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"We must throw off the yoke of monarchy, and make our country safe for hypocrisy!" - Moe (YOU NAZTY SPY!, 1940)

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The Stooges are artists living in Paris and owe many months back rent. When their landlord threatens to kill them, they escape and hope to contact the American Legion and go home... but, they accidentally join the French Foreign Legion. Their captain is kidnapped by an Arab chieftan, they disguise as Santa Clauses and invade the palace to rescue him.

Costar Ethelreda Leopold (Harem girl) was a guest of the 1990 Three Stooges Convention in Philadelphia. See The Three Stooges Journal # 55 (Fall 1990).

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
February 18, 1938
Production Type
Short Subject
17.67 min.
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Production Notes   (4)
Title Origin:   "Oui, oui monsieur."
Prod. No.:   404
Shooting Days:   5 days   From: 1937-11-12   To: 1937-11-17

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 1.50)
Face Slaps: 5 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 0 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (5)
  • "I call it 'A Maid On Her Night Out Winding a Grandfather Clock With Her Left Hand!'"

  • "You Foreign Legion, we American Legion. Brother Legionaires!"

  • "This'll be worth a fortune after I'm gone." "I should kill you now and find out!"
    (Curly and Harry Semels)

  • "Hi'ya toots. Where've you been all my life?" "Toity-toid and Toid Avenue... I just got over."
    (Curly & Ethelreda Leopold)

  • "Remember the old pool room?" "Yeh." "Well that's a choich now."
    (Curly & Ethelreda Leopold)

Stooge Goofs   (2)
  • Jump in Picture
    A noticeable jump cut in the film after the boys crash into the cell bars and fall on the floor.

  • Visible Hole
    Right before Curly's fishing hook grabs on to the back of a man's pants, you can see a hole in the pants where the hook is trying to snag.

Stooge Routines   (8)

Stooge Trivia   (0)

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Transcript   (N)

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Videography   (1)

Fan Reviews   (6)
Posted 2010-10-19 11:03:48 by Final Shemp

Starts off a little too routinely but gets stronger as it goes along, Wee Wee Monsieur is about as middle of the road as Stooge shorts get.
The landlord bit has been done to death in similar Stooge shorts and other various comedies, and this is definitely not one of the strongest offerings. The trick of having the Stooges join a military group has also been done before and since, and much better too. The short starts to shine a little bit when the Stooges are on duty, and head off to rescue Captain Gorgonzola. The use of Santa Claus as a disguise is a genuine classic and is the cause of some great gags.
"Oh, you hit Santa Claus! Just for that, no toys!"
The escape is fun, as is the bit with the lion. But the short is just a little too little and nothing special.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 2 1/2 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2010-04-14 18:54:59 by Shemp_Diesel

This has never been one of my favorites, for some odd reason. It starts off well enough (zee lollipop) and Curly explaining to the landlord how his masterpiece will help them on the back rent they owe, but once the boys sign up for the legion, the short starts to fall flat, but it has its moments. "Oh, you hit Santa Claus, just for that, no toys."

2 1/2 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (5)
Posted 2009-02-24 09:57:07 by Hassan bin Sober
Really fun short. The boys always crack me up when they're in uniform. The first part in Paris (Somewhere in France) was really fun with a lot of classic gags, and after they joined the Foreign Legion the fun kept on going.

The guys dressed up like harem girls and dancing around was hilarious. Their 'face curtains' from 'Men in Black' made another appearance in this episode along with Curly's "I'll take the black and tan" quote. 3.5 pokes from me.

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2003-07-09 17:09:00 by Moe is me
No matter what they do, from artists to guards to harem members, they do the best slapstick ever. Love the watermelons flying, the high step dancing, everything. To me, one of the funniest routines they do is when they enter or leave a room, miss the door, and hit the wall.

Reviewer's Rating: (10)
Posted 2001-11-09 05:52:00 by [Deleted Member]
This short was a little better than just okay to me. Not only was the Santa routine reused in a Shemp short, but so was "Ze Lollipop". See "Self-Made Maids" for youself and you'll see what I mean. I prefer the Shemp version. Especially Shemp's singing at the end, and his addition of "Hi, pop!" (or something extremely close to that- haven't seen that short in years.)Anyway, I liked Curly's fishng out the window and everything the boys did to their landlord, verbally AND physically. I also liked thescene with the hilarious way the boys were marching back and forth in front of the tents while guarding the captain.And yes, Curly pulling Larry through the window by his hair had to hurt!ISLIPP-you slide. ©2001
Posted 2001-10-24 02:31:00 by Mike Holme
The more I see this one, the more I like it. The first half was absolutely hilarious! The second half was good, but not as good as the first half which keeps this short from being a 4 poker.3 1/2 pokes

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