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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"We're great inventors... Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Don Ameche, and us!" - Curly (DIZZY PILOTS, 1943)


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A reluctant Captain who'd rather be piloting a barge, and his busy-body steward, command a cruise ship to Panama. Several storylines revolve around the passengers... A retired cop, now a private detective, tails the bond thief that has always eluded him, and falls for the crook's partner-in-crime and fiance. An alcoholic has-been actor running away from the society woman who loves him. A social-climbing man, ashamed of his ex-call girl wife. An exiled Panamanian general, who leaves his family to return to Panama and command a planned coup. And, a no-nonsense widow who befriends them all.

The Three Stooges appear as the ship's lounge musicians. Their screentime is limited to background players in a handful of scenes, and only Larry enjoys a few lines of dialogue.

The film premiered with a running time of 103 minutes, but was cut to 85 minutes for its general release. Many of the cast members listed do not appear in the released version, victims of the edited 18 minutes. Survivng bits of business between the Stooges and costar Arthur Treacher imply that they had an earlier setup scene, lost to editing.

John Gilbert was one of the greatest leading men of the 1920s, starring in films like MGM's THE BIG PARADE (1925). A soured relationship with Greta Garbo, disagreements with MGM chief Louis B. Mayer, and Gilbert's alcoholism combined to make him a liability in Mayer's eyes. After a couple box-office disappointments, MGM's publicity machine circulated the untrue story that Gilbert's voice was not suitable for sound films, and John found himself in supporting roles. Garbo used her influence to cast him as her costar in the pre-code QUEEN CHRISTINA (1933), but the Hays office's objections to the film gave MGM the reason it wanted to terminate his contract. After a few more roles, including Columbia's THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA (1934), depression, stress and alcoholism led to Gilbert's death from a heart attack in 1936.

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Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
November 28, 1934
Production Type
Feature Film
84.75 min.
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Prod. No.:   16
Shooting Days:   96 days   From: 1934-06-20   To: 1934-09-11

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  • The long shot of the ship, The San Capeador was used as stock footage for the ship in the 1949 Three Stooges short DUNKED IN THE DEEP (and its 1956 remake COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN) but the scene was reversed, making the lettering on the ship read backwards.
    Source: THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA (1934)
    Added by Rich Finegan on 2009-08-07 12:47:11
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  • This is the Stooges first feature film appearance for Columbia Pictures.
    Source: Moe, Larry & Curly filmography
    Added by archiezappa on 2009-05-30 04:13:22
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Posted 2010-07-15 12:05:03 by Final Shemp
The Captain Hates the Sea is a piece of character interaction over plot. Throughout the movie I struggled to find a story but ended up empty handed.
The film thrives on dialogue scenes where the characters of a cruise ship talking animatedly or hiding their misdeeds. By the end of the cruise, none of them seem any different than when they started. There are worse crimes a movie can make, but I'd like to argue that when I give an hour and a half of my life to a movie, I expect something to happen.
The only points that garnered any interest at all were the tragic end to a likable Spanish soldier's story and the attempted suicide by a depressed woman. Both of which end rather abruptly and are quickly lost among the rest of the film's too many characters.
The Three Stooges are only in two scenes and are for decoration only. Their brief role is to play musical instruments at a party: Moe on saxophone, Larry on piano, and Curly on cello. The only one that gets a line is Larry.
I find myself very indifferent to The Captain Hates the Sea. It doesn't do anything wrong to warrant hatred, but it doesn't really do anything all that well either. It's just kind of a time waster for those who like character pieces. It might annoy those who like character development, though.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 2 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2009-05-30 03:39:48 by archiezappa
The movie has some interesting stories. However, it seems that there is almost too much to keep up with. You really have to pay attention to the various setups at the beginning of the movie to understand what happens later. Other than that, I could really see something like this as a tv series. Imagine a series about a ship captain who hates his job. Well, it would be better than "The Love Boat," but I digress.As for the Stooges, this is their first feature film appearance at Columbia. They're only in a few scenes. They don't do any comedy, but appear as a sort of jazz trio with Moe on sax, Larry on piano and Curly on drums. Under the right circumstances, they could have rocked the house! Instead, they play the theme from their Columbia short "Men In Black." But hey, it's cool to see them as a band.Overall, it's pretty good. It could have used a sequel: "The Captain Still Hates The Sea." Or, possibly, it could go well as a double feature with "Monkey Business" starring The Marx Brothers.
Posted 2001-06-12 14:57:00 by Dunrobin
This is a typically amusing comedy from the early 30's. The Stooges have small parts as musicians. Dunrobin (the Webmaster)

Reviewer's Rating: (6)

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