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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"For I'm off to a gatherin' of the Clan!" "Oh, a clanbake, ay?" - Herbert Evans & Shemp (HOT SCOTS, THE, 1948)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 3

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WINTER 1975   -   Editor: Ralph Schiller

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Club News
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 1 - 3
  • Updates to the Shemp Howard filmography published in issue # 2
  • May 28, 1975 The Three Stooges were inducted into the Motion Picture Hall of Fame; Helen Howard, Gertrude Howard, Joan Howard Maurer, Norman Maurer, Phyllis Fine Lamond, Edward Bernds, Al Keller and Emil Sitka in attendance
  • A Stoke of Luck, Larry's autobiography is a topic of confusion for addressing orders
  • Lyle Stuart Publishers expects to publish Moe's autobiography I Stooged to Conquer in eight months
  • Miscellaneous Stooges sightings by fans
  • A recnet Private Screenings Magazine issue published a Stooges article by Jeff & Greg Lenburg
  • August-September 1975 issue of Films in Review has a Three Stooges article by Stephen E. Bowles
  • Local TV station airings updates
  • Niles Film Products will release KOOK'S TOUR in the near future

Visit With Moe and Larry, A
by Walt Mitchell
Page(s): 3 - 4
First in a planned series of fan recollections of personal meetings with Moe Howard and Larry Fine;
this installment by Walt Mitchell and the story of his 1969 meeting with Moe Howard

Dinner With The Three Stooges
by Rick Greene
Page(s): 4
Rich passes along Mike Mack's childhood dinner encounter with Moe, Larry & Curly Joe in Cleveland

Joe Besser Filmography
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 4

Joe Besser filmography

Page(s): 4
Source: Columbia Pictures
Advertising flyer for THE 3 STOOGES FOLLIES (1974) compilation film from Columbia

Stooges Quiz
by Dave Segal & Jeff Cate
Page(s): 5
Trivia questions

by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 5
- Miscellaneous Fan Club-related comments
- Most recent ordering information for A Stroke of Luck

Want Ads Department
Page(s): 5
Fan classified advertisements

Jerry Lewis
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 5
Promotion for the Jerry Lewis Fan Club

Title Card
by Ralph Schiller
Page(s): 6
1936 - 1939 Columbia Pictures title card

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