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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Oh, short eyeballs, eh?" - Moe (MICRO-PHONIES, 1945)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 162

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SUMMER 2017   -   Editor: Gary Lassin

Cover Image
Supporting actress Lorna Gray in a 1949 publicity shot from the Republic Pictures film THE LAST BANDIT
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by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 2 - 3

Death notice, and tribute, to Stooges supporting actress Lorna Gray (aka Adrian Booth) who passed away on April 30 at age 99.

Candid Three Stooges Film Footage Discovered
by Bill Cassara & Journal Staff (Story), Trent Reeve & Steve Cox (Photos)
Page(s): 4 - 6

Several minutes of color, home movie footage featuring Moe, Larry & Joe Besser, with Maxine Gates, during a production break in MUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER has turned up.  The discovery by Trent Reeve, and details of the film content, are discussed and illustrated with screen grabs.

Three Stooges Supporting Players, The: Mini-Biographical Profiles
by Journal Staff
Page(s): 7 - 9

Robert Graves, George Gray, Jenifer Gray, Lorna Gray, Dee Green, Gertie Green

Driving Miss Suzanne
by Bill Cappello
Page(s): 10 - 11

Bill Cappello reminisces about 1991's Three Stooges Convention weekend, and his job of driving and chaperoning special guest Suzanne Kaaren, costar of DISORDER IN THE COURT (1936), YES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA (1939) and WHAT'S THE MATADOR? (1942).

Behind the Scenes at the Stoogeum: The Three Stooges Custom Pinball Machine
by Erin Smith (Story), Eric Strangeway (Photos)
Page(s): 12 - 13, 16

Stoogeum staff member Erin Smith talks about the creation and history of Eric Strangeway's homemade pinball machine featuring The Three Stooges, which now resides in The Stoogeum.

Obscure Shemp Solo Film Released on DVD
by Ryan Fay
Page(s): 14

Discussion and review of MILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940 RKO), a feature film costarring Shemp Howard, and recently released to DVD by Warner Archive.

Bulletin Board
Page(s): 15

Fan classified advertisements

Stooge Trivia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 15

Trivia Q&A

  This Issue Available ($3.00 US, PPD)

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