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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Who told you, you need glasses?" "An obstetrician." - Moe & Curly (THREE TROUBLEDOERS, THE, 1946)

Three Stooges Comicography

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The Three Stooges
Publisher: American Mythology
Genre: Comedy

Issue: 5-1
Published: December, 2016
Comic Book Age: Modern
Pages: 32
Cover Price: $3.99

Avg. Member Rating:   Not rated

  • Curly Howard
  • Larry Fine
  • Moe Howard
  • Shemp Howard

Writers: Mark Arnold; S.A. Check; Norman Maurer
Inkers: Brian Fraim; Norman Maurer; Bob Smith
Pencilers: Brendon Fraim; Bill Galvan; Norman Maurer
Letterer: Dan Conner
Painter: Dan Conner
Cover Artists: Greg LaRocque; Mark Wheatley

- Cartoon cover (Merry Stoogemas Caroling)
- Cartoon cover (Merry Stoogemas Ornaments)
- Photo cover, color (WEE WEE MONSIEUR Santas)
- Photo cover, B&W (WEE WEE MONSIEUR Santas)
- Blank sketch cover
- A Three Stooges Christmas 9 pgs
- Have Yourself a Meowy Little Stoogemas 9 pgs
- Cover 1 pg; originally published in The Three Stooges # 7 (St. John 1954)
- The Memoirs of Benedict Bogus 7 pgs; originally published in The Three Stooges # 7 (St. John 1954)
- Season's Greetings From American Mythology 2 pgs
- "Open Up and Say Ow!" gag lobby card 2 pgs

Norman Maurer and Joe Kubert credits are for the 1954 reprint material.

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