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"Say, when I come back, I'll give 'ya the password." "Brilliant, what'll it be?" "Open the door." [smack!] - Larry & Moe (STUDIO STOOPS, 1950)

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Sweepstakes winner Joe is taken to the cleaners by two conmen G. Y. Prince and R. O. Broad (aka "gyp" and "rob"). The Stooges head to their offices to get Joe's money back. Instead, they find two sympathetic businessmen (the two crooks, in disguise) who offer to pay back the losses if Moe, Larry and Joe will pose as juvenile wards for a rich and eccentric millionaire, Montgomery M. Montgomery. But Montgomery is actually Prince's and Broad's accomplice, and plotting to kill the Stooges.

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Moe, Larry and Joe
Release Date
February 13, 1958
Production Type
Short Subject
15.4 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   1907
Shooting Days:   2 days   From: 1957-05-02   To: 1957-05-03

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 3.25)
Face Slaps: 11 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 1

Stooge Quotes   (6)
  • "I invested all our money in Consolidated Fujiama California Smog Bags... filled with smog!"

  • "Joe, don't tell me you bought the Brooklyn Bridge?!!" "Of course not... that was sold last week."
    (Moe and Joe)

  • "Incidentally, do barbecues have pits?"

  • "Description? 5 ft. 5, by 5 ft. 5. Color of hair? Skin."

  • "Have another cigar, Joey-Woey."
    (Gene Roth)

  • "He would like to adopt some nice boys. His name is Montgomery M. Montgomery." "Oh boy, we'll be Montgomery's wards!"
    (Bill Brauer & Joe)

Stooge Goofs   (5)
  • Larry's Eye
    At the end, the Stooges are trying to paste the torn check pieces back together. When Joe licks his hand and slaps it on his torn piece of the check, some spit accidentally flies into Larry's eye right before the scene fades out!

  • Line Flub
    Moe messes up a line when he says â€Å"Pour some me some water”.

  • Near-Choking
    After Moe rips off Joe's pants as Joe is drinking from a liquor bottle, Joe looks at Moe but he almost chokes on his drink for a few seconds before he says his next line.

  • Something Caught in Joe's Eye
    When Joe says to Moe â€Å"I oughta give you the hotface!”, he has something caught in his eye.

  • Wobbly Knife
    When Moe sees the knife in the wall right next to his face, his hair stands up on end, but you can see the knife wobbling around as well when this happens. This is because they used an air compressor under Moe to make his hair fly up and that accidentally made the knife wobble as well.

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Fan Reviews   (12)
Posted 2010-05-17 19:35:18 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2014-12-25 10:09:18 by Shemp_Diesel

One of the better Besser outings & I too get a kick out of seeing Joe force fed a cigar until he's ready to puke.

"Do barbecues have pits?"

6 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2008-11-09 00:24:52 by The 4th Stooge
Oh, my god! This, as well as Flying Saucer Daffy, are my favorite Joe-era shorts. The whole smog-bag scam (and Moe's hysterical reaction to it), as well as Larry mentioning that the only reason Joe even won the contest was because the questions were about food (only to have Joe come in a short time later and begin making a huge sandwich.)Of course, the pure joy of watching Joe mention Havanas, and then instead of smoking it, had to eat it was genius. Gene Roth's looks of disgust were rather hysterical too.A couple of problems, though. Why in the world would Greta not see Moe with that yooge cake RIGHT AT HER FACE?! The same with Gene--Moe and Larry were right on top of them, and to make it even worse, while they were eavesdropping, the doors opened to the INSIDE of the room. You'd have to be blind not to see that. But then again, this IS the world of Stooge, and all is make well by the fact that they tear up the check, then try to put it together, complete with spit flying! Four-poker.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-02-21 23:49:00 by Stooge
Edited 2008-06-17 05:28:16 by Stooge
A lot call this one of the best Besser shorts, but I don't see why. There are certainly worse Besser shorts, but there are a few better ones as well (A MERRY MIX-UP, OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, and FIFI BLOWS HER TOP are the only Bessers really worth watching, IMO). Some scenes are funny like the opening scene and the cigar-eating scene, but the rest was the typical mediocre Besser era stuff. Especially weak when compared to the similar ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE.
Supporting cast was poor, too: Gene Roth was never anything special outside of his Borscht role. Greta Thyssen was nothing but a poor man's Christine McIntyre and Milton Frome a poor man's Vernon Dent. And the usually-good Harold Brauer made a forgettable return, but at least he can say that he's been in at least one Stooge short with each third Stooge.

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2007-08-19 22:38:58 by FourthThird
Edited 2007-08-25 08:27:06 by FourthThird

Above-average Besser outing, not the worst or the best. Most of the funny stuff is at the beginning -- Moe describing the "missing" Joe while looking at him ("Color of hair? Skin!"), trying to grab Joe by the (nonexistent) hair, etc. It gets a lot less funny after that, although Joe does do some pretty good facial expressions while eating the cigar, and Larry looks hilarious in his wig.

BTW, this was one of two Stooge shorts I saw in the early '80s, some 25 years before I knew (or cared) much about the Stooges. (I think the other was "Sing A Song Of Six Pants", from which I only remembered one line.) After becoming a Stooge fan as an adult, I was a little surprised to find out that this had been one of the few Joe shorts; I had thought it must be a Curly one because that's what most of them were. My faulty memory had placed the "Montgomery's Wards" line in Curly's mouth and cast Larry as the cigar eater!

Does anyone else find it interesting that childish Joe is the one whose "adult" vices threaten to blow the Stooges' (nonexistent) cover?

And just what the heck is a "California Fujiama Smog Bag" anyway?

Posted 2000-12-31 13:49:00 by Uncle Mortimer
Edited 2006-03-23 20:33:02 by shemps#1
I can't stand Besser, but this is one that I'm actually looking forward to seeing again. If it's the one I think it is, it's got a scene where Besser(dressed as a child, like the original Curly version) is getting CIGARS shoved into his mouth. He starts to get sick and turn blue as more cigars are shoved in. God, would I love to do that to Joe Besser!
Posted 2003-06-26 02:07:00 by justplainbill
My Favorite Joe episode, just for getting to see his fat face pancake made-up to pure white after eating the cigars.

"... Now eat the nice cigar Joey-Woey"
"But I don't waaa----, " {Cigar Jammed in Joe's Pie Hole}
Posted 2003-02-23 05:21:00 by Bruckman
One of the few Bessers worth a second look once in a while, this does have a fairly clever beginning w/Joe being reported as a "missing person", the "genuine Calif. smog bags" Joe's invested in, and the investors (G.Y.Prince and R.O.Broad) are a nice throwback to the devious crooks of the Shemp era. Besser reprises his "Stinky" characterization from his turns on Abbott and Costello's show and ends up victim of his own greed, being stuffed full of cigars until he's ready to puke.

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2001-11-02 22:28:00 by Mike Holme
Edited 2002-04-30 05:15:00 by Mike Holme
This is my favorite Joe B. film. The beginning was hilarious and seeing the stooges dressed up as kids was pretty funny too. I also saw that Moe had no problem hitting Joe in this one for once. There are a few other Joe B. shorts in which this happens(Fifi Blows Her Top, Flying Saucer Daffy) but they aren't as good as this one. Another reason why its my favorite is because it seems most like a Curly or Shemp film and for once the plot involves crooks. Besser Abuse: A slap in the face, a bonk on the head, a nose grab, and a kick in the rear, all are administered by Moe.3 1/2 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2002-03-26 06:12:00 by black banana
Although I don't care for the Stooges as adopted childrenconcept, this still has funny moments. Highlights are theopening Smog Bag swindle sequence and Joe being forcedto digest cigars. Gene Roth is good as Montgomery M.Montgomery. About the fourth or fifth best of the Joe films.Rating 2 1/2 pokes...Review by Nick Barker & his 2 assistants
Posted 2002-03-25 13:23:00 by shemps#1
I just got to see this one for the first time (thanks Mike), and I have to say that it is the best (or least worst) Besser short I have seen so far. That, however, is not saying all that much. Like others have said, I found Joe being force fed cigars funny, as well as the Stooges dressed as children (Joe in particular with that silly wig) and the ending. Other than that, the short does drag in places like a typical Besser outing, just not as much; and there's really nothing that makes you cringe like in other Besser shorts. Therefore I'll give the short the highest rating I can remember giving a Besser short, 2 1/2 pokes.New England Patriots: 2001-2002 NFL World Champions.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2002-02-26 20:38:00 by BeatleMoe
Finally, I have seen this, thus, making it all 190 Three Stooges films (a very special thanks to Jon Weaver, aka jonnyringo.) This is my fourth favorite Besser film. It never fails with the Stooges dressing as children, and the best part is in the middle, when Moe and Larry play blind man's bluff with the murderess female. Joe's a riot eating the cigars, turning white, and almost puking! Some slow parts, but all in all, very funny.Memorable scene: Moe and Larry's blind man's bluff game.Rating: 3 starsBeatleMoe
Posted 2001-11-05 23:51:00 by [Deleted Member]
I guess I remember this short well enough to say something. It was one of the better Bessers. I got a kick out of the scene where Moe calls the police to report Joe missing. While giving the description, he says, "Hair- skin!" Shemp Shady ought to like the fact that Gene Roth is in this film- or would he have to say "Gifff me dat fillim"? I did like Moe's way of dividing the check up equally.And hey, if eating cigars would be better for you than smoking them, I say go for it!ISLIPP-you YIPP. ®2001

Reviewer's Rating: (8)

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