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"Thou art face to face with a great thesbian lover." - Shemp (THREE HAMS ON RYE, 1950)

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Cedric the Blacksmith loves the beautiful Princess Elaine, but the Black Prince is planning to marry her, kill her father the King, and take over the kingdom. Fortunately, a travelling acting troupe (the Stooges) join Cedric to help him woo the Princess, and stop the Black Prince's dastardly plot.

A remake, with stock footage, of SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE (1948).

Joe Palma has three roles in this short:

  • First, Joe portrays 'Sir Satchel' in KNUTZY new footage; Bill Brauer the orginal 'Satchel' via stock footage.
  • SQUAREHEADS stock footage presents Palma as two different guards. He and Robert Stevens are the two guards in the blacksmith shop. Then with a change of costume and facial hair makeup, Palma and Stevens are two new guards chasing the Stooges thru the castle hallways.

Although Jock Mahoney (Cedric) had moved on to starring success at other studios' low-budget films, and his own television series (RANGE RIDER), he returned to film a few continuity sequences for this stock footage remake. In 1962, Mahoney would take on the role with which he is most associated, replacing Gordon Scott as the title character in the popular "Tarzan" film series.

IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Shemp
Release Date
September 02, 1954
Production Type
Short Subject
15.4 min.
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Production Notes   (2)
Prod. No.:   4217
Shooting Days:   2 days   From: 1954-01-18   To: 1954-01-19

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 5.25)
Face Slaps: 15 Eye Pokes: 0 Head Bonks: 6 Pastry Thrown: 0

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Stooge Goofs   (2)
  • Missed Bonk
    When Cedric is supposed to bonk Moe and Larry's heads together, they completely missed each other's heads, yet the sound effects still played as normal.

  • Same Character, Different Actor
    In the reused footage from SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE, Sir Satchel is played by Harold Brauer. But in the new footage, the same character is played by Joe Palma, and his face looks NOTHING like Harold Brauer.

Stooge Routines   (3)

Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • The last short to feature new footage of supporting actor Vernon Dent, who was already suffering from diabetes.
    Source: KNUTZY KNIGHTS (1954)
    Added by MR77100 on 2009-05-07 12:17:42
    Status: Confirmed

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Fan Reviews   (3)
Posted 2010-05-17 02:16:07 by Shemp_Diesel
Edited 2015-01-15 17:35:43 by Shemp_Diesel

I think this one is noteworthy for being the last short that featured Vernon in new footage. Aside from that little bit of trivia, it's your typical, low quality Shemp rehash.

4 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (4)
Posted 2003-08-11 18:03:00 by Pat Stooge
Yeah,I remember this one.It's pretty repetitive, most of the medevil remakes are,I liked the new begining it was pretty funny and could have cheered up a deathly ill person but the reused scene along with that pathetic arse Shemp double Joe Palma was pretty useless yest I know that's not him. I often wonder now if Harry cancelled his contract with Columbia shortly before Shemp's death. A pretty mediocre remake.

Reviewer's Rating: (6)
Posted 2002-03-29 16:38:00 by BeatleMoe
It's been about four years since I have seen this. I think the Family Channel version is uncut. It suprised me, because I have the non Family Channel versions of FLING IN THE RING, OF CASH AND HASH, and STONE AGE ROMEOS, and they weren't even cut on the Family Channel. I read on threestooges.com that the time for KNUTZY KNIGHTS is 15 min, 35 sec. Stooge, I need this film badly. Let me know what films you need, cause I think I can help out if needed.Memorable Scene: The stooges reinacting the sad damsel (Larry at his best in drag.)Rating: 3 starsBeatleMoe

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