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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"I got sick of the dough, and thought I'd go on the loaf." - Curly (UNCIVIL WARRIORS, 1935)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 140

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WINTER 2011   -   Editor: Gary Lassin

Cover Image
Curly Howard in a publicity shot from PHONY EXPRESS (1943)
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Plans Announced For 2012 Fan Club Meeting
by Frank Reighter and Gary Lassin
Page(s): 2

Tentative schedule for the April 28 - 29 Fan Club Meeting in Ft. Washington PA, and The Stoogeum in Springhouse PA.

News Flashes...
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 2
  • The Three Stooges Scrapbook by Jeff &Greg Lenburg and Joan Howard Maurer will be republished April 2012, an updated edition with additional material
  • Newly released on DVD by The Warner Archive:  HOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934 MGM), SWING PARADE OF 1946 (1946 Monogram) and THE LOST STOOGES (1990 Turner)
  • Raised By the Stars by NickThomas published by McFarland, interviews with the children of Hollywood stars, including Paul Howard and Joan Howard Maurer
  • The Farrelly brothers THE THREE STOOGES has finished filming with an expected release date of April 13, 2012; cast updates

by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3

Martin Sperzel

Candid Photo
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3

Curly Howard hams it up with featherweight boxing rivals Petey Hayes and Mike Belloise at the corner of Hollywood & Vine, October 1936

"Lost" 1937 Stooges Film Trailer Uncovered
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3

A promotional trailer/feaurette for the "Pillsbury Moving Picture Machine," a print of SURPRISE, SURPRISE (1937) starring Moe, Larry & Curly has been discovered at the Library of Congress

Three Stooges Locations Then & Now: SLIPPERY SILKS
by Jim Pauley
Page(s): 4 - 5

An L.A. location used in the filming of SLIPPERY SILKS (1936) identified, with photos then and today.

Nate Budnick's Stooge Stories (Part 2 of 2)
by Ben Urish, Transcription Assistance by Tammy Shattuck
Page(s): 6 - 7, 14

Nate Budnick, Larry's brother-in-law, was loved by the fans for many reasons, including his stories of knowing and working with the Stooges. The author uses his notes and recordings to transcribe and share some of the best of Nate's stories.

Three Stooges Supporting Players, The: Mini-Biographical Profiles
by Journal Staff
Page(s): 8 - 10

Lloyd Bridges, Everett Brown, Stanley Brown, Sonny Bupp, Bobby Burns, Harry Burns, Neal Burns

Three Stooges Shorts Music... A Summary (Part 5)
by Richard Finegan
Page(s): 11

Summary of the musical moments from the Three Stooges' short subjects, earlier documented in detail in issues 86 - 98 (1998 - 2001); this installment covering the years 1957 - 1959

Three Stooges' Hidden Hollywood, The: OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL
by Brent Seguine
Page(s): 12 - 13

From Jules White's script for OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL (1958), a scene not included in the final release

Bulletin Board
Page(s): 15

Fan classified advertisements

Stooge Trivia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 15

Trivia Q&A

Candid Photo
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 16

The Stooges take a break in the filming of SOCK-A-BYE BABY to clown around with Moe's son, Paul Howard, 1942

  This Issue Available ($3.00 US, PPD)

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