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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"The tuition is $5 apiece, or 3 for $25." "A rare bargain... we'll take the 3." - Vernon Dent & Moe (TOOTH WILL OUT, THE, 1951)


ThreeStooges.net is the home of The Three Stooges Online Filmography, a complete film history of the funniest guys that ever appeared in motion pictures!

The Three Stooges have been cracking up millions with their antics for 88 years. From their start in films with Ted Healy in the early 1930's, through their glory days with Columbia, to their own feature films in the 1960's - the Stooges film career spanned over forty years, and they're still just as popular today! We have every film appearance the Three Stooges - all six of them! - ever made, including their solo appearances.

There are 992 short subjects, feature films and other media that had one or more of the Stooges appearing in the cast. Here is a breakdown of the filmography, by "Stooge Team":

The Three Stooges Online Filmography

Stooge Team Dates Shorts Films Other TV Total
Ted Healy and His Stooges (THS) 1930 - 1934 7 10 3 5 25
Moe, Larry and Curly (MLC) 1934 - 1947 109 9 1 3 122
Moe, Larry and Shemp (MLS) 1947 - 1956 77 3 1 20 101
Moe, Larry and Joe (MLJ) 1957 - 1959 16 1 0 1 18
The Columbia Shorts (Total): 1934-1959 190  
Moe, Larry and Curly Joe (MLD) 1959 - 1970 2 8 44 45 99
Moe Howard (Solo) (SMH) 1933 - 1973 2 4 1 13 20
Curly Howard (Solo) (SCH) 1934 1 0 0 0 1
Shemp Howard (Solo) (SSH) 1933 - 1949 55 48 1 2 106
Ted Healy and Larry Fine (Solo) (STH_SLF) 1933 0 1 0 0 1
Joe Besser (Solo) (SJB) 1938 - 1976 13 28 0 303 344
Joe DeRita (Solo) (SJD) 1943 - 1958 4 8 0 10 22
Ted Healy (Solo) (STH) 1926 - 1938 5 25 2 11 43
Moe Howard and Curly Howard (Solo) (SMH_SCH) 1933 - 1934 1 1 0 0 2
Shemp Howard and Joe Besser (Solo) (SSH_SJB) 1949 0 1 0 0 1
Larry Fine (Solo) (SLF) 1973 - 1974 0 0 0 6 6
Miscellaneous Appearances (MISC) Any 1 5 8 66 80
Ted Healy and Curly Howard (Solo) (STH_SCH) 1934 0 1 0 0 1
Totals: 293 153 61 485 992

Pick of the Day - Sunday, February 18,2018
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Joe Besser (Solo)
Release Date
Production Type
Feature Film
71 min.

When drunken millionaire Duke Randall lands in Lawndale OH, he's impressed by its smalltown goodness, especially that of florist Janie Clark. So impressed, that he changes his will and leaves her his fortune, nightclub and racetrack. After Randall is reported dead in a car accident, his business partner Bart Manners and golddigging widow are shocked to learn about the inheritance. Bart is sure it's a scam and sets out to learn Janie's angle. Meanwhile, the citizens of Lawndale turn on her, convinced she's no longer their kind of people. So Janie heads to New York and accept the bequeath, and teach everyone a few lessons in basic human kindness.

Joe Besser costars as Roly Q. Entwhistle, Janie's kindhearted friend and protector, determined to make good on his show biz ambitions. A highlight is Joe calling a squaredance in an NYC nightclub, with a tune titled Oh, You Crazy You.

Cast Members: Jinx Falkenburg (Janie Clark) · Forrest Tucker (Bart Manners) · Joe Besser (Roly Q. Entwhistle) · Jimmy Little (Buffalo) · Trudy Marshall (Toni Marlowe) · Richard Lane (Duke Randall) · Stan Kenton and His Orchestra (Themselves) · June Christy (Stan Kenton vocalist) · Gene Howard (Stan Kenton vocalist) · Paul E. Burns (Garage mechanic) · Mira McKinney (Letitia Harrison) · Robert Regent (Arthur Harrison) · Mary Field (Telephone operator) · Dick Elliott (Baldwin) · Walter Baldwin (Clem) · Jack Davis (Carleton Vane) · Ruth Warren (Lawndale gossip) · Ida Moore (Lawndale gossip) · Ezelle Poule (Lawndale gossip) · Jessie Arnold (Lawndale gossip) · Symona Boniface (Ladies League woman) · Anne O'Neal (Ladies League woman) · Mark Roberts (Reporter) · Jimmy Lloyd (Reporter) · John Tyrrell (Photographer) · Frank Sully (Rocky Jordan) · Robin Raymond (Peaches Barkeley) · Jewel McGowan (Chorus girl) · Adele Roberts (Chorus girl) · Nita Bieber (Chorus girl) · Kernan Cripps (Deputy Sheriff) · Wanda Perry (Woman in nightclub) · Cy Malis (Stage doorman) · Doris Houck (Freddie Lord) · Dan Stowell (Pianist) · George Ford (Gentleman) · Tex Swan

Production Crew: George Sherman (Director) · Michael Kraike (Producer) · Barry Trivers (Story) · Robert Hardy Andrews (Story) · Richard Weil (Screenplay) · Ted Thomas (Screenplay) · Henry Freulich (Director of Photography) · James Sweeney (Film Editor) · George Brooks (Art Director) · James M. Crowe (Set Decoration) · George Cooper (Sound Recording) · Joseph Fidel (Sound Mixer) · Mario Silva (Musical Director) · Marlin Skiles (Original Music) · Iva Walters (Costumes) · Henry Helfman (Costumes) · Allan Roberts (Lyrics) · Oscar Hammerstein (Lyrics) · Ben Oakland (Music) · Doris Fisher (Music) · Claire Holgate (Hair Stylist) · Robert J. Schiffer (Makeup) · Newt Jones (Makeup) · James Nicholson (Assistant Director) · William M. Reineck (2nd Assistant Director) · Fayte M. Browne (Camera Operator) · Bud O'Malley (Assistant Cameraman) · Paul Seckler (Gaffer) · C. Robertson (Best Boy) · Herb Kessler (Boom) · Eddie Blaisdell (Key Grip) · Roland Rexroad (Grip) · Truck Krone (Cable Operator) · Hudson Ratabaugh (Property Master) · Frances McDowell (Script Supervisor) · Clay Yurdin (Dialogue coach) · Phil Ellison (Still Photography)

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The Stooges are in a frontier town running a crooked gambling game. They're caught cheating and must make a run for it. While hiding in the woods, they are discovered by the sheriff and flee into trapper Pierre's cabin, where they disguise themselves as Indians. Returning to town, they meet up with Pierre, who falls for Curly (dressed as an Indian squaw) and takes "her" as his wife.

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