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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"If you so much as breath, I'll tear your tonsils out and tie it around your neck for a bowtie!" - Moe (IF A BODY MEETS A BODY, 1945)

Three Stooges Comicography

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The Best of The Three Stooges Comicbooks
Publisher: Papercutz
Genre: Comedy

Issue: 2
Published: November, 2012
Comic Book Age: Modern
Pages: 196
Wraparound Cover: Yes
Cover Price: $19.99

Avg. Member Rating:   Not rated

  • Curly Joe DeRita
  • Larry Fine
  • Moe Howard
  • Shemp Howard

Writers: Shel Dorf; Joe Kubert; Jeffrey Maurer; Norman Maurer; Jim Salicrup
Editors: Chase Craig; Adam Grano; Joe Kubert; Norman Maurer; Michael Petranek; Jim Salicrup
Artists: Peter Alvarado; Ken Cooper; Diego Jourdon; Norman Maurer; Joe Messerli; Sparky Moore
Cover Artists: Diego Jourdon; Norman Maurer

- Front Cover
- Introduction by Norman Maurer & Joe Kubert 1 pg
- The Norman Maurer Interview 4 pgs; originally published in Comic Buyer's Guide # 575 (Nov. 23, 1984)

Originally published in The Three Stooges # 6 (St. John 1954)
- Cartoon/photo cover
- Fluke Spook 9 pgs
- Bogus Takes a Bride 9 pgs
- The Three Stooges (untitled) 1 pg
- The Three Stooges (untitled) 5 pgs

Originally published in The Three Stooges # 7 (St. John 1954)
- Cartoon/photo cover
- Nautical Nitwits 13 pgs
- Issue # 8 promo 1/3 pg
- Spare Ribs 1/2 pg
- Issue # 8 promo 1/3 pg
- The Memoirs of Benedict Bogus (untitled) 7 pgs

Originally published in Four Color Comics # 1127 (Western/Dell 1960)
- Beach Boo-Boobs 8 pgs

Originally published in Four Color Comics # 1170 (Western/Dell 1961)
- Photo cover
- Inside front cover: Art Depreciation
- Boobs in the Woods 15 pgs
- Midway Madness 8 pgs
- Unspecial Delivery 9 pgs
- Inside back cover: Something Fishy

Originally published in Four Color Comics # 1187 (Western/Dell 1961)
- Photo cover
- Inside front cover: The Big Wheel
- Treasure Troubles 15 pgs
- Curly Joe's Diary 2 pgs
- The Duped Deputies 15 pgs
- Inside back cover: The Fixer Uppers
- Back cover (alternate): A Sight to Behold

Originally published in The Little Stooges # 1 (Western/Gold Key 1972)
- Cartoon cover
- Burgle Gurgle 25 pgs

Originally published in The Little Stooges # 2 (Western/Gold Key 1972)
- Cartoon cover
- Curly of the Apes 25 pgs

- Afterword 3 pgs
- Back Cover

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