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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"The gentlemen are going to do their native dance." "I ain't gonna take my clothes off for anybody!" - Grace Goodall & Curly (PARDON MY SCOTCH, 1935)

The Three Stooges Journal - Issue No. 90

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SUMMER 1999   -   Editor: Gary Lassin

Cover Image
Ted Healy, mid-1930s publicity photo
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by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3
Gil Perkins, Ellen Corby, Smiley Gregg

Made-for-TV Stooges' Biography to Appear on ABC
by Variety
Page(s): 3
Source: Reuters News Service
Mel Gibson and ABC announce plans to produce a biography TV movie of The Three Stooges

Stooge Trivia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 3
Trivia questions

Oriental Raw Meat and Brownies: More Three Stooges Music Identified
by Richard Finegan
Page(s): 4
Identification, analysis and credits for music featured in The Three Stooges' shorts of 1938 - 1939

Houses Built by the Stooges, The
by C. J. Sullivan
Page(s): 5, cont. on 14
Source: Brooklyn Bridge Magazine
A visit to four historic Brooklyn homes assembled by comedy legends Moe and Curly Howard over seventy years ago... and still standing

Three Stooges Supporting Players: Mini-Biographical Profiles, The
by Ed Shifres
Page(s): 6 - 7, cont. on 14
Bud Jamison, Lola Jensen

Book Review: The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 8, cont. on 14
Robert Kurson's new book of detailed Stooge trivia, minutia and miscellaneous is reviewed

Conversation With Joe Kubert, A
by Brent Seguine
Page(s): 9 - 11, cont. on 14
Interview with comic book creator legend Joe Kubert, friend and partner to Norman Maurer, and co-editor of the 1949 and 1953 - 1955 Three Stooges comic book series from St. John Publications

Three Stooges' Use of Umday Wordplay, The
by Michael Monaco
Page(s): 12
The Stooges' mastery of physical humor should not lessen appreciation for their skill with humorous dialogue and wordplay

For Collectors Only...
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 13
  • Transcription of an early 1970s interview with Moe Howard appears in the Apr/May 1999 issue of Filmfax
  • Three Stooges Golf Spoof and Trivia Book is a newly released 112-page softcover book
  • A 1989 limited release Al Hirschfeld sketchings of the Stooges, "The Hidden Ball Trick," is now commanding thousands of dollars
  • New C3 licensed products include Mongolian postage stamps, beanies and beanie bears, drinking glasses and dolls
  • Three Stooges casino slot machine from ShuffleMaster to debut in Las Vegas next year

(photo) "A rare wind-up toy used in the opening credits of Billy Barty and The Three Stooges, a Los Angeles based kiddie show during the early 1960s"

Rare Photos
by Gary Lassin
Page(s): 14
  • "A candid shot of Moe being greeted by a fan, early 1970s"
  • "A rare on-stage shot of Moe, Larry and Shemp entertaining US Marines at Parris Island, SC, January 1953"

Bulletin Board
Page(s): 15
Fan classified advertisements

Loss of the Stooges, The
by Johnny Masiulewicz
Page(s): 16
Source: The Mandarin News
The columnist fears that due to changing tastes, The Three Stooges have been lost to today's young generation

  This Issue Available ($3.00 US, PPD)

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