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"Aw Cap, you wouldn't throw us out into the cold, cruel world... we'd freeze." "Yeh, it'd be cruelty to animals!" - Moe and Curly (FALSE ALARMS, 1936)

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The Stooges are exterminators mistaken for B.O. Pictures' publicity department. In order to make the studio's lovely new actress famous overnight, they come up with a plan to fake her kidnapping, but some gangsters overhear them and plan to make it real. It's up to the Stooges to rescue Miss Devore themselves, when the Police Captain dismisses their story as just a publicity stunt.

The best gag of the short may be Shemp hiding in a garment bag in the hotel room closet. He manages to get out of the closet and wanders through an amazing unbarricaded French window onto the narrow ledge surrounding the hotel on the 14th floor. This gag was adapted from Buster Keaton's SO YOU WON'T SQUAWK (Columbia 1941).

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Shemp
Release Date
October 05, 1950
Production Type
Short Subject
16 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   4143
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1949-02-22   To: 1949-02-25

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 2.50)
Face Slaps: 9 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 1

Stooge Quotes   (7)
  • "I ain't got no directory. I'm outside the building!"

  • "I'm Brown from the Sun." "Aww, that's too bad. Are 'ya peelin'?"
    (Stanley Price and Shemp)

  • "Say, when I come back, I'll give 'ya the password." "Brilliant, what'll it be?" "Open the door." [smack!]
    (Larry & Moe)

  • "If you fall off, watch out for the traffic!" "It's alright, the green light's with me."
    (Moe & Shemp)

  • "You wait out here, if we're not out in 5 minutes come and get us." "Yeah!...but you better make it 30 seconds."
    (Moe & Larry )

    (Movie title)

  • "Keep a stiff upper plate kid!"

Stooge Goofs   (3)
  • Delayed Reaction
    When Shemp throws sand in Louie's (Joe Palma) face, Palma's reaction is delayed by a second.

  • Mysterious Shadow
    After we hear Larry and Dandy Dawson fighting inside of elevator, the elevator opens up and you can see some kind of waving shadow on the top of the elevator, then it's suddenly gone in the next shot.

  • Visible Hose
    Just before Moe fires his water gun at the kidnappers, a hose hidden under his jacket can be seen sticking out

Stooge Routines   (4)
  • BANG! Gun
    When a Stooge fires a gun at somebody, a "BANG!" flag pops out instead of bullets.
    Also used in:  DON'T THROW THAT KNIFE  ·   TRICKY DICKS  ·   QUIZ WHIZZ  ·  

  • Stretchable phone


  • Taking a bath with clothes on
    After the Stooges accidentally fall in an already-filled bathtub or by water sprinklers, they decide to make the best of it by taking a bath on the spot - with their clothes still on.

  • Uses Three Watches to Tell the Time
    Moe wonders what time it is, and a Stooge pulls up his sleeve revealing three wristwatches ... Moe: Say, what's the idea of the three watches? Stooge: That's how I tell the time. You see, (points at first watch) this watch runs 15 minutes fast every two hours. (points at watch at other end) This watch runs 10 minutes slow every four hours. The watch in the middle is broken, stopped dead at two o'clock. I add the time from the fast watch to the slow watch and divide by the two in the middle.Moe: Well, what time is it now? Stooge: (pulls pocket watch from pocket) 3:15 ...
    Also used in:  DUTIFUL BUT DUMB  ·   RHYTHM AND WEEP  ·  

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Fan Reviews   (6)
Posted 2001-10-01 12:14:00 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2015-07-22 19:46:19 by Shemp_Diesel

Shemp hanging from the ledge keeps the second half of this interesting as does Larry's "open the door" exchange with Moe. The funniest stuff for me is in the beginning--Moe:Do I look like a termite, 3 watches gag, Shemp's maha like gibberish at the typewriter & Vernon Dent demonstrating on him the beating he'll get if he bothers him again.

8 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2001-05-27 16:08:00 by Stooge
Edited 2015-01-04 01:50:10 by [Deleted Member]
8uzwQQ http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2008-04-07 13:19:32 by Moe Hailstone

One of my top ten Three Stooges shorts easily, and possibly my best Shemp short. The amount of jokes and action in this film is great, and the whole cast did a great job.

Kenneth Johnson was once again great as the bad guy. Christine McIntyre played the role of the damsel in distress perfectly. Vernon Dent was the good guy who didn't want to be bothered by the Stooges (and who does?). I've watched this short many times, and it never gets old.

The joke between Larry and Moe about the door is a timeless classic. I also enjoyed the jokes during the typewriter scene and with Brown from the Sun. :D

4 eye pokes easily from me. I would give more, but I can't.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2003-04-20 04:50:00 by Bruckman
Select Harold Lloyd-inspired goofiness (Shemp in the garment bag is derived from Lloyd in a mail sack in FEET FIRST, and dangling from the telephone is a reworking of a gag from Laurel and Hardy's SAPS AT SEA), this is an unusual combination of verbal humor and thrill comedy, hinging on a turnabout "boy-who-cried-Wolf" themed plot. Janitors turned PR agents Stooges indulge in some ripe vaudevillian dialogue but the spotlight here is really on Shemp, whether he's taking dictation, waiting for the green light in order to fall off the building, or being told by a phone operator (in answer to his "What do you think I am, silly?") that she cannot give out that information; he's visually hilarious too, in his Hollywood" getup of beret, sportscoat and cravat, an ensemble which arouses Moe's sympathy when he thinks Shemp's fallen to his demise. "I'm Brown from the 'Sun'".

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2001-10-05 15:29:00 by jaronson
One of my favorite Shemp shorts, but I don't understand why stand-ins were used for all three stooges. Anyway, the whole part when Moe, Larry and Christine are pulling Shemp was really funny.Grade: A

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-01-07 19:53:00 by Mike Holme
This short was a pretty funny short, the typing scene was funny, and the ending was good when Moe and Larry take a bath with their clothes on, and Shemp gets a girlfriend.

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