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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Son, NEVER in the history of motion pictures has the United States Cavalry been too late." - Stanley Blystone (OUT WEST, 1947)

Three Stooges Chronology - 1934

Date(s) Event(s)
Dec 30th to Jan 4th, 1934 VERY CLOSE VEINS (Shemp Howard) in production
Jan 5th, 1934 FUGITIVE LOVERS was released
Jan 10th to Jan 13th, 1934 EVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC (Shemp Howard) in production
Jan 13th, 1934 HOWD' YA LIKE THAT? (Shemp Howard) was released
Jan 17th to Jan 22nd, 1934 ART TROUBLE (Shemp Howard) in production
Jan 23rd to Feb 10th, 1934 LAZY RIVER (Ted Healy) in production
Jan 26th, 1934 HENRY THE ACHE (Shemp Howard) was released
Jan 28th, 1934 Actor Philip Crawford was born
Feb 10th, 1934 ROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (Curly Howard) was released
Feb 10th, 1934 THE WRONG WRONG TRAIL (Shemp Howard) was released
Feb 14th, 1934 MUSHROOMS (Shemp Howard) was released
Feb 16th, 1934 THE KNIFE OF THE PARTY (Shemp Howard) was released
Feb 19th to Apr 26th, 1934 OPERATOR 13 (Ted Healy) in production
Feb 20th, 1934 Actor Danny Mummert was born
Mar 7th to Mar 10th, 1934 MY MUMMY'S ARMS (Shemp Howard) in production
Mar 9th, 1934 EVERYBODY LIKES MUSIC (Shemp Howard) was released
Mar 10th, 1934 PUGS AND KISSES (Shemp Howard) was released
Mar 10th, 1934 JAIL BIRDS OF PARADISE was released
Mar 16th, 1934 LAZY RIVER (Ted Healy) was released
Mar 19th, 1934 The Stooges (Moe, Larry and Curly) signed their first contract with Columbia Pictures
Mar 27th to Mar 30th, 1934 WOMAN HATERS in production
Mar 30th, 1934 HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE # B-9 was released
Apr 14th, 1934 Actress Miranda Jones was born
Apr 14th, 1934 VERY CLOSE VEINS (Shemp Howard) was released
Apr 14th, 1934 Actor Karl Dane died
Apr 21st, 1934 PURE FEUD (Shemp Howard) was released
Apr 28th, 1934 CORN ON THE COP (Shemp Howard) was released
May 2nd to May 5th, 1934 PUNCH DRUNKS in production
May 5th, 1934 WOMAN HATERS was released
May 12th, 1934 THE BIG IDEA was released
May 19th, 1934 I SCREAM (Shemp Howard) was released
May 19th, 1934 RAMBLING 'ROUND RADIO ROW # 7 (Shemp Howard) was released
May 24th, 1934 HOLLYWOOD PARTY was released
May 31st, 1934 Actor Lew Cody died
Jun 1st, 1934 Singer/Actor Pat Boone was born
Jun 5th to Jun 9th, 1934 SMOKED HAMS (Shemp Howard) in production
Jun 12th, 1934 Actor John Alonzo was born
Jun 15th, 1934 OPERATOR 13 (Ted Healy) was released
Jun 16th, 1934 Actor/TV Host Johnny Ginger was born
Jun 18th, 1934 Actor Marvin Willens was born
Jun 23rd, 1934 ART TROUBLE (Shemp Howard) was released
Jul 1st, 1934 Actor Jamie Farr was born
Jul 13th, 1934 Actor Phillip Crosby was born
Jul 13th, 1934 PUNCH DRUNKS was released
Jul 16th to Aug 1st, 1934 DEATH ON THE DIAMOND (Ted Healy) in production
Jul 24th to Jul 28th, 1934 SO YOU WON'T T-T-T-TALK (Shemp Howard) in production
Jul 27th, 1934 PARIS INTERLUDE (Ted Healy) was released
Jul 27th, 1934 Actress June McCall was born
Jul 28th, 1934 MY MUMMY'S ARMS (Shemp Howard) was released
Jul 28th, 1934 Actress Marie Dressler died
Aug 8th, 1934 Actor Mark Bailey was born
Aug 11th, 1934 DAREDEVIL O'DARE (Shemp Howard) was released
Aug 16th, 1934 Actor Donnie Dunagan was born
Aug 18th to Aug 23rd, 1934 A PEACH OF A PAIR (Shemp Howard) in production
Aug 22nd, 1934 Skater/Actor Bill Turner was born
Aug 29th to Sep 1st, 1934 MEN IN BLACK in production
Aug 31st, 1934 Actor Robert Andrews was born
Sep 2nd, 1934 Singer Russ Columbo died
Sep 14th, 1934 DEATH ON THE DIAMOND (Ted Healy) was released
Sep 20th, 1934 Actress Karen Sharpe was born
Sep 22nd, 1934 Actor/Skater Bill Shea was born
Sep 25th, 1934 Actor Jay Sheffield was born
Sep 28th, 1934 MEN IN BLACK was released
Oct 1st, 1934 Actor Larry Simms was born
Oct 8th to Oct 13th, 1934 HIS FIRST FLAME (Shemp Howard) in production
Oct 10th, 1934 Ted Healy & Nat Pendleton premiered their regional network radio program WEARY & WILLIE
Oct 18th, 1934 Actress Barbara Hines was born
Oct 18th, 1934 Hal G. Evarts (Novel) died
Oct 20th, 1934 SMOKED HAMS (Shemp Howard) was released
Oct 22nd, 1934 THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA was released
Oct 25th to Oct 30th, 1934 THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS in production
Nov 1st to Nov 6th, 1934 DIZZY & DAFFY (Shemp Howard) in production
Nov 3rd, 1934 SO YOU WON'T T-T-T-TALK (Shemp Howard) was released
Nov 14th to Dec 15th, 1934 THE WINNING TICKET (Ted Healy) in production
Nov 18th, 1934 Willard Mack (Director, Screenplay) died
Nov 23rd to Nov 27th, 1934 HORSES' COLLARS in production
Nov 26th, 1934 Actor Barry Coe was born
Nov 28th, 1934 THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA was released
Dec 8th, 1934 THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS was released
Dec 11th, 1934 Actor Robert Ivers was born
Dec 15th, 1934 DIZZY AND DAFFY (Shemp Howard) was released
Dec 19th, 1934 Actor Aki Aleong was born
Dec 19th to Dec 22nd, 1934 RESTLESS KNIGHTS in production
Dec 21st, 1934 THE BAND PLAYS ON (Ted Healy) was released
Dec 29th, 1934 A PEACH OF A PAIR (Shemp Howard) was released
Dec 30th, 1934 Actor Bill Shannon was born
Dec 31st, 1934 Actress Kathy Marlowe was born

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