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"Completely illogical, preponderantly impracticable, and moreover - it stinks!" - Vernon Dent (HALF-WITS HOLIDAY, 1947)

Welcome! is the home of The Three Stooges Online Filmography, a complete film history of the funniest guys that ever appeared in motion pictures!

The Three Stooges have been cracking up millions with their antics for 86 years. From their start in films with Ted Healy in the early 1930's, through their glory days with Columbia, to their own feature films in the 1960's - the Stooges film career spanned over forty years, and they're still just as popular today! We have every film appearance the Three Stooges - all six of them! - ever made, including their solo appearances.

There are 983 short subjects, feature films and other media that had one or more of the Stooges appearing in the cast. Here is a breakdown of the filmography, by "Stooge Team":

The Three Stooges Online Filmography

Stooge Team Dates Shorts Films Other TV Total
Ted Healy and His Stooges (THS) 1930 - 1934 6 10 4 4 24
Moe, Larry and Curly (MLC) 1934 - 1947 97 9 14 1 121
Moe, Larry and Shemp (MLS) 1947 - 1956 77 3 1 16 97
Moe, Larry and Joe (MLJ) 1957 - 1959 16 1 0 1 18
The Columbia Shorts (Total): 1934-1959 190  
Moe, Larry and Curly Joe (MLD) 1959 - 1970 2 8 44 43 97
Moe Howard (Solo) (SMH) 1933 - 1973 3 4 1 13 21
Curly Howard (Solo) (SCH) 1934 1 0 0 0 1
Shemp Howard (Solo) (SSH) 1933 - 1949 54 48 1 2 105
Ted Healy and Larry Fine (Solo) (STH_SLF) 1933 0 1 0 0 1
Joe Besser (Solo) (SJB) 1938 - 1976 13 28 0 303 344
Joe DeRita (Solo) (SJD) 1943 - 1958 4 8 0 10 22
Ted Healy (Solo) (STH) 1926 - 1938 5 25 2 11 43
Moe Howard and Curly Howard (Solo) (SMH_SCH) 1933 - 1934 1 1 0 0 2
Shemp Howard and Joe Besser (Solo) (SSH_SJB) 1949 0 1 0 0 1
Larry Fine (Solo) (SLF) 1973 - 1974 0 0 0 6 6
Miscellaneous Appearances (MISC) Any 1 5 8 65 79
Ted Healy and Curly Howard (Solo) (STH_SCH) 1934 0 1 0 0 1
Totals: 280 153 75 475 983

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Joe Besser (Solo)
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16.67 min.
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Rodney Marblehead's (Joe Besser) draft notice places him in Sgt. Flint's (Dick Wessel) platoon. Flint continually winds up on the receiving end of Rodney's bumbling, leading to a bet with Sgt. Good, who claims that if Marblehead is coddled he will wind up on a promotion list within 1 month. Flint tries to hold his temper, but Rodney still manages to wind up on KP where he accidentally dumps glue into the mess hall's soup. Adding to Flint's woes are Rodney's great dane Homer, who misses his master and follows him to the Army camp, interrupting the platoon's training exercises and sleep.

DIZZY YARDBIRD was originally written as WHAT A SOLDIER!, an unproduced 1941 short intended for Buster Keaton.

Later reworked with stock footage as G. I. DOOD IT (1955), also starring Joe Besser.

Cast Members: Joe Besser (Pvt. Rodney Marblehead) · Jessie Arnold (Ma) · Dick Wessel (Sergeant Flint) · Brian O'Hara (Master Sgt. Good) · Johnny Kascier (Private) · Jim Brown (Private) · Nick Arno (Private) · Emil Sitka (Private) · Bill Wallace (Captain) · Johnny Kascier (Besser's stand-in) · Unidentified (Cookie)

Production Crew: Jules White (Director) · Jules White (Producer) · Felix Adler (Story and Screenplay) · Lester H. White (Director of Photography) · Edwin Bryant (Film Editor) · Charles Clague (Art Director) · Carter DeHaven Jr. (Assistant Director)

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Fired from another theatre gig, our stage comic Stooges take the advice of an irate theatre manager to kill themselves. Literally on the brink, they meet three lady hoofers, Hilda, Tilda, and Wilda on the same rooftop, and fast become smitten with them. Forgetting all about pulling a Brody, the pals and gals soon meet up with a man "afflicted with millions" who offers all six thousand bucks a week to star in his new stage show.

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