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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Is that the sun up there?" "I don't know, I'm a stranger in town." - Larry & Curly (NUTTY BUT NICE, 1940)

Episode Characters

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Vacuum cleaner salesmanFred HarperWHILE THE CAT'S AWAY (1936)
ValdaWilliam ''Wee Willie'' DavisARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
ValetBuddy HarrisWINNING TICKET, THE (1935)
ValetAl ThompsonI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Valet butlerArthur TreacherHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
VallaFrank GabyMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
Valley Center Crossroads policeman, scene deletedJames FlavinIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Van Cliburn impersonatorRichard FowlerLET'S MAKE LOVE (1960)
Van Dyke RubenJohn TyrellNO DOUGH BOYS (1944)
VanillaWilla Pearl CurtisPICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944)
VaranuKenneth MacDonaldHULA-LA-LA (1951)
Various roles, live-actionJeffrey ScottNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionEileen BrownNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionEmil SitkaNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionTina BrownNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionMichael MaurerNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionCary BrownNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, live-actionEric LamondNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, voiceoverHal SmithNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, voiceoverJohnny CoonsNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various roles, voiceover & live-actionMargaret KerryNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
Various voices, cartoon # 1Paul FreesNEW 3 STOOGES, THE (1965)
VarsacRollo LloydMAD LOVE (1935)
Vault guardsUnidentified CASH AND CARRY 1CASH AND CARRY (1937)
VegetarianVernon DentA DUCKING THEY DID GO (1939)
VeldaMargaret SheridanI, THE JURY (1953)
VendorChester GanMAD HOLIDAY (1936)
VendorHarry SemelsMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
VendorHarry BurnsMEET THE CHUMP (1941)
VendorFrank SullyHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
VendorNicky BlairHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Ventriloquist's voiceBilly BletcherEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Vernon DentUnidentifiedTHREE STOOGES, THE (2000)
Vernon Dent's stand-inJoe GordonSQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948)
Vesuvius chefEmil SitkaTOOTH WILL OUT, THE (1951)
Vet's assistantJoe GarcioEVEN AS IOU (1942)
Vic ValanceDavid GarfieldSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Vic's motherSybelle GuardinoSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Vickers CavendishPeter ForsterTHREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE, THE (1963)
Vicki MartinIrene HerveyMR. DYNAMITE (1941)
VictimDorothy KingstonSAVAGE INTRUDER (1969)
Victor HansonJean HersholtMURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)
Victor SantiniAnthony FranciosaSTORY ON PAGE ONE, THE (1959)
Victor, butlerJack ShuttaTAKING THE COUNT (1937)
VillagerHarry SemelsDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
Vince ConnellJoe DevlinMILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)
Violet, hotel matronFlorence AuerSLAPPILY MARRIED (1946)
ViolinistPhilip LoebHOWD' YA LIKE THAT? (1934)
Violinist, scene deletedRolfe SedanHERE COMES THE BAND (1935)
VirginPhyllis ForbesARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
VirginHelen PenderARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
VirginPeggy SatterleeARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
VirginEloise HardtARABIAN NIGHTS (1942)
Virginia KerriganHelen ParrishTOO MANY BLONDES (1941)
Virginia LlewellynLouise HenryCASINO MURDER CASE, THE (1935)
Virginia StantonRosemary LaneHOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1938)
Vivian HalsteadJane WymanDOUGHGIRLS, THE (1944)
Vivian WarnerGloria FoyDANCING LADY (1933)
VocalistJoe WilliamsCINDERFELLA (1960)
Voice dub for Ann BlythGogi GrantHELEN MORGAN STORY, THE (1957)
Voice of BirdieUnidentifiedHOOFS AND GOOFS (1957)
Voice of BirdieUnidentifiedHORSING AROUND (1957)
Voice of Dr. Chadwick, scene deletedElliott ReidIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Voice of Mickey MouseWalt DisneyHOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934)
Voice of skeletonJules WhiteSCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND (1954)
Voice of Uncle Mike, scene deletedMorey AmsterdamIT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963)
Voice on radioFred F. SearsSNITCH IN TIME, A (1950)
Voice on telephoneMary AinsleeI'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN (1941)
Voice, man on streetJules WhiteHORSING AROUND (1957)
Voice, Marquis ChimpsAlan ReedSTOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! (1960)
Voice, Marquis ChimpsJune ForaySTOP! LOOK! AND LAUGH! (1960)
Voight, warden's trusteeErnie AdamsBEHIND PRISON GATES (1939)
VolunteerEd BrandenburgFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
VolunteerAl ThompsonFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
Volunteer in audienceMoe HowardDOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS (1973)
VolunteersUnidentified FLAT FOOT STOOGESFLAT FOOT STOOGES (1938)
Von BuschRoland La StarzaWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Von HeinekinArt PassarellaWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Von PabstDoodles WeaverWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
Von SchlitzEddie SchaefferWHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? (1970)
VP stoogeBobby CallahanROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934)
Vulgarian ColonelFred KelseyDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
Vulgarian SergeantBud JamisonDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)
Vulgarian soldier in Colonel's officeBruce BennettDUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)

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