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Show/Film Station/Studio Air Date/Released Host/Star Stooges
FRED ALLEN SHOW, THE / aka TEXACO STAR THEATER - Guest Bela Lugosi CBS (radio) 1943-04-25 Fred Allen Joe Besser (Solo)
FRED ALLEN SHOW, THE / aka TEXACO STAR THEATER - Raffles the Talking Bird CBS (radio) 1943-06-13 Fred Allen Joe Besser (Solo)
ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN, THE - The Man With the Red Beard NBC Red (radio) 1943-06-19 Joe Besser (Solo)
BOB BURNS SHOW, THE - Schicklgruber NBC Red (radio) 1943-07-01 Bob Burns Joe DeRita (Solo)
FRED BRADY SHOW, THE NBC Red (radio) 1943-07-08 Fred Brady Joe DeRita (Solo)
COMMAND PERFORMANCE - # 109 Armed Forces Radio 1944-03-04 Kate Smith Joe DeRita (Solo)
IT'S TIME TO SMILE / aka THE EDDIE CANTOR SHOW NBC Red (radio) 1944-06-07 Eddie Cantor Joe Besser (Solo)
IT'S TIME TO SMILE / aka THE EDDIE CANTOR SHOW NBC Red (radio) 1944-06-14 Eddie Cantor Joe Besser (Solo)
MAIL CALL - # 110 Armed Forces Radio 1944-09-20 Don Ameche Joe Besser (Solo)
PHILCO RADIO HALL OF FAME, THE - The Happy Prince NBC Blue (radio) 1944-12-24 Bing Crosby Joe DeRita (Solo)
CAVALCADE OF AMERICA - The Road to Berlin NBC Blue (radio) 1945-02-05 Bing Crosby Joe DeRita (Solo)
LET YOURSELF GO - Guest Humphrey Bogart CBS (radio) 1945-02-07 Milton Berle Joe Besser (Solo)
LET YOURSELF GO CBS (radio) 1945-04-18 Milton Berle Joe Besser (Solo)
GLENN MILLER DAY WNEW-AM NY / NBC Blue / Mutual 1945-06-05 Martin Block Joe Besser (Solo)
LET YOURSELF GO - Guest Al Jolson CBS (radio) 1945-06-06 Milton Berle Joe Besser (Solo)
PHILCO RADIO HALL OF FAME, THE - Unveiling the New 1946 Philco Products ABC (radio) 1945-11-04 Paul Whiteman Joe Besser (Solo)
HOUR GLASS NBC 1946-05-09 Evelyn Eaton Joe Besser (Solo)
EVERSHARP SCHICK VARIETIES / aka TONIGHT ON BROADWAY - Showboat CBS (radio) 1946-05-20 Connee Boswell & Ted Husing Joe Besser (Solo)
TONIGHT ON BROADWAY CBS (radio) 1946-07-08 Joe Besser (Solo)
TONIGHT ON BROADWAY CBS (radio) 1946-08-12 Joe Besser (Solo)
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