY RIVER (1934)
Minnie StrinkerEarly CantrellJIGGERS, MY WIFE (1946)
Mirabel MirabelJane HamiltonTHREE MISSING LINKS (1938)
MiriamMiriam VanceSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Miss AllenIsabelle KeithDANCING LADY (1933)
Miss Antioch, scene deletedJudy MalcolmMATRI-PHONY (1942)
Miss AppletreeVicki CummingsPURE FEUD (1934)
Miss AshforthGertrude SuttonLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Miss BeebeMargie LisztTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
Miss BillingsMinerva UrecalKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Miss BrownJoan WinfieldDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Miss BurkeAnne NagelMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Miss CarrollRuth WarrenBOMBSHELL (1933)
Miss Carthage, scene deletedEthelreda LeopoldMATRI-PHONY (1942)
Miss Chi ChiLita BaronHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Miss Deering, the WardenDorothy ApplebyJAIL BIRDS OF PARADISE (1934)
Miss DoyleMay BeattyHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Miss DurlingDora ClementBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Miss EmmalineMarjorie Bennett4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Miss GilesRenee TaylorERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Miss GilfordNora CecilSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Miss GrebsCarol BurnettSTAR SPANGLED SALESMAN (1968)
Miss GrimleyMinerva UrecalSTART CHEERING (1938)
Miss HayesGrace HayesHELLO POP (1933)
Miss Hayes, dubbing singerRita HayesERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Miss Herok, stenographerRosalind RobertsERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Miss HinklefinkBelle MitchellHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Miss HocksonGeneva MitchellCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Miss JonesMarti SheldonHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
Miss JonesMarti SheldonBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
Miss LapdaleDiana DarrinHE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952)
Miss LapdaleDiana Darrin.TRIPLE CROSSED (1959)
Miss Latin America, Good Neighbor numberLynn BaggettTHANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943)
Miss LovettMaidie NormanMAD AT THE WORLD (1955)
Miss LuluGreta ThyssenPIES AND GUYS (1958)
Miss MannersMadge KennedyLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Miss MatildaMaxine StoneHERE'S HOWE (1936)
Miss MonroeMiranda JonesSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Miss Olga ArvinPhyllis BarryTHREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS (1939)
Miss PfeffernussFlorine DicksonYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Miss PiffleUnidentifiedCORN ON THE COP (1934)
Miss PluppHeather WildeBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Miss Plupp's maidBonnie WashingtonBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Miss StampandaleUnidentified LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD 2LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Miss TaglerWinifred HarrisAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Miss TalleyMary CarrBOMBSHELL (1933)
Miss Troy, scene deletedSally CleavesMATRI-PHONY (1942)
Miss YoungUnidentifiedPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mitch BergerCharles C. WilsonEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Mitch McClureJimmy BrackenWITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968)
ModelKay LeslieINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
ModelGigi Michel4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
ModelSandy Edmundson4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
ModelSandy Steffens4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Model in windowEileen MorrisSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Model, scene deletedQuinn O'HaraERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Models' assistantHilda TitleSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
Models' assistantGertrude MessengerSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
MoeMoe HowardBEER AND PRETZELS (1933)
MoeMoe HowardPLANE NUTS (1933)
MoeMoe HowardMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
MoeMoe HowardHOLLYWOOD ON PARADE # B-9 (1934)
MoeMoe HowardHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
MoeMoe HowardPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
MoeMoe HowardMEN IN BLACK (1934)
MoeMoe HowardHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
MoeMoe HowardSCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 14 # 6 (1935)
MoeMoe HowardPOP GOES THE EASEL (1935)
MoeMoe HowardPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
MoeMoe HowardHOI POLLOI (1935)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE LITTLE BEERS (1935)
MoeMoe HowardANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
MoeMoe HowardMOVIE MANIACS (1936)
MoeMoe HowardHALF SHOT SHOOTERS (1936)
MoeMoe HowardPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
MoeMoe HowardFALSE ALARMS (1936)
MoeMoe HowardWHOOPS, I'M AN INDIAN! (1936)
MoeMoe HowardSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
MoeMoe HowardDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
MoeMoe Howard3 DUMB CLUCKS (1937)
MoeMoe HowardBACK TO THE WOODS (1937)
MoeMoe HowardCASH AND CARRY (1937)
MoeMoe HowardPLAYING THE PONIES (1937)
MoeMoe HowardSURPRISE, SURPRISE (1937)
MoeMoe HowardSITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
MoeMoe HowardTERMITES OF 1938 (1938)
MoeMoe HowardWEE WEE MONSIEUR (1938)
MoeMoe HowardSTART CHEERING (1938)
MoeMoe HowardTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
MoeMoe HowardMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
MoeMoe HowardFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
MoeMoe HowardWE WANT OUR MUMMY (1939)
MoeMoe HowardA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
MoeMoe HowardSCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 18 # 9 (1939)
MoeMoe HowardYES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA (1939)
MoeMoe HowardSAVED BY THE BELLE (1939)
MoeMoe HowardCALLING ALL CURS (1939)
MoeMoe HowardOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE SAPPY PEOPLE (1939)
MoeMoe HowardYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
MoeMoe HowardSCREEN SNAPSHOTS Series 19 # 5 (1940)
MoeMoe HowardA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
MoeMoe HowardNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
MoeMoe HowardHOW HIGH IS UP? (1940)
MoeMoe HowardFROM NURSE TO WORSE (1940)
MoeMoe HowardNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
MoeMoe HowardBOOBS IN ARMS (1940)
MoeMoe HowardSO LONG MR. CHUMPS (1941)
MoeMoe HowardDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
MoeMoe HowardALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
MoeMoe HowardTIME OUT FOR RHYTHM (1941)
MoeMoe HowardACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
MoeMoe HowardIN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941)
MoeMoe HowardSOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941)
MoeMoe HowardLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
MoeMoe HowardWHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
MoeMoe HowardEVEN AS IOU (1942)
MoeMoe HowardSOCK-A-BYE BABY (1942)
MoeMoe HowardTHEY STOOGE TO CONGA (1943)
MoeMoe HowardDIZZY DETECTIVES (1943)
MoeMoe HowardSPOOK LOUDER (1943)
MoeMoe HowardBACK FROM THE FRONT (1943)
MoeMoe HowardHIGHER THAN A KITE (1943)
MoeMoe HowardI CAN HARDLY WAIT (1943)
MoeMoe HowardDIZZY PILOTS (1943)
MoeMoe HowardPHONY EXPRESS (1943)
MoeMoe HowardGEM OF A JAM, A (1943)
MoeMoe HowardCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
MoeMoe HowardBUSY BUDDIES (1944)
MoeMoe HowardYOKE'S ON ME, THE (1944)
MoeMoe HowardIDLE ROOMERS (1944)
MoeMoe HowardNO DOUGH BOYS (1944)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE PESTS IN A MESS (1945)
MoeMoe HowardBOOBY DUPES (1945)
MoeMoe HowardIDIOTS DELUXE (1945)
MoeMoe HowardIF A BODY MEETS A BODY (1945)
MoeMoe HowardMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
MoeMoe HowardBIRD IN THE HEAD, A (1946)
MoeMoe HowardSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
MoeMoe HowardUNCIVIL WAR BIRDS (1946)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
MoeMoe HowardG. I. WANNA HOME (1946)
MoeMoe HowardRHYTHM AND WEEP (1946)
MoeMoe HowardHALF-WITS HOLIDAY (1947)
MoeMoe HowardFRIGHT NIGHT (1947)
MoeMoe HowardOUT WEST (1947)
MoeMoe HowardHOLD THAT LION! (1947)
MoeMoe HowardBRIDELESS GROOM (1947)
MoeMoe HowardSING A SONG OF SIX PANTS (1947)
MoeMoe HowardALL GUMMED UP (1947)
MoeMoe HowardPARDON MY CLUTCH (1948)
MoeMoe HowardFIDDLERS THREE (1948)
MoeMoe HowardHOT SCOTS, THE (1948)
MoeMoe HowardWHERE THERE'S A WILL (1948)
MoeMoe HowardHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
MoeMoe HowardI'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE (1948)
MoeMoe HowardMUMMY'S DUMMIES (1948)
MoeMoe HowardCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
MoeMoe HowardGHOST TALKS, THE (1949)
MoeMoe HowardWHO DONE IT? (1949)
MoeMoe HowardHOKUS POKUS (1949)
MoeMoe HowardFUELIN' AROUND (1949)
MoeMoe HowardMALICE IN THE PALACE (1949)
MoeMoe HowardVAGABOND LOAFERS (1949)
MoeMoe HowardJERKS OF ALL TRADES (1949)
MoeMoe HowardDUNKED IN THE DEEP (1949)
MoeMoe HowardHUGS AND MUGS (1950)
MoeMoe HowardDOPEY DICKS (1950)
MoeMoe HowardLOVE AT FIRST BITE (1950)
MoeMoe HowardSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE HAMS ON RYE (1950)
MoeMoe HowardSTUDIO STOOPS (1950)
MoeMoe HowardSNITCH IN TIME, A (1950)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE ARABIAN NUTS (1951)
MoeMoe HowardDON'T THROW THAT KNIFE (1951)
MoeMoe HowardSCRAMBLED BRAINS (1951)
MoeMoe HowardMERRY MAVERICKS (1951)
MoeMoe HowardGOLD RAIDERS (1951)
MoeMoe HowardTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
MoeMoe HowardHULA-LA-LA (1951)
MoeMoe HowardPEST MAN WINS (1951)
MoeMoe HowardMISSED FORTUNE, A (1952)
MoeMoe HowardLISTEN, JUDGE (1952)
MoeMoe HowardCORNY CASANOVAS (1952)
MoeMoe HowardHE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952)
MoeMoe HowardGENTS IN A JAM (1952)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE DARK HORSES (1952)
MoeMoe HowardCUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO (1952)
MoeMoe HowardBOOTY AND THE BEAST (1953)
MoeMoe HowardLOOSE LOOT (1953)
MoeMoe HowardTRICKY DICKS (1953)
MoeMoe HowardSPOOKS! (1953)
MoeMoe HowardPARDON MY BACKFIRE (1953)
MoeMoe HowardRIP, SEW, AND STITCH (1953)
MoeMoe HowardBUBBLE TROUBLE (1953)
MoeMoe HowardGOOF ON THE ROOF (1953)
MoeMoe HowardINCOME TAX SAPPY (1954)
MoeMoe HowardMUSTY MUSKETEERS (1954)
MoeMoe HowardPALS AND GALS (1954)
MoeMoe HowardKNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
MoeMoe HowardSHOT IN THE FRONTIER (1954)
MoeMoe HowardFLING IN THE RING (1955)
MoeMoe HowardOF CASH AND HASH (1955)
MoeMoe HowardBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
MoeMoe HowardSTONE AGE ROMEOS (1955)
MoeMoe HowardWHAM-BAM-SLAM! (1955)
MoeMoe HowardHOT ICE (1955)
MoeMoe HowardBLUNDER BOYS (1955)
MoeMoe HowardHUSBANDS BEWARE (1956)
MoeMoe HowardCREEPS (1956)
MoeMoe HowardFLAGPOLE JITTERS (1956)
MoeMoe HowardFOR CRIMIN' OUT LOUD (1956)
MoeMoe HowardRUMPUS IN THE HAREM (1956)
MoeMoe HowardHOT STUFF (1956)
MoeMoe HowardHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
MoeMoe HowardMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
MoeMoe HowardSPACE SHIP SAPPY (1957)
MoeMoe HowardGUNS A POPPIN! (1957)
MoeMoe HowardHORSING AROUND (1957)
MoeMoe HowardRUSTY ROMEOS (1957)
MoeMoe HowardQUIZ WHIZZ (1958)
MoeMoe HowardFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
MoeMoe HowardPIES AND GUYS (1958)
MoeMoe HowardTRIPLE CROSSED (1959)
MoeMoe HowardHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
MoeMoe HowardSTOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! (1960)
MoeMoe HowardTHREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, THE: The Spain Mutiny (1963)
MoeMoe Howard4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
MoeMoe HowardOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
MoeMoe HowardNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
MoeMoe HowardKOOK'S TOUR (1970)
MoeMoe HowardSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Moe at 15Peter ScarfTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Moe doubleJohnny KascierMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
Moe HeilstoneMoe HowardI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Moe HowardPaul Ben-VictorTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Moe Jr.Moe HowardCREEPS (1956)
Moe Jr.Patrick de SantisSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Moe LineMoe HowardCOOKOO CAVALIERS (1940)
Moe ParkerShemp HowardROAD SHOW (1941)
Moe's bridge partnerVernon DentNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Moe's bridge partnerHelen GodwinNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Moe's customer UnidentifiedBEER AND PRETZELS (1933)
Moe's dance partnerAlice DahlHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Moe's dancing partnerSally CairnsTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Moe's doubleJohnny KascierHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Moe's doubleHarold BreenHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
Moe's kissing partnerLois LindseyMOVIE MANIACS (1936)
Moe's patronEmmett VoganSWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Moe's stand-inDave LevittTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierTHREE LITTLE PIRATES (1946)
Moe's stand-inB. EdneyBRIDELESS GROOM (1947)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierALL GUMMED UP (1947)
Moe's stand-inHarold BreenSHIVERING SHERLOCKS (1948)
Moe's stand-inB. EdneySQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierFIDDLERS THREE (1948)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierHUGS AND MUGS (1950)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierSTUDIO STOOPS (1950)
Moe's stand-InJohnny KascierDON'T THROW THAT KNIFE (1951)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierPEST MAN WINS (1951)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierLISTEN, JUDGE (1952)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierHE COOKED HIS GOOSE (1952)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierTRICKY DICKS (1953)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierSPOOKS! (1953)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierBLUNDER BOYS (1955)
Moe's stand-inJohnny KascierHUSBANDS BEWARE (1956)
Moe's stand-inM. MartinHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
Moe's stand-in / stunt doubleJesse WayneOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Moe's stunt doubleHarold BreenNO CENSUS, NO FEELING (1940)
Moe's stunt doubleHarold BreenTHREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE (1946)
Moe's wifeJune GittelsonDIZZY DOCTORS (1937)
Moe, scene deletedMoe HowardGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
MoellaMoe HowardSELF MADE MAIDS (1950)
MogeyJoseph A. CrehanCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
MohammedMilt ParsonsSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
MohicusMoe HowardMATRI-PHONY (1942)
MokarBen WeldenDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
MollyBeverly WarrenTHREE LOAN WOLVES (1946)
MollyAlice GhostleyWITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968)
Molly GrayPhyllis CraneTHREE LITTLE PIGSKINS (1934)
Molly RyanGladys GeorgeHIT THE ROAD (1941)
Mona LeslieJean HarlowRECKLESS (1935)
Mona MarshallLola LaneHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Mona's assistantAlan DavisHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Mona's babyRobert AndrewsRECKLESS (1935)
Mona's dance partnerRafael StormRECKLESS (1935)
Mona's maidLibby TaylorRECKLESS (1935)
MongTony CastenCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Monica CrumpEdie AdamsIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
MonkShemp HowardDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Monk ShelbyRalf HaroldeWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Monk, Spindthrift survivorJack Lambert4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Monsignor StratfordSebastian CabotSAY ONE FOR ME (1959)
MonteDonald KerrBOMBSHELL (1933)
Montgomery M. MontgomeryGene RothQUIZ WHIZZ (1958)
Monty KingDouglas LeavittGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
MooseEdward BrophySWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946)
MooseCy SchindellFRIGHT NIGHT (1947)
MooseCy SchindellFLING IN THE RING (1955)
MooseRusty WescoattSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Moose MatsonWilliam B. DavidsonHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
MopeyRobert WinklerLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Moran's henchmanShemp HowardI SCREAM (1934)
Morgan PrentissSamuel S. HindsPITTSBURGH (1942)
Morgan, 2nd guardLee MooreHIT THE ROAD (1941)
Morgue attendantErnie AdamsDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Morning Tribune editorCharles EvansHEADLINE HUNTERS (1955)
MorrisMoe HowardMERRY MIX-UP, A (1957)
Morris GoetzLeo PennSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
MortPhil Van ZandtFIFI BLOWS HER TOP (1958)
Mort FrawleyDouglas FowleyPITTSBURGH (1942)
Morty S. TashmanJerry LewisERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
MotherClaire WhitneyIN THE NAVY (1941)
MotherDoris HerbertIN THE NAVY (1941)
MotherJulie GibsonSOCK-A-BYE BABY (1942)
MotherEsther HowardWEDLOCK DEADLOCK (1947)
MotherMaxine GatesCAUGHT ON THE BOUNCE (1952)
Mother calling for JuniorSusan MillerHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Mother PalookaLucy ParkerFOR THE LOVE OF PETE (1936)
Mother StoogeMonty CollinsCACTUS MAKES PERFECT (1942)
Mother with babyWilla Pearl CurtisMR. NOISY (1946)
Motorcycle copUnidentifiedPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Motorcycle copTed OliverSTART CHEERING (1938)
Motorcycle copBruce BennettLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Motorcycle copJack LipsonBOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940)
Motorcycle copEdgar DearingSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Motorcycle copUnidentifiedSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Motorcycle policemanJack CliffordGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Motorcycle policemanDon HouseABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS (1955)
Motorcycle policemanForrest BurnsABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS (1955)
MotoristUnidentifiedPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Mounted officerLane ChandlerSTRANGE AFFAIR (1944)
Mounted policemanHarry StrangIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Mouser's secretaryHilda TitleANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
Movie premiere radio announcerRonald ReaganHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Movie premiere radio announcerDel MooreERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Movie set crewmanDonald KerrHOLLYWOOD ROUND-UP (1937)
Moving manHarry TenbrookWHERE THE PEST BEGINS (1945)
MoxieBen WeldenDANGEROUS BUSINESS (1946)
Moyer, photographerDavid ClarkeWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
MPC ProducerSi JenksROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
MPC Producer # 2 UnidentifiedROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
MPC Producer # 3 UnidentifiedROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
MPC Producer # 4 UnidentifiedROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
Mr. Ajax BullionEmory ParnellALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Mr. AllenLynton BrentMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
Mr. AllenKenneth MacDonaldVAGABOND LOAFERS (1949)
Mr. AllenKenneth MacDonaldSCHEMING SCHEMERS (1956)
Mr. AlmalfiLeo CarrilloTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Mr. AmboyReginald OwenSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mr. AmscrayDon BeddoeYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Mr. AmscrayLynton BrentI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Mr. AppopolousGeorge TobiasMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Mr. Arbutt, Personnel Mgr., voiceJim BackusERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mr. BainesEmil SitkaHULA-LA-LA (1951)
Mr. BannisterRussell HicksHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Mr. BaylickMilton FromeWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Mr. BeedleRobert WilliamsBIRD IN THE HEAD, A (1946)
Mr. BelleJames C. MortonSITTER DOWNERS, THE (1937)
Mr. BensonPierre WatkinCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Mr. BensonNorman LeavittWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Mr. BigJack HellerDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Mr. BlackMorgan WallacePRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY, THE (1933)
Mr. BlakeVernon DentHOW HIGH IS UP? (1940)
Mr. Bones, Minister of OoompholaJohn TyrellYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Mr. BopperEmil SitkaSTONE AGE ROMEOS (1955)
Mr. BradleyVernon DentTHREE ARABIAN NUTS (1951)
Mr. Bramwell, Hollywood Hotel managerPaul IrvingHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Mr. BreedFrancis De SalesSENIOR PROM (1958)
Mr. BrockUnidentified HULA-LA-LA 1HULA-LA-LA (1951)
Mr. BurnsUnidentifiedDIZZY & DAFFY (1934)
Mr. BurnsWilliam GouldPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. BusbyFritz FeldERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mr. ButtonByron FoulgerPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mr. CarltonEdward McWadeHOT STEEL (1940)
Mr. CarltonJoe BesserJOE PALOOKA MEETS HUMPHREY (1950)
Mr. CarneyHal CraigPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. CarruthersSamuel S. HindsKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Mr. CashBenny RubinINCOME TAX SAPPY (1954)
Mr. CathcartFranklin PangbornSTRICTLY IN THE GROOVE (1942)
Mr. CheekWilliam AlstonBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Mr. CheneyIrving MitchellPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. CollinsVictor TraversGOOD BAD EGG, THE (1947)
Mr. ColonicoRobert MiddletonWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Mr. ConroyArthur LoftBLONDIE KNOWS BEST (1946)
Mr. Conway, DirectorForrest TaylorBROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933)
Mr. CooperBrooks BenedictPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. CradwellWilliam BurressTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Mr. CrullTony GoodstoneSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Mr. DavisLew DavisSOCIETY MUGS (1946)
Mr. DeanRalph . MorganSPEED (1936)
Mr. DePeysterVictor TraversHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
Mr. DePeysterVictor TraversBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
Mr. DillJohn TyrellDIZZY DETECTIVES (1943)
Mr. DimselGeorge N. NeiseTHREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, THE (1962)
Mr. DinklespielBenny RubinHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
Mr. DirkinGeorge PembrokeSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
Mr. DolanClarence H. WilsonWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Mr. DonlinG. Pat CollinsCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mr. Doug ManningLane ChandlerMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Mr. DoyleHerbert HeyesIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Mr. DrakePhil WarrenPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. DuganFred KelseyMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
Mr. DuganEmil SitkaPARDON MY TERROR (1946)
Mr. DuraLeo KennedyKNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE (1934)
Mr. EdwardsClem BevansJOE PALOOKA MEETS HUMPHREY (1950)
Mr. FergusJohn HyamsLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mr. FergusonWilliam H. TookerSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
Mr. FirestoneGilchrist StuartWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Mr. ForrestalHarry MyersSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Mr. FrankensteinHarold HuberFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
Mr. FudChester CluteCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
Mr. FuddyEmmett LynnTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
Mr. FumbleKenneth MacDonaldERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mr. GardnerJohn HamiltonCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Mr. GearhartHenry KolkerRECKLESS (1935)
Mr. GilbertiPaul EvertonDAREDEVIL O'DARE (1934)
Mr. GravesTed LorchSPOOK LOUDER (1943)
Mr. GreenbackMilton FromeERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mr. GrimbleSnub PollardMONKEY BUSINESSMEN (1946)
Mr. GroganTim RyanCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Mr. GroochKenneth MacDonaldPARDON MY TERROR (1946)
Mr. GroverPaul StantonLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mr. GrowleyCharles LaneINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Mr. HammerBen WeldenVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Mr. HammondSidney MarionOUTLAWS IS COMING, THE (1965)
Mr. HardyMinor WatsonLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mr. HastingsSamuel S. HindsLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mr. HawkinsCharles HaltonMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Mr. HermanStanley BlystoneTHREE LITTLE TWIRPS (1943)
Mr. HicksLorin RakerIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Mr. HigginsErnie AdamsMERRY MAVERICKS (1951)
Mr. HillierJulius TannenLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mr. HinckleyJoe DeRitaPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mr. HolmanDel HendersonCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mr. HoweCharles KemperTAKING THE COUNT (1937)
Mr. HudsonThurston HallINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Mr. HydeTom KennedySPOOKS! (1953)
Mr. IvanitchLionel StanderSMOKED HAMS (1934)
Mr. IxnayRichard FiskeYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Mr. IxnayVernon DentI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Mr. JeddockJack WrayCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mr. JeffriesWilliam StackWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Mr. JohnsonAl SheanIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mr. JohnsonBud JamisonPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
Mr. JohnsonRichard FiskeOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
Mr. JonesAl ThompsonPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Mr. JordanFrancis PierlotDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Mr. Jordan, voiceRichard LaneMONKEY BUSINESSMEN (1946)
Mr. Julius AmbroseJoseph CawthornLAZY RIVER (1934)
Mr. KabochnickEugene SigaloffSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mr. KinneyHarlan BriggsMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Mr. KlingmanPhil ArnoldHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Mr. KnappRichard CarleHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Mr. LansingMaurice MansonTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Mr. LarkEmil SitkaJITTER BUGHOUSE (1948)
Mr. LaskiUnidentified THREE SMART SAPS 1THREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Mr. LaughingwellMike MahoneyHULA-LA-LA (1951)
Mr. LeanderVernon DentIDLE ROOMERS (1944)
Mr. LeeDeWitt JenningsSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Mr. LentVernon DentHOME ON THE RAGE (1938)
Mr. LivingstoneBud JamisonBOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940)
Mr. LodgePurnell PrattLAZY RIVER (1934)
Mr. MartinNat CarrPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Mr. McAnenyEmmett VoganCRACKED NUTS (1941)
Mr. McGurnChuck CallahanPUNCH DRUNKS (1934)
Mr. MeechamPaul McVeyKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Mr. MiddletonC. Aubrey SmithBOMBSHELL (1933)
Mr. MilgraineLorin RakerPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. MomsenTim RyanLUCKY DEVILS (1941)
Mr. MorganVernon DentSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
Mr. MorseFred ShermanSPACE MASTER X-7 (1958)
Mr. MulcahyJohn RandMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Mr. MullinsGuy UsherTURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933)
Mr. O'LearyCecil KellawayAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Mr. OnayDick CurtisYOU NAZTY SPY! (1940)
Mr. PantherBud JamisonTHREE LITTLE BEERS (1935)
Mr. PappakontousLuis AlberniLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Mr. PardonMurray AlperTRICKY DICKS (1953)
Mr. ParkhurstLewis WilsonGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Mr. PattersonDeWitt JenningsDEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934)
Mr. PeabodyByron FoulgerFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
Mr. PennyfeatherEmil SitkaJERKS OF ALL TRADES (1949)
Mr. PettySam RiceBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Mr. PhilanderVernon DentPEST MAN WINS (1951)
Mr. PhinkDink TroutJERKS OF ALL TRADES (1949)
Mr. PippensigalRoy AtwellPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mr. PlattRichard KiplingIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mr. PowersPurnell PrattWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
Mr. PrescottWilliam O'ConnellWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Mr. QuinkArthur HoytKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Mr. RainesMoe HowardDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Mr. ReardonDick CurtisFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
Mr. RomaniWilliam IrvingSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
Mr. RubyHoward C. HickmanIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mr. RumleyHarry HolmanSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Mr. SchultzDan ColemanIN THE DOUGH (1933)
Mr. ScrogginsUnidentified LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD 1LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Mr. ScurryCharles LaneHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Mr. ShelmanMax DavidsonMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Mr. SimmonsRobert GlecklerHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
Mr. SimmsJoe DeRitaBRAVADOS, THE (1958)
Mr. SimonsEdmund MortimerPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. SkinnerPierre WatkinBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Mr. SmithFred HarperIN THE DOUGH (1933)
Mr. SmithRussell HicksMY MUMMY'S ARMS (1934)
Mr. SmithCharles LaneAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Mr. SmithNolan LearyPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. SmytheOlin HowlandLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mr. SnavelyUnidentifiedROOKIE, THE (1959)
Mr. SneiderBill DooleyWOMAN WANTED (1935)
Mr. StantonVernon DentROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES (1945)
Mr. SterlingJay EatonSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Mr. StevensJohn TyrellTHREE SMART SAPS (1942)
Mr. StutzVernon DentMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Mr. SulkerClarence H. WilsonMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Mr. ThomasJoe SawyerBAND PLAYS ON, THE (1934)
Mr. ThorntonPaul McVeyPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. TomsAl ThompsonHALF-WITS HOLIDAY (1947)
Mr. TraversRobert Emmett KeaneIN THE NAVY (1941)
Mr. TravisRichard DeaconDON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE (1966)
Mr. TubbsLarry WheatIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mr. TullisHarry HarveyWOMAN IN HIDING (1950)
Mr. Tuttle, contestantUnidentifiedPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mr. TwitchellIrving BaconTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Mr. UmpchayBud JamisonI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Mr. Van DorenSam FlintMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
Mr. VissingerArthur HoytSING, BABY, SING (1936)
Mr. WabenlotneeBenny RubinERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mr. WallaceStanley BrownSPOOK LOUDER (1943)
Mr. WalshJack NortonRHYTHM AND WEEP (1946)
Mr. Walter NorfleetEmil SitkaVAGABOND LOAFERS (1949)
Mr. WaterburyRomaine CallenderAPPOINTMENT FOR LOVE (1941)
Mr. WhiteJames FlavinGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Mr. WilcoxCyril RingPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. WilliamsNed GlassNUTTY BUT NICE (1940)
Mr. WilsonJohn DilsonPITTSBURGH (1942)
Mr. WinterbyPhillips SmalleyIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mr. WintersGeorge WattsSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
Mr. WinthropBilly ReedSOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941)
Mr. WoodburyCharles HowardPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Mr. WorthingtonVernon DentSAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941)
Mr. WycoffDick CurtisDON'T THROW THAT KNIFE (1951)
Mr. XBudd BusterTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
Mr. YorkWallace FordGIVE US WINGS (1940)
Mr. ZeroMonty CollinsWOMAN HATERS (1934)
Mrs. AllenChristine McIntyreSCHEMING SCHEMERS (1956)
Mrs. AmesBrenda FowlerOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Mrs. ArdsleyRosina GalliOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Mrs. BanningMary GordonKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Mrs. BarnesJacqueline EvansBRAVADOS, THE (1958)
Mrs. BatesMary GordonINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Mrs. BatesChristine McIntyreSLAPPILY MARRIED (1946)
Mrs. Bates' lawyer, scene deletedEmil SitkaSLAPPILY MARRIED (1946)
Mrs. BedfordIsabelle LaMalCALLING ALL CURS (1939)
Mrs. BensonMinerva UrecalCRAZY KNIGHTS (1944)
Mrs. Beulah BurlapClara Kimball YoungANTS IN THE PANTRY (1936)
Mrs. BiddleSarah EdwardsVARSITY SHOW (1937)
Mrs. BixbySymona BonifaceMICRO-PHONIES (1945)
Mrs. BlackBess FlowersSOCIETY MUGS (1946)
Mrs. BlakeRuth SkinnerEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Mrs. Blake's daughterSharyn MoffettEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Mrs. BriggsJanet BeecherLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mrs. BrownFrances RaymondLOCO BOY MAKES GOOD (1942)
Mrs. BrownJane GreenSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mrs. BurdenEva Six4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Mrs. BurlingtonMaude AllenIT'S IN THE AIR (1935)
Mrs. CantwellEsther DaleOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Mrs. CashNanette BordeauxINCOME TAX SAPPY (1954)
Mrs. CastorMargie Liszt.PEST MAN WINS (1951)
Mrs. Catsby's daughterMarjorie DeanVIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY (1938)
Mrs. ClarkBarbara BrownHEY, ROOKIE! (1944)
Mrs. ClydeLela BlissHOME ON THE RAGE (1938)
Mrs. ClydeEsther HowardBOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940)
Mrs. Cobal, hamburger stand customerJan DugganFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
Mrs. CrumpMargie LisztBABY SITTERS JITTERS (1951)
Mrs. DandridgeBelle DaubeOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Mrs. DareEvelyn YoungBOOBS IN ARMS (1940)
Mrs. DePeysterSymona BonifaceHEAVENLY DAZE (1948)
Mrs. DePeysterSymona BonifaceBEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)
Mrs. DePuysterMarjorie DeanneDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
Mrs. DingleGertrude MudgeON THE WAGON (1935)
Mrs. DinwittyKathryn KeysPICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944)
Mrs. DolleyMarjorie MainANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Mrs. DugganDany Sue NolanGENTS IN A JAM (1952)
Mrs. DuraGertrude MudgeKNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE (1934)
Mrs. EllisMildred DunnockSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Mrs. Fay KinneyZasu PittsMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
Mrs. FentonShirley WadeMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Mrs. FlintMary NewtonEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Mrs. ForrestalBeatrice RobertsSAN FRANCISCO (1936)
Mrs. Giltedge, scene deletedMadge CraneHOLD THAT GHOST (1941)
Mrs. Gordon, hamburger stand customerEily MalyonFORSAKING ALL OTHERS (1934)
Mrs. GotrocksHelen DicksonHALF-WITS HOLIDAY (1947)
Mrs. GotrocksHelen DicksonPIES AND GUYS (1958)
Mrs. GriswoldEmily FitzroyCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mrs. HadleyBess FlowersA PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940)
Mrs. Halliburton, Sylvester's girlfriendBarrie ChaseIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Mrs. Hammond EggerleyAnne O'NealPAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A (1936)
Mrs. HawksAnne O'NealOF HUMAN HEARTS (1938)
Mrs. Helmsforte HuntingtonMarjorie BennettHAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL (1959)
Mrs. HendersonKathryn Kitty McHughLISTEN, JUDGE (1952)
Mrs. Hermisillo BrunchJessie RalphBANK DICK, THE (1940)
Mrs. HigginsVirginia SalePITTSBURGH (1942)
Mrs. HowardRebel RandallWHERE THE PEST BEGINS (1945)
Mrs. HoweRegina WallaceTAKING THE COUNT (1937)
Mrs. Isabella Bellam, MacFay's maidPhyllis GordonANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Mrs. JacksonMargaret HamiltonINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Mrs. JaffeeRiza RoyceSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Mrs. JeddockWynne GibsonCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mrs. JenkinsEva McKenzieOILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE (1939)
Mrs. JustinLeila McIntyreMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
Mrs. KellyDorothy VaughanPLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940)
Mrs. LawrenceBess FlowersACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN (1941)
Mrs. LeanderChristine McIntyreIDLE ROOMERS (1944)
Mrs. Lotta BullionLelah TaylorALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE (1941)
Mrs. LumleyContance PurdyONE EXCITING WEEK (1946)
Mrs. Mabel SturgeonDorothy GrangerTERMITES OF 1938 (1938)
Mrs. ManningBess FlowersMUTTS TO YOU (1938)
Mrs. MarcusEthel MermanIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Mrs. MarshallSarah EdwardsHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Mrs. Martin, scene deletedGrace GoodallPARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Mrs. MartingLillian ElliottCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Mrs. McGinnisMarjorie EatonTHREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, THE (1960)
Mrs. McGinnisMarjorie EatonTHREE STOOGES IN ORBIT, THE (1962)
Mrs. McGinnisMarjorie EatonTHREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK, THE (1963)
Mrs. McGruderAlison SkipworthCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mrs. McGruderKathryn Kitty McHughGENTS IN A JAM (1952)
Mrs. MeeganDorothy VaughanKEEP 'EM SLUGGING (1943)
Mrs. MeekerSarah EdwardsEADIE WAS A LADY (1945)
Mrs. MiddletonMary ForbesBOMBSHELL (1933)
Mrs. MinterTrixie FriganzaMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
Mrs. MorganSymona BonifaceSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
Mrs. MorrisonDorothy VaughanHOT STEEL (1940)
Mrs. Muriel Van TwitchettBess FlowersTERMITES OF 1938 (1938)
Mrs. NewtonFlorence BatesROAD SHOW (1941)
Mrs. NorfleetSymona BonifaceVAGABOND LOAFERS (1949)
Mrs. NorfleetSymona BonifaceSCHEMING SCHEMERS (1956)
Mrs. PappakontousNellie V. NicholsLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Mrs. ParamutualKathleen FreemanERRAND BOY, THE (1961)
Mrs. ParkerNella WalkerBUCK PRIVATES (1941)
Mrs. PattenKitty O'NeilINVISIBLE WOMAN, THE (1940)
Mrs. PennyfeatherMrs. PennyfeatherEVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC (1934)
Mrs. PennyfeatherSymona BonifaceJERKS OF ALL TRADES (1949)
Mrs. PenyonGeorgia CaineLONE WOLF MEETS A LADY, THE (1940)
Mrs. PercyDorothy DearingMURDER OVER NEW YORK (1940)
Mrs. PettyjohnLaliva BrowneCONVENTION GIRL (1935)
Mrs. PlatoBillie LeonardON THE WAGON (1935)
Mrs. PotterJessie BusleyPEACH OF A PAIR, A (1934)
Mrs. Priscilla Cincaid LlewellynAlison SkipworthCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Mrs. RandNella WalkerHELLZAPOPPIN' (1941)
Mrs. RegeKate Drain LawsonIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Mrs. ReidCatherine DoucetMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Mrs. RevereUnidentifiedPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Mrs. RichmondGrace GoodallHOI POLLOI (1935)
Mrs. RogersEdythe ElliottHIGH SCHOOL HERO (1946)
Mrs. RosettiSoledad JimenezMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Mrs. RupertSarah PaddenTIGHT SHOES (1941)
Mrs. SagonClaire DuBreyMAN OF THE PEOPLE (1937)
Mrs. SalazaroTamara ShayneCAPTAIN HATES THE SEA, THE (1934)
Mrs. SchlesingerBetsy StoddardSAILOR TAKES A WIFE, THE (1945)
Mrs. SchultzPatsy MoranJITTER BUGHOUSE (1948)
Mrs. ScottMary GordonSTRANGE CASE OF DR. RX, THE (1942)
Mrs. ShacklefordMarjorie GatesonOPERATOR 13 (1934)
Mrs. SheridanFrieda InescortSENIOR PROM (1958)
Mrs. Smirch's chauffeurJack HillTASSELS IN THE AIR (1938)
Mrs. Smythe-SmytheSymona BonifaceHALF-WITS HOLIDAY (1947)
Mrs. StandishKathleen LockhartPAUL REVERE, JR. (1933)
Mrs. StrinkerEarly CantrellOPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944)
Mrs. Sufferin CatsbyGladys GaleVIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY (1938)
Mrs. TalucciRosina GalliBUTCH MINDS THE BABY (1942)
Mrs. TitcombGrace HayleBOMBSHELL (1933)
Mrs. TodhunterMay RobsonDANCING LADY (1933)
Mrs. TrowbridgeCarol Andreson4 FOR TEXAS (1963)
Mrs. TubbsPatsy MoranTROUBLE CHASERS (1945)
Mrs. Tuttle, contestantUnidentifiedPEOPLE ARE FUNNY (1946)
Mrs. Van BustleSymona BonifaceCRASH GOES THE HASH (1944)
Mrs. Van SickleLela BlissHOOK A CROOK (1955)
Mrs. WadeMinna PhillipsMY SISTER EILEEN (1942)
Mrs. WadeDorothy GreenHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Mrs. WaltonGladys GalePARDON MY SCOTCH (1935)
Mrs. WardenSarah EdwardsLOVE IS A HEADACHE (1938)
Mrs. Wilson G. WilsonCatherine DoucetLONGEST NIGHT, THE (1936)
Mrs. WinthropSymona BonifaceSOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941)
Mrs. ZekeAlice BelcherHORSES' COLLARS (1935)
Ms. SchwartzMadlyn RhueIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
MugDon RowanMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
MugKen ChristyMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
MugDuke YorkMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
MugDavid OliverMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
Mug at doorCharles SherlockIT AIN'T HAY (1943)
Mug listening to Sam's storyFrank MoranFRENCH KEY, THE (1946)
MuggBlackie WhitefordGRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS (1937)
MuggsyJoe PalmaHUGS AND MUGS (1950)
Mulligan UnidentifiedSTOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! (1960)
MullinsTed HealyMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
Multi-armed idolLei AlohaHULA-LA-LA (1951)
MulvaneyHarry TenbrookSLIPPERY SILKS (1936)
MumboShemp HowardCRAZY HOUSE (1943)
MuradGeorge MacreadyDESERT HAWK, THE (1950)
Murder scene spectatorThomas MartinANOTHER THIN MAN (1939)
Muriel AllenChristine McIntyreSOCIETY MUGS (1946)
Musclebound PeteDonald MacBrideSERVES YOU RIGHT (1935)
MusclesCy SchindellCRIME ON THEIR HANDS (1948)
MusclesCy SchindellHOT ICE (1955)
MusclesJack YoungerSILENT CALL, THE (1961)
Muscles, new footageJoe PalmaHOT ICE (1955)
MusicThe Jump 'n' the Saddle BandCURLY SHUFFLE, THE (1984)
Music Department customerLarry FineSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Music Department customerElspeth DudgeonSTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Music Department managerPhillips SmalleySTAGE MOTHER (1933)
Music store employeeGeorge GrayBOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940)
MusicianDebbie JamesSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
MusicianJimmie WoodsSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
MusicianBritt BaconSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
MusicianGary TigermanSTOOGEMANIA (1986)
Mute firemanFreddie SanbornSOUP TO NUTS (1930)
MyersRobert F. HillGOOD LUCK, MR. YATES (1943)
Myrna DevlinFrances OsborneI, THE JURY (1953)
Myrt SpearMyrtle VailMYRT AND MARGE (1933)
MyrtleUnidentifiedMUSHROOMS (1934)
MyrtleChristine McIntyreJITTER BUGHOUSE (1948)
Myrtle SouseUna MerkelBANK DICK, THE (1940)

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