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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"It's warm in heeeeere!!" - Gus Schilling (PARDON MY TERROR, 1946)

List of Transcribed Episodes

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Episode Released Stooge Team Transcribed By
SOUP TO NUTS   1930-09-28 Ted Healy and His Stooges Moron4392

Ted is a salesman for the Schmidt Costume Shop who likes to hang out at the fire station where Moe, Larry and Shemp, along with Freddie Sanborn work. Old man Schmidt is bankrupt and is taken over by his creditors, who send a young man named Carlson to manage his business. Carlson falls for Mr. Schmidt's niece Louise, but she resists him. Ted swings a deal with the Fire Department to supply costumes for the Firemen's Ball. Carlson wants to escort Louise to the ball, so Ted hatches a plan to take Louise, have himself and Carlson dress alike, and then switch places at the party.

NERTSERY RHYMES   1933-07-06 Ted Healy and His Stooges Moron4392

The Stooges play Ted Healy's children, and they're giving him a hard time about going to sleep. He tries singing a comic version of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, but it doesn't help. Ted's date "The Good Fairy" (Bonnie Bonnell) tells them her own bedtime story, courtesy of a musical revue.

BEER AND PRETZELS   1933-08-26 Ted Healy and His Stooges Moron4392

Healy and the Stooges are thrown out of the Happy Hour Theatre because of Ted's woman chasing. He promises to straighten out and give up women, but his promise doesn't last very long. The boys take jobs as waiters at a posh nightclub restaurant, but spend more time enjoying the floor show than tending to the patrons.

GIVE A MAN A JOB   1933-09-09 Moe Howard (Solo) Moron4392

A public service annoucement made in support of President Franklin Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration, urging employers to hire. Moe appears as an exterminator, whom Jimmy Durante urges to hire more men.

SALT WATER DAFFY   1933-09-16 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Jack Haley and Shemp Howard play pickpockets Elmer and Wilbur, who lift an antique pocket watch from a Navy Admiral. On the lam, they run into a Naval recruiting office and wind up enlisting. Failing in their attempts to convince the recruiting doctor that they're 4-F, our heroes wind up in the platoon of CPO Lambert (Lionel Stander). The bumbling recuits are soon banished to the recruits' center, where they mistakenly give a reluctant haircut and shave to a visiting European naval dignitary. Again banished, this time to garbage detail, the boys encounter the dignitary once more, but unknown to them, he's actually a foreign spy.

PLANE NUTS   1933-10-14 Ted Healy and His Stooges Moron4392

Complemented with musical numbers taken from a prior MGM feature, Healy and His Stooges rehash their vaudeville act in this short, with the Stooges and Bonnie coming onto the stage to interrupt Healy while he is singing.

ROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES   1934-02-10 Curly Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Three amateur film makers try to get the executives of Masterpiece Pictures Corp. to exhibit their new movie, only to discover that they are sanitarium escapees.

MUSHROOMS   1934-02-14 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Horace Glutz is an expert on mushrooms and toadstools, drinks too much, and hen-pecked with in-laws from hell. A simple dinner party with the family, and Bertram's uninvited pool hall buddies, turns sour when the main dish of mushrooms turns out to have been toadstools... or was it?

Shemp has a small role, but is hilarious as Bertram's obnoxious pool hall buddy.

KNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE   1934-02-16 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

The stage show "Smiles of '34" is doing poorly at the box office, and the owner of the theater is demanding his due! When the troupe cannot pay their bills, Mr. Dora (the blind-without-glasses owner of a hotel) decides that the troupe can work off their debt by helping him overcome the rush of his booked "Farmer's Convention." Mr. Brown (the director of the stage show) hatches a plan to save him and his troupe from a summer of "actual" work. He romances Mrs. Dora while the female lead of the troupe sings through the hotel phone for an audition. The audition goes great, but Mr. Brown and his troupe must escape the wrath of Mr. Dora who discovers Brown flirting with his wife and tries to exact his revenge with his long time knife-throwing skills.

PURE FEUD   1934-04-21 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Edgar Appletree's (Edgar Bergen) country vacation with his sister is interrupted by a hillbilly feud between Charlie McCarthy's family and the Jenkins.

Shemp appears in a small role as one of the feuding McCarthys.

WOMAN HATERS   1934-05-05 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The boys join the Woman Haters Club, pledging their money and vowing that they'll never take a wife.  Jim (Larry) soon reneges when he secretly marries his sweetheart named Mary.  Jim takes his bride with him on a sales trip/honeymoon and tries to hide his marriage from his two partners, who happen to be on the train.  Mary learns the secret, and suckers both Tom and Jack (Moe and Curly) into romancing her to teach her husband a lesson.

RAMBLING 'ROUND RADIO ROW # 7 (Series 2 # 1)   1934-05-19 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

A postman delivers mail at a radio studio and stops to observe the performers sing and dance. Shemp appears as a tough-guy who asks George Jessel to perform at a benefit, using a blonde secretary as enticement.

ART TROUBLE   1934-06-23 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Jack and Joe Burton would rather attend University and study higher mathematics, and are appalled when their parents want them to study art in Paris for six months. So the brothers hire two shipyard painters (Shemp and Harry) to take their place in France. Armed with pre-written letters to Mater and Pater, all they have to do is mail one home to acknowledge receipt of each weekly allowance check. That's too much work for Shemp to deal with, so he mails all at the same time, alerting Pater Burton that something in Paris needs to be investigated.

Jimmy Stewart's screen debut, and the honor is rewarded by being slapped around by Shemp.

PUNCH DRUNKS   1934-07-13 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Moe, a boxing manager, discovers that when Larry plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" on his violin, Curly goes berserk and punches any available target. Moe offers to manage Curly as the ring's newest boxing sensation and hires Larry to play his violin ringside. At the championship fight, Larry's violin is broken and he frantically searches the streets for an alternate source of music.

DAREDEVIL O'DARE   1934-08-11 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Simpleton farmboy Elmer runs away from home to join the circus after taking a mail order course in acrobatics. Joining the Gilberti Circus, he becomes infatuated with the owner's daughter. This angers the circus' egotistical star, who sets out to sabotage Elmer's performances. Shemp costars as a circus barker who takes Elmer under his wing.

MEN IN BLACK   1934-09-28 Moe, Larry and Curly Victim of Circumstance

At Los Arms Hospital, three brainless interns - Doctors Howard, Fine and Howard - promise Dr. Graves, the hospital superintendent, that they will devote the rest of their lives to "duty and humanity!" Instructed to rush to any room whenever "Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard" is heard over the loudspeaker, call after call features an assortment of surreal, oddball doctors, nurses and patients. An emergency leads them to operate on Dr. Graves himself, after he accidentally swallows the combination to a safe containing life-saving radium.

SMOKED HAMS   1934-10-20 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Shemp and Daphne Pollard are a struggling husband and wife vaudeville team who are trying to sell their tired Civil-War Era skit to a Broadway producer. A lot of funny bits starting right off at the beginning with Shemp "shaving" himself in a scene repeated later in the Stooges short BRIDELESS GROOM -- only here it is much longer and more painful to watch, though still funny. Shemp and Daphne try to hide their cooking from their landlord, then it's down to see the producer, where they pester him into using their act on the stage.

SO YOU WON'T T-T-T-TALK   1934-11-03 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

A hen-pecked husband takes his shrewish wife, and her obnoxious little brother, on a weekend camping trip. Along for the ride are the boorish downstairs neighbors (Shemp Howard and Ruth Gillette). A pleasant getaway turns into a nightmare thanks to the antics of Junior, an uncooperative tent, a lazy and oblivious Henry, and a skunk.

HIS FIRST FLAME   1935-03-09 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Shemp plays Smokey Moe, an inept fireman who marries Emmy after she jilts Fire Eating Sam. Smokey invents a powder that is supposed to put out fires, and he and Emmy concoct a scheme to impress the Fire Captain by putting out a fire in their own home. But unknown to them Sam has switched the invention with blasting powder.

PARDON MY SCOTCH   1935-08-01 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Moe, Larry and Curly are carpenters installing a door at Mr. Jones' drugstore. Jones leaves the boys in charge while he tries to settle a liquor delivery problem. The liquor salesman comes in and asks the Stooges to make him a "pick me up," which they mix up themselves in the back in an old boot. The Stooges' concoction knocks his hat off, and the salesman is convinced that the new drink will bring a fortune. He then tries to pass the Stooges off as the Scottish whiskey makers McSniff, McSnuff and McSnort at a party in his boss's home.

ON THE WAGON   1935-08-24 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Hitching a ride on a street cleaner wagon, Henry and Elmer (Shemp Howard and Roscoe Ates) return home after their latest all-night drinking binge. Waiting for them at home are their wives and battle axe mother-in-law wielding a rolling pin. Hoping to sneak in unnoticed, the boys accidentally break into the apartment of their neighbors, a professional wrestler and his wife. Realizing their mistake, and hoping to keep their bones intact, Elmer and Henry escape onto a 17th story ledge in their drunken stupor, and attempt to get home through the window.

OFFICER'S MESS, THE   1935-11-09 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

The day before he reports to duty with the National Guard, Gus Doaks, an obnoxious waiter at a French restaurant, serves up a disaster to a Major and his girlfriend. Naturally, the Major is Gus' new commanding officer. Under the impression that the Guard is a military camping trip with golf and ukulele sing-alongs, Gus finds himself at odds with his Sergeant, who is more than willing to offer Doaks up for a "Major" sacrifice.

THREE LITTLE BEERS   1935-11-28 Moe, Larry and Curly Xraffle

The Panther Brewing Company is having trouble making deliveries on time, so they hire three new delivery men (the Stooges). When they make a delivery to the local golf course, the boys decide to take some time out to practice for the company golf tournament, and then proceed to demolish the course.

ANTS IN THE PANTRY   1936-02-06 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

A. Mouser, the owner of the Lightning Exterminating Co. is behind on his bills, and is about to fire his three employees, the Stooges. The boys beg for one last chance, and Mouser sends the Stooges out with instructions of, "If they don't have ants, you GIVE them ants". The boys get the point, and sneak into a swanky party and bug the house with insects, reptiles and mice. Appearing at the front door, .the butler thinks that heaven has sent a miracle and the mistress of the house dresses the Stooges as party guests with a mission to discreetly exterminate the pests. Her fancy party now has three new pests.

HALF SHOT SHOOTERS   1936-04-30 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

WWI has ended and the Stooges have been discharged from the service, but not before they exact some revenge on their Sergeant and beat him up. The years pass and our heroes have become bums. Trying to sponge a meal from a well-to-do man, he confronts them in front of a recruiting station and cons them to go inside for a job. It's only after signing up that the boys realize they've enlisted in the Army, under old Sarge's command again! Later, assigned to train on a mortar cannon at a naval base, they're unaware that target practice has been called off... just as the Admiral's flagship is cruising into port.

DISORDER IN THE COURT   1936-05-30 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Gail Tempest stands accused of murdering Kirk Robbin, the owner of the Black Bottom Cafe, and it's up to the defense's three main witnesses - Howard, Fine and Howard - musicians at the club who offer to give witness to her innocence and help clear her name by demonstrating the dance number in front of the jury ... Who killed Kirk Robbin?

HERE'S HOWE   1936-06-06 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Newly crowned heavyweight champ Joe Palooka, manager Knobby Walsh (Shemp), and sparring partner Punchy, set up training camp at a farmer's boarding house. The champ is broke and the board tab keeps rising, prompting the farmer to threaten them with a visit from the Sheriff.

Local society girl Ann Howe catches Palooka's eye, and she convinces him to fight an exhibition bout with Punchy at a charity event she's hosting. Her boyfriend Jim Perry, an ex-amateur college boxing champ, is jealous and schemes to replace Punchy so he can embarrass Joe, and impress Ann. Meanwhile, Knobby figures out a way to con Ann into paying their boarding bill.

PAIN IN THE PULLMAN, A   1936-06-27 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are out-of-work hoofers with a pet monkey act who get a chance at a show if they can make it to the train on time. Running out on their landlady and the back rent, the boys board the train. It doesn't take long before their monkey gets loose and wreaks havoc on the train, becoming a pain in the neck for Mr. Johnson, the show's manager, and the show's star, Paul Pain.

FALSE ALARMS   1936-08-16 Moe, Larry and Curly Giff me dat fill-em!

The Stooges are dim-witted firemen who spend most of their time covering up their mistakes so they can impress their girlfriends by being in uniform. Curly sneaks out while on duty to joins the girls, who want him to get his two buddies to come too, so Curly trips the nearest fire alarm. Missing the truck, Moe & Larry take the Captain's car and try to beat the truck to the "fire."

GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS   1937-01-15 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are hobos thrown off a freight train and chased out of the railroad yard. Hiding in the "Hangover Athletic Club," Curly is hired as a sparring partner. Ivan Bustoff, wrestling's World Champion, takes a shine to the Stooges and his manager Tony hires them to keep on eye on Bustoff and make sure he doesn't drink. Ivan gets plastered regardless, followed by the boys accidentally knocking him cold with dumbells. Moe sends out Curly disguised as Bustoff, hoping that will keep Tony's gang from knocking them off.


DIZZY DOCTORS   1937-03-19 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are lazy good-for-nothings whose wives threaten to kick them out if they don't find work. They land a job as salesmen selling a snake oil called "Brighto". After harassing the citizens and even ruining a man's auto paint job, they make their way into the Los Arms Hospital and try their hand at selling Brighto to the patients. They enter the Superintendant's office to make a sale, but the Super is the same man whose car's paint job was ruined!

CASH AND CARRY   1937-09-03 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges come home after several months of unsuccessful prospecting only to find that a young, crippled boy and his older sister have moved into their City Dump shack. The Stooges attempt to invest the boy's operation money by buying a house that they're conned into believing contains the treasure of Captain Kidd's kid. But when they attempt to dig it up they break into the US Treasury instead!

SITTER DOWNERS, THE   1937-11-26 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are in love. After they arrive at their girlfriends' house they ask them to marry and the girls say yes. But "Papa" says no, so the Stooges stage a sit-down strike and stay in the house until they get the nation's sympathy. The father lets them marry, but they face a new problem... building their new do-it-yourself home. The girls refuse to have a honeymoon until the house is finished. Second problem, Curly accidentally burns up the blueprints.

TERMITES OF 1938   1938-01-07 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Muriel Van Twitchett is distraught when she finds out she has no escort for a fancy party. Her husband has skipped out to go on a fishing trip. A friend suggests she call the Acme Escort Bureau, and the maid mistakenly dials Acme Exterminating, which happens to be run by the Stooges. The boys accept the job and give the guests an education in their version of etiquette. But during a musical performance by our trio, mice appear and the Stooges get to work on their real occupation, much to the dismay of the guests.

TASSELS IN THE AIR   1938-04-01 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are employed as maintenance men in an office building. Curly has a phobia about tassels, and goes crazy whenever he sees one; the only thing that calms him down is to tickle his chin with a brush. After trying to teach Curly how to speak pig latin, Moe is mistaked for one of the building's tenants (a decorator named Omay), and the Stooges are hired to redecorate Mrs. Smirch's home.

HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB   1938-05-20 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Curly wins a radio contest for $50,000 and the Stooges move into the Costa Plente hotel. They wreck havoc by destroying a very valuable bed and a $5000 vase. After the stooges receive their letter from the Coffin Nail Cigarette Company, they discover that after all the taxes they have only won $4.85.

VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY   1938-07-02 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Moe, Larry and Curly are gas station attendents who blow up an automobile with three foreign professors going to all-girls Mildew College. On the run, the Stooges change into the professors' clothes and are mistaken for the instructors by the Dean of the school. In class, the Stooges teach the girls how to "Swing the Alphabet," and follow up by teaching Dean Catsby how to play basketball, Stooges-style!

THREE MISSING LINKS   1938-07-29 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are janitors, cleaning up the office of movie producer B. O. Botswaddle. After botching up, they are fired. When Curly impersonates a chicken with its head cut off, Botswaddle hires him (and the other Stooges) for his new movie. The crew heads off to the jungle to film the picture, with Curly as a gorilla. But then, a real gorilla appears and confusion reigns.


WE WANT OUR MUMMY   1939-02-24 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are detectives hired by a museum curator to find the kidnapped Professor Tuttle and the mummy of King Rutentuten. The boys hail a taxi at the cost of $2,198.55 to Cairo. When they find the tomb, the boys encounter crooks who are also after the mummy. The mummy they thought was Rutentuten was really his wife, Queen HotsyTotsy. It turns out King Rutentuten was a midget.

CALLING ALL CURS   1939-08-25 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are veterinarians treating a rich lady's dog Garcon. Two men, posing as reporters, come to check out the Stooges' clinic. They are really dognappers who capture Garcon and hold him for a $2000 ransom. The Stooges then search for Garcon and arrive at the home of the dognappers for a showdown.

GLOVE SLINGERS   1939-11-24 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Boxing promoter Pat Patrick turn up on his sister's doorstep, looking for a place to stay until he can find a new fighter and earn a few bucks. He's surprised to find that his nephew Terry Kelly is a natural boxer, and decides to promote him. But Terry's late father was a boxer, and he and Pat are afraid that Mrs. Kelly will object to her son's choice. So Pat promotes him under the name "Spider Lewis," and books a fight with contender Kid Benson, who turns out to be the brother of Terry's girlfriend Kitty. Complicating matters further, Mrs. Kelly's priest Father Donovan has an extra ticket, and wants to treat his favorite parishioner to a night at the fights.

First entry in Columbia's "Glove Slingers" series, an attempt by Jules White to produce short subjects driven by story, more than gags.

THREE SAPPY PEOPLE   1939-12-01 Moe, Larry and Curly Victim of Circumstance

Millionaire Rumsford has about had it with his wife Sheri's eccentric behavior. He calls the office of psychiatrists Ziller, Zeller and Zoller to help. The call is taken by the Stooges, who are actually phone repairmen. They assume the doctors' identities and try to cure Sheri at her society birthday party, while inciting a cream puff fight.

A PLUMBING WE WILL GO   1940-04-19 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

Starting with The Three Stooges in court and accused of stealing chickens from Mrs. Throttlebottom's chicken coop, Justice does not prevail and the Stooges are found innocent.  Now free, Moe, Larry, and Curly cause more mischief by fishing for their supper... in a fish tank in front of a pet store. Running from a cop, they steal a plumber's truck for a getaway, stopping at a mansion where they're mistaken for the real thing. Claiming they're "the best plumbers to ever plumb a plum," it's not long before mayhem ensues.

NUTTY BUT NICE   1940-06-14 Moe, Larry and Curly Giff me dat fill-em!

The Stooges are singing waiters whose silly antics inspire two doctors worried about little Betty Williams, whose father has been kidnapped. Dressed as three little girls, complete with balloons and giant lollipops, the Stooges visit the depressed girl in the hospital, but even they can't bring her around. The boys volunteer to find Mr. Williams... he's 5 ft. 10 inches tall in his stocking feet, has a tattoo on his shoulder, and yodels like this: Yodel-aydee-aydee-odalay-eeoo!

HOW HIGH IS UP?   1940-07-26 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are itinerate tinkers who are not above "creating" work, and are caught punching holes in workers' lunchboxes and have to run away. They end up on a skyscraper construction site and pass themselves off as "the best riveters that ever riveted," where they get put to work... on the 97th story!

FROM NURSE TO WORSE   1940-08-23 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The Stooges' friend Jerry informs them of a great money-making scam: buy insurance, go to the insurance doctor and claim insanity, and be paid $500 a month for the rest of their lives. Eager for easy money, they take a policy out on Curly, and then proceed to bring him into the insurance doctor, Dr. D. Lerious's office with Curly masquerading as a dog. Curly's performance is so convincing that the alarmed doctor demands that Curly be prepared for "cerebrum decapitation." And, the chase begins.

NO CENSUS, NO FEELING   1940-10-04 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The Stooges, upon escaping from the police after another random act of unintentional vandalism, suddenly find themselves employed as census takers. Making their rounds, they help out a bridge club party where Curly has spiked the punch with alum (thinking it was sugar), and invade the field of a football game to census the players.

COOKOO CAVALIERS   1940-11-15 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges sell fish and are getting nowhere, so they quit for another business... running a bar. Falling to the charm of a shady real estate man ("You give me the money, I give you the business"), they buy a saloon in Mexico only to learn they're now the owners of a beauty salon. Making the best of the situation, the Stooges have nothing to lose and become beauticians. Their first customers are four beautiful local girls. Yes, beautiful. But, for how long?

BOOBS IN ARMS   1940-12-27 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The boys are greeting card salesmen who try to help a wife by posing as her lovers. When her husband comes home, he sees the Stooges and chases them outside, where they unfortunately hide in an Army enlistment line. To make matters worse, their drill sergeant turns out to be none other than the jealous husband. While training, it isn't long before their bumbling has the Sarge attempting to perform bayonet practice on them. And later on the battlefield, the Stooges accidentally dose themselves with a laughing gas bomb, and are captured by the enemy.

SO LONG MR. CHUMPS   1941-02-07 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The boys get thrown into prison, in the hopes of finding convict # 41144, whom they believe to be "an honest man." Upon finding their man, they attempt to break out of prison by painting the prison uniforms to look like guard uniforms, expect they forget to paint the backs of the uniforms.

DUTIFUL BUT DUMB   1941-03-21 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Three dimwitted photographers are sent to Vulgaria to take pictures of a new death ray machine. Unknown to the stooges, the penalty for snapping pictures in this country is death. The stooges manage to escape a firing squad and the chase begins as they hide from the Vulgarian army.

I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN   1941-07-11 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The Stooges are the same positions they were in YOU NAZTY SPY! and are still ruling the country of Moronica. The three cabinet ministers who betrayed the King before have turned good and want to help rid of Moe Heilstone, his Field Marshall (Curly) and Minister of Propaganda (Larry). The King's daughter is sent as a spy and gives the Stooges a bomb hidden inside a cue ball. She tricks them into believing the Axis allies are plotting against them, leading to a fight for control of Heilstone's globe.

ACHE IN EVERY STAKE, AN   1941-08-22 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The Stooges portray incredibly klutzy ice men who accidentally cause Mr. Lawrence (Vernon Dent) to smash not one but two birthday cakes. When they drive Mrs. Lawrence's cook and maid to quit, the Stooges volunteer to prepare the dinner, not knowing who her husband is!

IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE   1941-10-16 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

Three rich heiresses must get married before Midnight to collect their inheritance, but their Navy fiancees have to ship out to Hawaii. Their lawyer arranges for them to marry three convicts about to be hanged - Moe, Larry and Curly! Unfortunately (for the girls), the Stooges are freed when the real killers are caught.

CACTUS MAKES PERFECT   1942-02-26 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

Curly has invented a gold collar-button finder, and the Stooges head for the hills to try their luck at prospecting. After running afoul of some grizzled, thieving prospectors, our heroes discover the treasure of the Lost Mine. Taking refuge in a ghost town hotel, they lock themselves and the gold in the safe, where the villainous desert rats try to dynamite them out.

MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER   1942-04-17 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

The NY Express' star investigative reporter Johnny Forbes (Kent Taylor) witnesses a murder at the racetrack. After lying to the police about recognizing the murderer, Forbes starts on the trail of killer Chet Matthews. Matthews used to be a hired gun for dead racketeer Jim Hadley. After a tip from Hadley's girlfriend, Forbes enlists the help of goofy cab driver Milton Davis (Shemp Howard) and begins a road trip on Matthews' trail that starts in Brooklyn NY, and ends in Brooklyn MS. Once there, Forbes meets lovely songstress Beth Connell (Frances Langford) at a high-class riverfront casino and immediately falls in love. He also finds Matthews... and the supposedly dead Hadley masquerading as Francis Carvel, a "reputable" Mississippi shipper, actually running a nationwide gambling racket. While Forbes plots to expose Carvel and write the scoop of a lifetime, Matthews and his henchmen plot to leave Forbes floating in the Mississippi.

PRIVATE BUCKAROO   1942-06-12 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

A Universal Army enlistment promotion, produced as a musical showcase for Harry James, the Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Lewis, and Donald O'Connor & Peggy Ryan. The film's thin plot has James drafted, and joining him is the band's lead vocalist Lon Prentice (Dick Foran), who doesn't believe that Army training and regulations are necessary for anyone of his skill and fame.

Shemp Howard steals the film whenever James and the Andrews aren't performing. As Sgt. Snavely, he's effectively teamed with Mary Wickes as his shrewish fiancee, trying desperately to keep her away from the attentions of nightclub comic and USO performer Lancelot Pringle McBiff (Joe E. Lewis). Shemp also has the opportunity to clown onstage with the Andrews Sisters during a musical finale, as they perform Don't Sit Under the Appletree. Arguably, Shemp's best solo feature film credit.

EVEN AS IOU   1942-09-18 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Larry, Moe and Curly find an evicted woman and her daughter in financial trouble. They decide to help her by betting the child's piggy bank on the horses. Two con men scam the boys out of their winnings and they buy a rundown horse named Seabascuit.


THEY STOOGE TO CONGA   1943-01-01 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are fix-it men who are employed to fix the doorbell in a house that belongs to a nest of German and Japanese spies. Moe, Larry and Curly proceed to destroy the walls of the house looking for the problem before moving outside. Curly is then sent up to fix the wires atop a telephone pole. While "fixing" the lines, Curly slides his chair towards the window of the spies' main control room and crash through the window inside. He discovers their sabotage plans and he, with Moe and Larry manage to sabotage the saboteurs and get the final drop on the spies.

DIZZY DETECTIVES   1943-02-05 Moe, Larry and Curly Xraffle

A mysterious Ape Man is committing burglaries, and Mr. Dill, the head of the Citizens League, is demanding action. Rookie cops Moe, Larry and Curly rush to the scene of the latest burglary, Gypsom Good Antiques, where they discover that the "Ape Man" is a real gorilla, and that Mr. Dill is behind the robberies.

SPOOK LOUDER   1943-04-02 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The short opens with Prof. J. O. Dunkfeather telling a reporter how he solved a mysterious case. The scene fades to the Stooges, three door-to-door peddlers selling their "Miracle Reducing Machine." After several rejections, they come across the home of Mr. Graves, a mad scientist who has invented a new death ray ("It'll kill millions!"). Graves mistakes the Stooges for his new caretakers, and leaves them to guard his home while he is in Washington. Three spies are out to steal Graves' plans, and disguise themselves in Halloween costumes to scare the Stooges away. Meanwhile, an unseen culprit roams the house, hurling pies at everyone.

BACK FROM THE FRONT   1943-05-28 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are merchant sailors whose ship is sunk by a Nazi sub. They sneak on board a Nazi freighter, and disguise themselves as German sailors. Before long their presence is discovered, and forced to devise a way to subdue the crew and take control of the vessel. They disguise themselves as Hitler, Goering and Gobbels to fool the ship's officers.

I CAN HARDLY WAIT   1943-08-13 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

Moe, Larry and Curly are defense workers during WWII who come home from the job for a well deserved dinner. During their "rationed" meal Curly breaks his tooth eating a ham bone that Moe served him after an unfair meal allotment. The remainder of the film consists of a "dream sequence" where Moe makes multiple attempts to pull the broken tooth. These efforts are predictably fruitless and simply irritate Curly even more. Eventually, Curly is forced to go to the dentist... if only the dentist could be sure about who the patient is supposed to be.

DIZZY PILOTS   1943-09-24 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are the Wrong Brothers, working on their revolutionary airplane "The Buzzard," which they hope to sell to the Army & thus avoid the draft. When the Buzzard flops, the boys go into the service & have to deal with a fiery drill sergeant.

CRASH GOES THE HASH   1944-02-05 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges are mistaken for newspaper reporters and are hired to do a story on Prince Shaam marrying a society woman. Larry and Curly pose as butlers while Moe is the cook for a fancy dinner party. After some failed attempts to get a picture of Prince Shaam and his betrothed, the Stooges "fowl" up serving the turkey dinner and are fired. In one last attempt to sneak a photograph, they discover that the Prince and the head butler are crooks trying to steal the woman's money.

BUSY BUDDIES   1944-03-18 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The boys are resturant owners. In an attempt to pay off their business debts, they take a job putting up posters. Noticing that the posters are advertising a cow milking contest that pays $100 to the winner, Moe and Larry decide that Curly is now in the contest. After attemping to get some practice on a bull, Curly faces the reigning champ in a "milk-off," with Moe and Larry inside a cow-suit supplying Curly with the milk.

GENTS WITHOUT CENTS   1944-09-22 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

The Stooges play actors hoping to make it big with their "Niagara Falls" routine, but always slip up when they get to the "inch by inch" line. They soon meet three dancers Flo, Mary and Shirley and land a job performing at a shipyard. The Stooges' act is a success and, after another routine, the boys marry the girls. The film ends with the couples going on a honeymoon in (where else?) Niagara Falls.

OPEN SEASON FOR SAPS   1944-10-27 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

After his wife complains about the number of nights Woodcock (Shemp Howard) spends at the Hoot Owl Lodge, he takes her on a belated honeymoon. The first person they meet is lodge member Joe Wilson, who asks Woodcock to help him retrieve some ill-advised letters to lovely hotel guest Irene (Christine McIntyre). Woodcock soon finds himself caught between his jealous wife, and Irene's Latin-tempered fiancee Ricardo.

NO DOUGH BOYS   1944-11-24 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

A "war years" short. We open on the boys dressed as Japanese soliders for an advertising photo shoot. Sent out to lunch in uniform by the photographer, they are mistaken for real Japanese soliders by the cafe owner. Fleeing, they inadvertently land in a house full of Axis sympathizers, who mistake them for fugitives from a destroyed Jap submarine. Mayhem ensues when the REAL Japanese soliders arrive to keep a scheduled parlay with their comrades. Can the Stooges foil the bad guys in typical Stooge manner?

BOOBY DUPES   1945-03-17 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The Stooges again run a fish business. Curly suggests that they buy a boat to catch their own fish. "That would eliminate the middleman and the profit would all be ours." They buy sailor outfits, with Curly masquerading in a real Captain's uniform, and are mistaken for Japanese when their boat sinks and they raise a paint-splattered rag to signal for help.

IDIOTS DELUXE   1945-07-20 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

Moe is on trial for assault with intent to commit mayhem against Larry & Curly. Moe explains to the judge that he is very sick and needs peace and quiet. This segues into a flashback where Moe is disturbed by Larry and Curly's "Original Two-Man Quartet" musical act. To help Moe relax, they take him on a hunting trip which is anything but relaxing, especially when a bear shows up.

IF A BODY MEETS A BODY   1945-08-30 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Moe reads in the newspaper that Curly is the missing heir to his rich uncle Bob O. Link's estate. The Stooges go to the mansion, only to find out that Prof. Bob O. Link didn't die, he was murdered! And both his body and the will are missing. The boys have to spend the night in the spooky old house and solve the mystery.

WHERE THE PEST BEGINS   1945-10-04 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Jonathan Bass (Tom Kennedy), an inventor working for the government, makes the mistake of his life. He moves next door to Shemp. Lazy, obtuse and obnoxious, Shemp plays the good neighbor by wrecking the Bass' garage, car and china... and somehow makes it look to Bass' wife (Christine McIntyre) that Jonathan is clumsily at fault. Bass' latest project is a new bomb for the Army, and it's only a matter of time before helpful Shemp turns up in the laboratory basement offering his assistance.

MICRO-PHONIES   1945-11-15 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

The boys are radio station janitors being chewed out by their boss. Fleeing from him after a disastrous attempt to repair a radiator, they end up in a recording studio. There, Curly (in drag) is mistaken for an opera singer by a woman who sees the boys lip-synching to a recording made earlier in the day by Alice Andrews (Christine McIntyre).  Alice, against her father's wishes, wants a career as a radio singer. Hired to sing at a party that night, the Stooges bump into Signor Spumoni, who recognizes them as fakes.  With Alice's help, the boys continue the masquerade... but not if Spumoni has anything to say about it!

HIT WITH A MISS, A   1945-12-13 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Playing violin at McGurn's cafe in exchange for a bowl of soup, Prof. Perriwinkle's rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel turns waiter Rameses (Shemp Howard) into a fighting whirlwind, knocking out customer Killer Kilduff (Joe Palma), the boxing champ. Promoter Jonesy immediately signs Rameses and Perriwinkle, and the three set out to make Rameses the new champ. At the championship bout, the Prof's violin is smashed and he begins a mad rush to find another source of the magic tune. Rameses is left to stall and keep Kilduff from pounding him into the canvas.

BEER BARREL POLECATS   1946-01-10 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

It is the middle of Prohibition and the Stooges are unable to buy beer. They decide to make their own and produce 185 bottles of beer. The boys are soon arrested for bootlegging. The warden finds out Curly has smuggled a keg of beer into the prison and the boys are sentenced to a long stretch.

BIRD IN THE HEAD, A   1946-02-28 Moe, Larry and Curly xraffle

Moe, Larry and Curly are three paperhangers who are out of a job after they wreck Mr. Beedle's apartment, but Prof. Panzer offers to take care of them for the rest of their lives. He wants to transplant Curly's brain into Igor, his gorilla!

MR. NOISY   1946-03-22 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Shemp plays an annoying, obnoxious fan at a baseball game and terrorizes all around him! His constant heckling of the Green Sox's best hitter, Ole Margarine, catches the attention of two racketeers. They're betting their money on the other team, and want Mr. Noisy to distract Margarine enough for the Green Sox to lose the Series. But Ole and the Coach hatch their own scheme to keep Noisy quiet.

MONKEY BUSINESSMEN   1946-06-20 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges are electricians who are fired after messing up a job. They decide to go away for a vacation and check into Doc Mallard's Rest Home and Clinic. It's not long before they discover that Doc Mallard is a quack, and his clinic is designed to gyp patients of their money. The boys try to escape, and Mallard's cure for that is to stop them by any means necessary.

G. I. WANNA HOME   1946-09-05 Moe, Larry and Curly Stooge

The Stooges return home from the war, only to find their girlfriends dispossessed. With the housing shortage on, the boys cannot find a vacancy and resort to turning a backyard lot into a home.  But the tractor-wielding lot owner may have something to say about it. Later, the now-married Stooges present their new brides with a tiny two-room house as their new home.

SOCIETY MUGS   1946-09-16 Shemp Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Muriel Allen needs an escort to Alice Preston's dinner party, and her maid Petunia mistakenly places a telephone call to Acme Exterminators instead of Acme Escorts. It's Shemp and Tom to the rescue, and they're assumed to be cultured college seniors. Guest of honor Lord Wafflebottom follows the pest exterminators' lead in proper American party manners, turning the dinner party into an uncouth display. When mice are conveniently spotted, the boys go to work, disrupting the party and the entire mansion.

HALF-WITS HOLIDAY   1947-01-09 Moe, Larry and Curly Moron4392

Two professors take a page from George Bernard Shaw and settle a behaviorism dispute on heredity vs. environment by trying to reform three slovenly, crass handymen, played, of course, by the Stooges. A several-thousand-dollar bet is made, and Prof. Quackenbush sets to training his three Lizas. Several months pass, and the newborn gentlemen attend a dinner party. They behave themselves for about two minutes.

FRIGHT NIGHT   1947-03-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

Moe, Larry, and Shemp are fight trainers of Chopper who has a boxing match vs. Gorilla Watson. After a sparring session, a couple of gangsters sent by Big Mike tell the boys to have Chopper throw the fight or else. The Stooges try to soften up their fighter by feeding him rich desserts & not having him train, but that plan fails & Gorilla Watson breaks his hand on the night of the fight. Big Mike & his boys try to rub out the Stooges afterwards, but the Stooges prevail.

HOLD THAT LION!   1947-07-17 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges' inheritance from their late Uncle Ambrose has been stolen by crooked investment broker Icabod Slipp. The boys go to Slipp's office to subpoena him, but he beats each of them up, rips up their subpoenas, and takes off on a train with the boys' inheritance. The Stooges trail him, but before finding him they accidentally let a lion loose on the train. The boys finally catch up to Slipp, and the chase is on.

Curly Howard, who had retired, makes a cameo in this film as a snoring passenger.

BRIDELESS GROOM   1947-09-11 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Shemp is a singing instructor who must marry before six o'clock in order to inherit his late uncle's fortune. After proposing to all of his old girlfriends, who promptly turn him down, Moe and Larry try to set Shemp up with the new tenant across the hall (Christine McIntyre), who mistakes Shemp for her cousin Basil.

SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS   1947-10-30 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges run the Pip Boys Tailor Shop and receive a bill for tailoring equipment which will be repossessed if the bill is not paid. Hearing on the radio that a robber named Terry Hargen is on the loose and a large reward is offered for his capture. Shemp thinks they should catch him and collect the reward.

ALL GUMMED UP   1947-12-18 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges are owners of the Cut Throat Drug Store, but their crabby old landlord Amos Flint wants them out after 10 years after making a better deal with the Pinch Penny Market. Flint's wife shows up while he's telling the Stooges, and he dumps her because she's gotten old. The boys take her in, and Shemp gets the brilliant idea to invent a Fountain of Youth to make old people young again. Beyond all expectations they actually succeed, turning Mrs. Flint back into a gorgeous young woman!

SHIVERING SHERLOCKS   1948-01-08 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Vagrants Moe, Larry & Shemp are suspected in an armored car robbery. Gladys Harmon vouches for the Stooges' claim that they work at her Elite Cafe diner, and then gives them jobs at same. Gladys receives an offer on her family's old estate, and believing that she might be gypped, the Stooges accompany her to "look the joint over." Hiding out at the old mansion are the real armored car robbers, and Gladys and the Stooges are soon on the run from the crooks and their knife-wielding henchman Angel.

PARDON MY CLUTCH   1948-02-26 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

Shemp is sick, and the Stooges' "know-it-all" friend Claude recommends that they take Shemp on a camping trip. Of course, he sells them everything they need, including a car. The Stooges practice putting up the tent... in their living room. When they try to get the car ready for the trip, they discover it's a piece of junk, and more problems begin.

SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE   1948-03-04 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Set in medieval times the Stooges are troubadours who help Cedric the Blacksmith see his love, the Princess Elaine. At night the stooges sneak onto the palace grounds to serenade her but are spotted by the Black Prince, who wants Elaine for himself. Thrown in the dungeon, the boys escape & manage to foil the Black Prince, who had orders to have Cedric beheaded & the King assassinated. A grateful King allows Elaine & Cedric to be wedded.

FIDDLERS THREE   1948-05-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Old King Cole grants his three fiddlers permission to marry their sweethearts as soon as Princess Alicia gets married. But the evil magician Mergatroyd arranges for her to be kidnapped, so he can marry her himself and become King, and it's up to the Stooges to save the day!

I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE   1948-10-07 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges are stone-age cavemen, trying to cope with primitive life. They have to fight for their women Aggie, Maggie and Baggie, when some rival cavemen try to steal them back from the Stooges.


CRIME ON THEIR HANDS   1948-12-09 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are janitors at the Daily Gazette who get a hot tip about the stolen Punjab diamond. Hoping to become real reporters, the boys hurry to where Dapper and his gang are hiding. While questioning Dapper's beautiful moll, Shemp accidentally swallows the diamond thinking it was a mint. Unfortunately, a caged gorilla in the next room gets into the act as well.

WHO DONE IT?   1949-03-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are hired as detectives to protect John Goodrich from the Phantom Gang, but are tied up by robbers, causing them to be an hour late. Before they arrive, Goodrich is snatched by the Goon, a member of the Gang. When the Stooges finally arrive and begin searching the house, they uncover the gang and the chase is on.

HOKUS POKUS   1949-05-05 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges have been taking care of Mary, their invalid downstairs neighbor who is confined to a wheelchair after an accident. What they don't know is that Mary is faking her injuries for the insurance money. The boys have jobs hanging posters at the theatre, where they run into The Great Svengarlic. They try to talk him into curing Mary, but instead they are hypnotized by him, and he instructs them to go out on a flagpole and dance, many stories above the street. They come to when Svengarlic is knocked out by a bicyclist, and find themselves clinging to the flagpole for dear life.

FUELIN' AROUND   1949-07-07 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are carpet layers working in the home of scientist Professor Snead, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Because of his curly hair, Larry is mistaken for the professor, and the Stooges are kidnapped in his place, and taken to the State of Anemia. They're ordered to produce the new rocket fuel or face the firing squad. The Stooges stall for time and start mixing anything they can find in an attempt to make a phoney rocket fuel, but their ruse is revealed when the real professor and his daughter are captured and brought to Anemia.

MALICE IN THE PALACE   1949-09-01 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges are owners of a small restaurant who are persuaded into searching for the Rootin-Tootin Diamond which has been stolen by the Emir of Schmow. Breaking into the Schow's palace disguised as Santa Clauses, their efforts are complicated by a very disagreeable palace guard.

VAGABOND LOAFERS   1949-10-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are "Day and Night Plumbers," hired by the Norfleets to fix the plumbing in their basement while a society party is going on their mansion. The boys wreck the house with the plumbing: Shemp destroys the bathroom by flooding it, then drilling a hole through the floor, and later, Moe and Shemp connect the water pipes with the electrical pipes. Mr. and Mrs. Allen, two of the Norfleet's party guests, steal the Norfleet's Van Brocklin painting behind everyone's back. When the Norfleets notice their painting is missing, the Allens try to make their getaway, but the Stooges interfere and capture them.

JERKS OF ALL TRADES   1949-10-12 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Moe, Larry and Shemp are three bumbling interior decorators who manage to trash their clients' homes.

DUNKED IN THE DEEP   1949-11-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Foreign spy Borscht has stolen some secret government documents and hidden them in watermelons. He has the Stooges bring them to a ship where he will leave the country.  When they arrive at the pier, they accidentally become stowaways when it leaves the dock and the boys soon discover Borscht's true identity.

DOPEY DICKS   1950-03-02 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

While the Stooges are cleaning up a detective's office, a woman enters claiming she is being followed. When she is kidnapped, the Stooges snap into action and trace her to the home of a mad scientist who wants a human head for the mechanical man he's invented. Guess which three become the doc's candidates?


SELF MADE MAIDS   1950-07-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are artists who fall in love with three models, Larraine, Moella and Shempetta. They go to ask their father for their hands in marriage, a request he denies when he recognizes them as the "hoodlums" that accosted him earlier. And the chase is on!

SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS   1950-11-09 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are hired as detectives to investigate repeated robberies at Onion Oil Company gas stations. The Stooges impersonate attendants - and they make some pretty strange gas station attendants, even putting popcorn into a car's radiator! They eventually catch the crooks after some following a trail of oil leaking from the gangters getaway car - right into the crooks' apartment.

SNITCH IN TIME, A   1950-12-07 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

Moe, Larry, and Shemp are furniture makers, and Miss Scudder, a customer Moe's sweet on, calls up and wants them to move some new furniture into her house because new boarders are arriving. At her house the Stooges commit a series of blunders before discovering that the boarders are jewel thieves and a wild chase ensues. Will the police arrive in time?

THREE ARABIAN NUTS   1951-01-04 Moe, Larry and Shemp AmalgamatedMoron

Storage warehousemen Moe, Larry & Shemp take delivery of Mr. Bradley's shipment of Arabian souveniers and china. In a crate that they accidentally drop, Shemp finds a lamp... and its resident "genius," whom Shemp names 'Amos' (Wesley Bly). Two Arab assassins arrive to retrieve the lamp, and when Bradley orders the crates delivered to his house, follow the Stooges to the residence to kill them. A wild chase ensues, with everyone playing a game of hot-potato with the lamp, and the Stooges trying to summon 'Amos' to their rescue.

DON'T THROW THAT KNIFE   1951-05-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are census takers. The trouble begins when they try to get the census information from a married woman, whose insanely jealous, knife-throwing husband who will try to kill anyone that even speaks to her! When the husband comes home early the Stooges try to hide, but he discovers them and the chase begins.

SCRAMBLED BRAINS   1951-07-07 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Shemp has been a very sick man, suffering from hallucinations, and has been in a sanitarium, but it gets too expensive for Moe and Larry to keep him there, so they bring him home. When they go to bring Shemp home, they learn that he's marrying his "beautiful" nurse, Nora (who is downright homely!) At Nora's apartment building, they have a run in with a stranger who is carrying groceries. They get the better of him, and he vows to get revenge if he ever sees them again. The day of the wedding, they discover that the stranger is Nora's father, and all hell breaks loose!

MISSED FORTUNE, A   1952-01-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

Shemp has just won $50,000 in the Mystery Motor Jackpot Contest. Larry and Moe help him celebrate at the Hotel Costa Plente, largely by accidentally trashing the room. Unknown to them, three golddiggers plan to get the boys' money, but when Shemp receives his prize money, after taxes it's only $4.85.

LISTEN, JUDGE   1952-03-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are arrested for vagrancy, but the Judge releases them for lack of evidence. Working as door-to-door repairmen, the boys are hired to fix the wiring in a home. When the chef quits, they help out by making a disastorous birthday dinner for their employer, who turns out to be the Judge who released them!

CORNY CASANOVAS   1952-05-01 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges have no clue they are dating the same woman, who is using them to get engagement rings from all three. The boys arrive at her house separately & each give her a ring. While taking a look around the house Moe & Larry spot each other and catch Shemp snuggling with "their" girl. A perfect recipe for the Stooge-style fight that erupts.

HE COOKED HIS GOOSE   1952-07-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Larry is a pet store dealer who is having an affair with Moe's wife and is trying to have an affair with Shemp's fiancee. After both become suspicious, Larry comes up with a plan to put himself in the clear and frame Shemp as the philanderer.

The Stooges play separate characters in this short and Larry gets the main role.

GENTS IN A JAM   1952-07-04 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are broke and about to be evicted when Shemp's rich Uncle Phineas comes for a visit. The boys plead with their landlady, Mrs. McGruder, to let them stay, and she relents when she realizes that Uncle Phineas is her long-lost love (although the Stooges don't know that.)  Meanwhile, the Stooges have to deal with their new neighbor, an extremely jealous professional strongman, who discovers his wife in their apartment without her skirt, thanks to a clumsy Shemp in the kitchen.

THREE DARK HORSES   1952-10-16 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges are janitors asked to be delegates at the Presidential Convention to support Hammond Egger, who is really a crook. When the boys learn this, they change their mind and support Egger's opponent Abel Lamb Stewer, who wins the election.

CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO   1952-12-04 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Larry and Shemp live in a stolen train car. Larry wants to marry his girlfriend, but she won't marry him until Shemp marries her older sister. Shemp is constantly drunk, in love with an imaginary canary named Carrie. Moe is a railroad inspector, on the trail of the stolen car. Moe's old love is the older sister, setting up a competition between Shemp and Moe. Eventually, both girls want to marry Shemp, but Shemp prefers his imaginary canary. Huh!?

BOOTY AND THE BEAST   1953-03-05 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges think that they're helping a man who is locked out get back into his house, and then they help him open the safe. Of course the guy was really a burglar, and once the Stooges realize that they've helped a criminal, they set off in pursuit to clear their names. They track him to a train bound for Las Vegas, eventually catching up to him in the freight car.

TRICKY DICKS   1953-05-07 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Chief of Detectives gives Moe, Larry and Shemp 24 hours to solve the murder of Slug McGurk. They question a witness, an Italian organ grinder with a British accent, but he runs away when they mention a murder. A frustrated actor named Gilbraith Q. Tiddlewadder (better known as Chopper) tries to confess as a publicity stunt, but the real killer shows up, outraged at not getting credit, and starts shooting up the police station.

RIP, SEW, AND STITCH   1953-09-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Larry, Shemp, and Moe own a tailor shop that is in danger of losing all the equipment if they don't pay up to their supplier. When the boys learn bank bandit Terry Hargen has been in the shop, they hope to capture him and collect the reward.

BUBBLE TROUBLE   1953-10-08 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

Moe, Larry, and Shemp run a drug store and their store is in danger of closing down, so the boys make a fountain of youth so they could maybe keep their store. It works on women, but after they try it on Flint, the owner of the building, he turns into a gorilla, and now the stooges have a bigger problem!

GOOF ON THE ROOF   1953-12-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

The Stooges learn that their pal Bill has gotten married, and decide to set-up his new antenna and television set as a present before moving out. In the process, they manage to thoroughly wreck his house!

MUSTY MUSKETEERS   1954-05-13 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The stooges are troubadors for the court of King Cole. They ask King Cole if they can marry their girfriends or not, and the King agrees, but only after his daughter is married in the spring to a prince. Mergatroyd, the Court's magician, does not like the sound of this and has his guards kidnap the princess, and the Stooges set out to rescue her.

FLING IN THE RING   1955-01-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Boxer Chopper Kane's trainers Moe, Larry & Shemp receive instructions from their boss, Big Mike, to arrange for Chopper to lose the big championship fight... he's placed all his money on opponent Gorilla Watson. When Watson moves in on Kane's goil Kitty, Chopper vows to moider da bum, and the Stooges are left to face Big Mike's wrath.

OF CASH AND HASH   1955-02-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

Elite Cafe owners Moe, Larry & Shemp are caught in the middle of an armored car robbery. Shortly after, one of the crooks turns up as a diner customer, and the Stooges give chase with friend Gladys and her car. Trailing the crook to an old mansion, Gladys and the Stooges find themselves on the run from the thieves, and their knife-wielding henchman Angel.

GYPPED IN THE PENTHOUSE   1955-03-10 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

At The Woman Haters Club, Larry and Shemp exchange stories of their disastrous encounters with a golddigger, who turns out to be the same woman. Jane became engaged to Larry, only to dump him when Moe shows up with a larger diamond ring. Shemp is a good samaritan, who winds up in Jane's apartment after a good deed, and chased by her husband Moe when he returns home early... "He was on a business trip. That's separated, isn't it?!" Drowning their sorrows in beer, Shemp & Larry are introduced by fellow club member Charlie, to the WH's newest recruit. Of course it's Moe, and slapstick mayhem ensues!

BEDLAM IN PARADISE   1955-04-14 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

In Heaven, Shemp is confronted at the Gates by the Devil and his temptress Helen Blazes (Sylvia Lewis). Angel Uncle Mortimer (Moe Howard, in a dual role) tells Shemp that he can redeem himself if he reforms Moe & Larry. The two remaining Stooges plan to use the money Shemp left them to sell a phony fountain pen invention ("It writes under whip cream!"), thanks to the Devil's advice.

STONE AGE ROMEOS   1955-06-02 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges try for a $25,000 reward offered by a museum, for scientific evidence that cavemen still exist. They return from an "expedition" with a film of caveman life, which is actually the Stooges and other actors in disguise.

WHAM-BAM-SLAM!   1955-09-01 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Shemp is a sick man with a terrible case of nerves, so Moe and Larry go to their friend Claude for help. Claude is a self-taught healer, and tries to cure Shemp with home-made remedies. He suggests they buy his lemon of a car, and take Shemp on a trip in the country.

HOT ICE   1955-10-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges apply for experienced men at Scotland Yard, but wind up as gardeners instead. They stumble across a note about a case involving a stolen diamond, and take the case to prove themselves. While investigating in a dockside saloon dive, Shemp accidentally swallows the diamond, and the crooks plan to cut it out of him. But a gorilla hidden in the saloon, imported from Africa, escapes from his cage and changes the thieves' plans.

BLUNDER BOYS   1955-11-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp Stooge

After serving in the Army, the stooges decide to go to college and major in criminology. Graduating with the lowest possible honors, they receive their first case, stop a bandit called the Eel who is going to rob the Biltless Hotel.

FOR CRIMIN' OUT LOUD   1956-05-03 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are hired as detectives to protect John Goodrich from the Phantom Gang. But before they can arrive, Goodrich is snatched by the Goon, a member of the gang, as is Goodrich's niece. The Stooges arrive and find themselves a target of the kidnappers and on the run for their lives.

HOT STUFF   1956-09-06 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

The Stooges are secret agents, their mission is to protect Professor Sneed from kidnapping by foreign agents after his rocket fuel formula. They disguise as carpet layers and go to Sneed's house, but Larry is mistaken for Professor Sneed and kidnapped along with Moe and Shemp. They pretend that Larry is Prof. Sneed, and accidentally succeed in making a rocket fuel. But just as they're about to be freed, the real professor shows up and the Stooges are confined to a room, the Professor and his daughter locked in a dungeon, and all sentenced to death.

SCHEMING SCHEMERS   1956-10-04 Moe, Larry and Shemp xraffle

Moe, Larry, and Shemp are beginner plumbers answering a call from Mr. Norfleet, whose wife has dropped a diamond ring in the bathroom drain. Moe and Larry find the ring, but drop it once more down the drain. So the Stooges must search for it throughout the household plumbing, inadvertantly crossing the electrical and plumbing pipes in the process. Meanwhile, two guests at the Norfleets' party are planning to steal a valuable painting. They cut the painting out of the frame when no one is watching. Moe and Larry discover that after all their searching, the ring was caught in Larry's hair all the time! After their success, Moe and Larry catch the thief stuffing the painting into a pipe. Chasing him into the party, a huge pie fight breaks out.

COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN   1956-11-08 Moe, Larry and Shemp Moron4392

The Stooges want to be reporters and are looking for stolen secret atomic documents. They unintentionally become stowaways on a ship when they help their neighbor, Mr. Borscht (Gene Roth), who has to leave the country. Bortch is actually an enemy spy, and has hidden microfilm of the stolen documents in watermelons. Our stowaway Stooges get hungry, so they decide to steal the watermelons.

RUSTY ROMEOS   1957-10-17 Moe, Larry and Joe Stooge

The Stooges have no clue that they are dating the same woman, who is using them to get engagement rings from all three. The boys arrive at her house separately, and each give her a ring. While taking a look around the house Moe & Larry spot each other and catch Joe snuggling with "their" girl. A fight ensues with Moe and Larry beating each other senseless, but Joe gets the upperhand, with help from a little invention the Stooges came up with.

FLYING SAUCER DAFFY   1958-10-09 Moe, Larry and Joe Stooge

It's Joe's camera, the camping trip was his idea, and the photograph he took of a blowing paper plate belongs to him. But lazy cousins Moe and Larry interpret the photo as a snapshot of a flying saucer, and use it to win $10,000 in a magazine's candid photo contest. The magazine, however, gets wise to the fraud and throws Moe and Larry in jail. Lonely, Joe returns to the woods hoping to get a picture of a real flying saucer, and reunite his family.

OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL   1958-12-04 Moe, Larry and Joe Moron4392

The Stooges learn in a letter that their father's life depends on an operation, but he doesn't have the money for it. He writes that his property has a uranium mine, and they're sure to strike it rich. So Moe, Larry & Joe head out to their father's cabin, while dealing with Joe's uncanny luck in wishes coming true. Finding no uranium, the Stooges still manage to create plenty of explosive mayhem. Deciding to call it quits, Joe's wishing ability comes through by turning up an oil strike on Papa's country homestead.

TRIPLE CROSSED   1959-02-02 Moe, Larry and Joe xraffle

Larry is a pet store dealer having an affair with Moe's wife, and trying to romance Joe's fiancee. After both become suspicious, Larry comes up with a plan to put himself in the clear, and frame Joe as a philanderer.

The Stooges play separate characters in this short and Larry has the main role.

DON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE   1966-05-01 Moe Howard (Solo) Moron4392

Short order cook Charlie Yuckapuck (Morey Amsterdam) and his waitress best friend Annie (Rose Marie) are fired from the Daredevil Diner after one too many disasters at the expense of owner Mr. Travis (Richard Deacon). The two head for Updyke College to help waitress Magda Anders run the bookstore she inherited from her uncle. On their trail are spies from the Socialist Republic of Klobayashi who have mistaken Charlie for his exact double, missing cosmonaut Yasha Nudnick. Yasha has defected, with plans to turn himself over to U.S. officials at Updyke's international science exposition. Klobayashi spy leader Mr. Big orders his staff to retrieve the space secrets in Nudnick's head, by torture if necessary.

Moe Howard guest stars as Mr. Raines, a lawyer, sporting his trademark sugar-bowl haircut.

KOOK'S TOUR   1970-02-01 Moe, Larry and Curly Joe Moron4392

Moe, Larry and Curly Joe retire, and embark on a fishing and camping trip to Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, and the wilderness rivers and lakes of Idaho.

The Stooges' last film began as a 1/2-hour television pilot for a syndicated, 39-episode travelogue series. Due to Larry's debilitating stroke which brought the Stooges' act to an end, portions were reshot, and all available footage was edited into a one-hour special for television, which was ultimately never broadcast.

CURLY SHUFFLE, THE   1984-01-01 Miscellaneous Appearances Dunrobin

After the success of 1983's The Curly Shuffle by The Jump 'n the Saddle Band (and The Stone Country Band), Columbia produced this music video to accompany Jump's recording.


LOST STOOGES, THE   1990-01-01 Ted Healy and His Stooges Moron4392

Leonard Maltin narrates this retrospective look at the MGM films of Ted Healy & His Stooges. Includes footage from NERTSERY RHYMES (1933), PLANE NUTS (1933), THE BIG IDEA (1934), ROAST-BEEF AND MOVIES (1934), TURN BACK THE CLOCK (1933), MEET THE BARON (1933), DANCING LADY (1933), BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD (1933), FUGITIVE LOVERS (1934) and HOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934).

Also features the complete short BEER AND PRETZELS (1933).

THREE STOOGES FAMILY ALBUM, THE   1998-08-21 Miscellaneous Appearances Moron4392

Short biographical profile of the lives and career of The Three Stooges. Narration is utilized over home movie footage from the family of Moe Howard, and photographs from the Howards, Fine, Besser and DeRita families... from the archives of Joan Howard Maurer, Kris Cutler, Janie Hanky, Sandy Hill and Jean DeRita. Film clips from the four public domain Columbia shorts (DISORDER IN THE COURT 1936, BRIDELESS GROOM 1947, SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS 1947 and MALICE IN THE PALACE 1949) are also featured throughout to show the boys at work.

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