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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Hey, pin-up boy, come in here and get to work before I pin your ears back!" - Moe (YOKE'S ON ME, THE, 1944)

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[Stooge Quotes]

  • "This morning I sent my patient from 212 out onto the balcony for some sun, and I was very disappointed." "No sun?" "No balcony.'   - Moe & Larry, NEW 3 STOOGES, THE   (Added 2017-11-26)
  • "How do you tell starboard from port?" "Read the labels on the bottles you idiot!"   - Larry & Moe, NEW 3 STOOGES, THE   (Added 2017-11-25)
  • "It's a perfect launch!" "You eatin' already?"   - Moe & Curly Joe, NEW 3 STOOGES, THE   (Added 2017-11-23)
  • "Is it beautiful treasure?" "No, it's Moe... and he ain't beautiful."   - Larry & Curly Joe, NEW 3 STOOGES, THE   (Added 2017-11-23)
  • "What in your opinion would make this room look inviting, livable and good to the eye?" "Food, drink and a couple of dames."   - Moe & Shemp, JERKS OF ALL TRADES   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "I of course head this outfit, lock, stock and barrel." "He's a barrel-head alright."   - Moe & Larry, JERKS OF ALL TRADES   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "How do ya spell sir?" "In your case, C-U-R."   - Shemp & Moe, JERKS OF ALL TRADES   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "He's recognized as a great paperhanger." "Oh yes, everywhere I go they say this guy should hang."   - Moe & Larry, JERKS OF ALL TRADES   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "I'm the boss here, understand?! I'm the boss and you're nuthin'!" "Some job, a boss over nuthin'."   - Henry Kulky & Joe Besser, AIM, FIRE, SCOOT   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "Suck in that belly!" "Don't expect miracles Sarge."   - Henry Kulky & Joe Besser, AIM, FIRE, SCOOT   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "Boy, we sure been runnin'." "Yeah, and as soon as we get our breath we're sure gonna run some more."   - Larry & Curly, DIZZY DETECTIVES   (Added 2017-11-18)
  • "You gave the baby a revolver?" "What, I should give her a knife so she could cut herself?"   - Jim Hawthorne & Joe Besser, 'FRAIDY CAT   (Updated 2017-11-18)
  • "Why don't you drive your car way out on a bridge, and make a left turn!"   - Shemp, PICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS   (Added 2017-11-15)

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