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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"C'mon! What's'a'matter with 'ya?... 'Ya nuts?!" - Moe (THREE LITTLE BEERS, 1935)


ThreeStooges.net is the home of The Three Stooges Online Filmography, a complete film history of the funniest guys that ever appeared in motion pictures!

The Three Stooges have been cracking up millions with their antics for 87 years. From their start in films with Ted Healy in the early 1930's, through their glory days with Columbia, to their own feature films in the 1960's - the Stooges film career spanned over forty years, and they're still just as popular today! We have every film appearance the Three Stooges - all six of them! - ever made, including their solo appearances.

There are 989 short subjects, feature films and other media that had one or more of the Stooges appearing in the cast. Here is a breakdown of the filmography, by "Stooge Team":

The Three Stooges Online Filmography

Stooge Team Dates Shorts Films Other TV Total
Ted Healy and His Stooges (THS) 1930 - 1934 7 10 3 5 25
Moe, Larry and Curly (MLC) 1934 - 1947 109 9 1 2 121
Moe, Larry and Shemp (MLS) 1947 - 1956 77 3 1 18 99
Moe, Larry and Joe (MLJ) 1957 - 1959 16 1 0 1 18
The Columbia Shorts (Total): 1934-1959 190  
Moe, Larry and Curly Joe (MLD) 1959 - 1970 2 8 44 45 99
Moe Howard (Solo) (SMH) 1933 - 1973 2 4 1 13 20
Curly Howard (Solo) (SCH) 1934 1 0 0 0 1
Shemp Howard (Solo) (SSH) 1933 - 1949 55 48 1 2 106
Ted Healy and Larry Fine (Solo) (STH_SLF) 1933 0 1 0 0 1
Joe Besser (Solo) (SJB) 1938 - 1976 13 28 0 303 344
Joe DeRita (Solo) (SJD) 1943 - 1958 4 8 0 10 22
Ted Healy (Solo) (STH) 1926 - 1938 5 25 2 11 43
Moe Howard and Curly Howard (Solo) (SMH_SCH) 1933 - 1934 1 1 0 0 2
Shemp Howard and Joe Besser (Solo) (SSH_SJB) 1949 0 1 0 0 1
Larry Fine (Solo) (SLF) 1973 - 1974 0 0 0 6 6
Miscellaneous Appearances (MISC) Any 1 5 8 66 80
Ted Healy and Curly Howard (Solo) (STH_SCH) 1934 0 1 0 0 1
Totals: 293 153 61 482 989

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Moe, Larry and Curly Joe
Release Date
Warner Bros.
Production Type
Feature Film
124 min.
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A stagecoach delivering money to Galveston is ambushed by a gang led by a hired killer named Matson (Charles Bronson), but they're fought off by Zack Thomas (Frank Sinatra) and Joe Jarrett (Dean Martin). The stage wrecks and Joe makes off with money, leaving Zack in the dust. Zack was to use the funds to purchase an old riverboat and turn it into Galveston's gambling jewel of the Gulf Coast, a business arrangement with town banker Harvey Burden (Victor Buono). Jarrett arrives in town with the same plan, and meets widow Max Richter (Ursula Andress), owner of the coveted, broken-down boat. Jarrett & Max, and Zack & Elya Carlson (Anita Ekberg), Galveston's high society madam, begin a game of one-upmanship to gain final control of the vessel. Unknown to our heroes, Burden wants it all for himself, and he's the man behind Matson. Opening night arrives, and Joe and Zack engage in a winner-take-all brawl, but Matson is laying in wait to assassinate both.

The Three Stooges guest star as inept delivery men, who run afoul of two elderly ladies (Ellen Corby, Jesslyn Fax) protesting the delivery of a nude painting to the riverboat lounge. Moe, Larry & Curly Joe perform the "point to the right" and "he's from Texas" routines.

Filmed in CinemaScope and TechniColor.

Yes, that's Ellen Corby (THE WALTONS) as one of the little old ladies who pummel the Stooges. Ms. Corby began her career behind-the-camera in the 1930s as a script supervisor at the Hal Roach Studios. At that time she was married to Roach cinematographer Francis Corby, and she worked on the films of Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, Charley Chase, Todd & Kelly, more.

Cast Members: Dean Martin (Joe Jarrett) · Frank Sinatra (Zach Thomas) · Ursula Andress (Max Richter) · Anita Ekberg (Elya Carlson) · Charles Bronson (Matson) · Victor Buono (Harvey Burden) · Nick Dennis (Angel) · Mike Mazurki (Chad) · Edric Connor (Prince George) · Percy Helton (Jonas Ansel) · Joe Yrigoyen (Stagecoach driver) · Jack Elam (Dobie) · Marjorie Bennett (Miss Emmaline) · Mark Miranda (Boy with pea shooter) · Manuel Padilla (Boy) · Byron Berry (Boy) · Myron Berry (Boy) · Steve Condit (Boy) · Jesslyn Fax (Widow) · Ellen Corby (Widow) · Wesley Addy (Winthrop Trowbridge, bank board member) · Abraham Sofaer (Pulaski, bank board member) · Paul Langton (Beauregard, bank board member) · Michael St. Angel (Williams, bank board member) · Mario Siletti (Bedoni, bank board member) · Keith McConnell (Sweeney, bank board member) · Bob Steele (Bank board member) · Grady Sutton (Bank clerk) · Virginia Christine (Brunhilde, Elya's maid) · Eileen O'Neill (Marie) · Caryl Lee Hill (Fifi) · Allyson Ames (Suzie) · Richard Jaeckel (Pete Mancini) · Joe Gray (Cowboy) · Harvey Parry (Zach's henchman) · Bill Catching (Zach's henchman) · Gil Perkins (Zack's henchman) · Mike Lally (Onlooker) · Rodd Redwing (Indian) · Barbara Payton (Townswoman) · Jeffrey Sayre (Minister) · Dave Willock (Alfred) · Maidie Norman (Burden's maid) · Chester Jones (Orlando's doorman) · Fritz Feld (Fritz, Orlando's head waiter) · Napoleon Whiting (Orlando's waiter) · Ralph Volkie (Orlando's bartender) · Bobby Gilbert (Orlando's customer) · Eddie Ness (Orlando's customer) · Matty Jordan (Orlando's customer) · William Washington (William, Maison Elya doorman) · Carol Andreson (Mrs. Trowbridge) · Clyde Howdy (Zach's driver) · Michele Montau (Helaine, Maison Elya hostess) · Bill Walker (Maison Elya waiter) · Sandy Steffens (Model) · Gigi Michel (Model) · Sandy Edmundson (Model) · Joe Ploski (Townsman) · Robert Robinson (Townsman) · Jack Lambert (Monk, Spindthrift survivor) · Moe Howard (Moe) · Larry Fine (Larry) · Joe DeRita (Curly Joe) · Teddy Buckner and His All Stars (Themselves) · Jonathan Hole (Riverboat headwaiter) · Max Wagner (Blackjack dealer) · Marcel De la Brosse (Croupier) · Arthur Godfrey (Himself) · Eva Six (Mrs. Burden) · Idell James (Wife of bank board member) · Paul Cristo (Riverboat guest) · George Ford (Riverboat guest) · Sam Harris (Riverboat guest) · Hal Taggart (Riverboat guest) · William H. O'Brien (Riverboat guest) · Herbert Winters (Riverboat guest) · Jack Gordon (Red coat waiter) · Ray Spiker (Red coat waiter) · Leroy Johnson (Yellow jacket fighter) · Gene LeBell (Yellow jacket fighter) · George DeNormand (Yellow jacket fighter) · Hal Needham (Yellow jacket fighter) · Charlie Picerni (Red jacket fighter) · Paul Stader (Red jacket fighter) · Mike Ragan (Brawler) · Chuck Hicks (Brawler) · John Hudkins (Brawler) · Teddy Quinn (Toddler) · Stephen Burnett (stunts) · Larry Duran (stunts) · Roy Jenson (stunts) · Jack Perkins (stunts) · Marvin Willens (stunts) · George Orrison (stunts) · Chuck Roberson (stunts) · John Indrisano (stunts) · Yaphet Kotto

Production Crew: Robert Aldrich (Director) · Robert Aldrich (Producer) · Howard W. Koch (Producer) · Walter Blake (Associate Producer) · W. R. Burnett (Story) · Teddi Sherman (Screenplay) · Robert Aldrich (Screenplay) · Ernest Laszlo (Director of Photography) · Michael Luciano (Film Editor) · Jack Solomon (Sound Mixer) · William Glasgow (Art Director) · Raphael Bretton (Set Decoration) · Nelson Riddle (Original Music) · Gil Grau (Orchestrator) · Oscar Rudolph (2nd Unit Director) · David Salven (Assistant Director) · Tom Connors, Jr. (Assistant Director) · Joseph F. Biroc (2nd Unit Photography) · Carl E. Guthrie (2nd Unit Photography) · Burnett Guffey (2nd Unit Photography) · Robert J. Schiffer (Makeup) · Joyce Rogers (Costume Design) · Charles James (Costume Design) · Norma Koch (Costume Design) · Robert Sherman (Dialogue Supervisor) · Jack R. Berne (Production Supervisor) · John Orlando (Property Master) · Sass Bedig (Special Effects) · Robert Gary (Script Supervisor) · Adell Aldrich (Script Assistant) · John Indrisano (Stunt Supervisor)

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After serving in the Army, the stooges decide to go to college and major in criminology. Graduating with the lowest possible honors, they receive their first case, stop a bandit called the Eel who is going to rob the Biltless Hotel.

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