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"Boy, you got brains like Napoleon." "Napoleon's dead." "I know it." - Moe and Larry (NO CENSUS, NO FEELING, 1940)

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Average Rating:     [9.02/10]   37 votes


Gen. Muster sends his three best scouts - Buffalo Billious (Curly)' Wild Bill Hiccup (Moe) and Just-Plain-Bill (Larry) - to track down the cattle rustlers operating in the area. The Stooges track down Longhorn Pete and' disguised as gamblers' try to find out his plans. The boys get exposed' but manage a spectacular get away and eventually turn the tables on Pete and his gang.

The covered wagon escape footage was reused in PALS AND GALS (1954). Exchanging cards under the table bit was reworked for Shemp in OUT WEST (1947) and PALS AND GALS (1954).
IMDb Rating


Moe, Larry and Curly
Release Date
July 02, 1937
Production Type
Short Subject
17.25 min.
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Production Notes   (3)
Title Origin:   "Boots and Saddles" (1937 Gene Autry song and movie)
Prod. No.:   274
Shooting Days:   4 days   From: 1937-04-14   To: 1937-04-19

Stooge Mayhem   (Avg. 3.00)
Face Slaps: 8 Eye Pokes: 1 Head Bonks: 3 Pastry Thrown: 0

Stooge Quotes   (1)
  • "Buffalo Bill." "Buffalo Billious." "Just Plain Bill."
    (Curly, Moe and Larry)

Stooge Goofs   (13)
  • Back in the Same Place
    At the saloon after Curly pants heavily and turns his hat to the side, he begins walking away, then the camera cuts to the next shot and he's still standing in the same place as before.

  • Back to the Future
    After the boys jump in the wagon, & while being chased, there are ample examples of modern utility & phone poles/lines, along the chase route, in the foreground & background - pretty modern for the 'Old West'.

  • Disappearing Meat
    As the bullets fall into the meat grinder, there's a lot of meat coming out of the grinder, but all the meat is suddenly gone in the next shot.

  • Early Gun Shot
    When Curly says â€Å"I wonder if this is the place”, the following gun shot takes place too early, making it hard to hear Curly say â€Å"place”.

  • Hat Trick
    In the opening scenes, as the boys jump out of the tree, Curly's double is seen landing on the general's table & his hat falls off. In the next camera shot, as Curly starts to get up, his hat is already back on as he reaches up as if to make sure it's on.

  • Monkey Business
    In the wagon, as the monkey comes out of the box, his tiny hat is shoved back almost on his back as he begins to jump up onto Curly's head. But, in the next camera shot, as he jumps on top of Curly's head, his hat is already on top of his head.

  • Multiple Jumps
    When the Stooges escape from Longhorn Pete's saloon, Larry, then Curly, and finally Moe run toward the window. There's a camera cut and Larry and Moe jump out, but Curly is now several feet behind Moe and still running toward the window. Cut to an outside shot, and Moe jumps out the window a second time, followed by Curly. Still haven't figured out how Larry and Moe ended up on the horses they way they did, considering that Larry jumped out the window to the left, and Moe jumped to the right.

  • Scene Continuity
    As the scene changes to the saloon, a blond dance girl & a customer with a large, black hat are at the end of the bar. Pete's henchman, Tex, then enters & asks the bartender where Pete is. As Tex walks away from the bar to see Pete, the blond & black hat customer turn to move all of three feet to the middle of the bar. Tex goes in to see Pete & explains seeing the boys. As the scene cuts back to the bar, the blond & black hat customer just now make it the three feet to the middle of the bar - almost 30 seconds after they started to move.

  • String Visible
    A string is visibly attached to the monkey's hat when it is shot off inside the shack.

  • The Name Game
    In the credits, cast list, &/or synopsis of the short, Moe is listed as 'Wild Bill Hiccup', & Curly as 'Buffalo Billius' or 'Billious'. But, in the note they tie to the pigeon, Moe is shown as 'Wild Bill Hicup', & Curly as 'Buffalow Billious'.

  • The Repeating Cards
    During the card game, Curly and Moe pass their two aces to each other. However, after the first exchange, Moe opens his hand and discovers he has only two aces ... the ace of spades and the ace of clubs. Curly opens his hand and discovers that he also only has two aces ... the ace of spades and the ace of clubs!!

  • Visible Wire
    You can see the wire that pulls the ball of mud out of Moe's ear.

  • Waiting for Cue
    When the camera fades in on General Muster (Ted Lorch) at the beginning of the short, you can see Lorch looking off-camera a couple of seconds for his cue.

Stooge Routines   (5)
  • Bloodhound Stooge
    A Stooge acts like a bloodhound and tries to sniff out the tracks of enemies that they're looking for.

  • Blowing through mud-filled ear
    A Stooge has mud or something similar stuck in one ear. Another Stooge blows through the Stooge's other ear, causing the mud or whatever to fly out and hit the last Stooge in the face.
    Also used in:  MATRI-PHONY  ·   STONE AGE ROMEOS

  • Cards Under The Table
    A poker game is taking place and cards are being slipped under the table until Curly or Shemp ends up with 4 Aces thus winning the game.
    Also used in:  OUT WEST  ·   PALS AND GALS

  • Smashing drink glasses during toast
    The Stooges raise their glasses of drinks to each other, but one Stooge tips his glass to far and smashes all the glasses.

  • Using a meat grinder as a machine gun


Stooge Trivia   (1)
  • This is the first appearance of supporting actor Joe Palma, who would play the "Phony Shemp" stand-in in 1956.
    Source: Joe Palma (Cast database)
    Added by MR77100 on 2010-03-09 11:39:01
    Status: Confirmed

Audio Files   (1)
  • Whadda smokin'?
    Wave Sound (20.64 Kb)
    "Hey, whadda you smokin'? An inner tube?"

Video File   (Y)

Transcript   (N)

There isn't a transcript available for this episode.

Videography   (3)

Fan Reviews   (8)
Posted 2010-08-26 18:28:20 by Final Shemp
Goofs and Saddles has quite a bit in common with the previous short, Back to the Woods. Both shorts feature a frontier setting (albeit different centuries) and are primarily gag driven. Goofs and Saddles has a bit more story to it than Back to the Woods, but its gags aren't as strong.
It's fun to see the Stooges playing "professionals" in any setting, as they often stumble through their work, getting the job done by accident. The poker game is a highlight, as the boys attempt to cheat in the game. Moe and Curly each have two aces and attempt to pass cards to each other, only they each hand each other their own aces!
Their Union soldier shtick is a lot of fun in Goofs and Saddles. I got to admit, the boys look good in those long haired wigs and mustaches. It's a bit startling when they appear without them halfway though. I thought it would be something fun and different had they worn them throughout the entire short, but maybe that's just me.
The gags get stronger as the short goes on. The climatic chase is grand and Curly with the meat grinder is classic stuff. It's enough to make Goofs and Saddles a good short well worth checking out.
Final Shemp's Final Word: 3 Pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2010-04-14 18:26:55 by Shemp_Diesel

The western themed shorts with Curly were generally better than the Shemps. This is another great one along with Horses Collars and Yes, We Have No Bonanza.

3 1/2 pokes

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2005-12-17 15:30:09 by Shemoeley Fine

Here's a goof-blunder seen during this 2 reeler. After Longhorn Pete reads the message to the Cavalry sent by the boys using his own carrier pigeon and discovers his poker partners are the scouts seraching for him and his rustlers, a chase endures with the Stooges in a covered wagon and Pete and gang on horseback pursuing them. While the rustlers are chasing the wagon telephone poles are clearly visible on the side of the road.

I love the opening sequence by the trio with their finger popping and arm crossings. Curley in a wig gives us a glimpse of how he must have looked before he joined the Stooges when he had long, flowing hair and and did a comical band leader routine in a vaudeville theater.

Shemoeley Fine

Reviewer's Rating: (8)
Posted 2001-05-04 22:28:00 by Stooge
Edited 2003-06-30 02:23:00 by Stooge
A great short, and one of the few Stooge westerns I like. My favorite parts are the card game scenes and the wild chase at the end, especially when Curly uses a meat grinder as a machine gun!

Reviewer's Rating: (9)
Posted 2001-11-07 04:52:00 by [Deleted Member]
Wow! So many good reviews for this short! Now it's time for me to rain on your parade.First, I disagree about Curly being better than Shemp in the westerns. Eiteher Shemp was better or they were both as good as the other. I can't decide. It just seems like the Curly westerns were better because the Shemp ones weren't as well written.As far as "Goofs and Saddles", I like it, but it's my least favorite Stooge western and maybe my least favorite Stooge short. I'd rather see the boys without those wigs. They looked convincing enough in the other western shorts as westerners. Also, one BIG reason I LOVE the Stooges is Moe's mean, bullying character, but it just isn't emphasized enough in this short. If there's even one slap it's when Moe says to Larry, "What's the big idea, pullin' me off the horse?" (Great line, by the way). There are no eye gouges, punishment with foreign objects (scissors, wrenches etc.) Moe does give orders, but Larry and Curly comply too easily. Where's the "I'll do it when I'm ready?" line, or Curly's "Not me!" (SLAP) "I STILL WON'T!" (SLAP!, KONK) (etc.)I do like Larry's line "Your hat blew off." Wouldn't that guy realy get his hat, then hit Larry when he sees him making time with his girl? The ending is good. There's no loose ends and it's a good, funny ending. Still, I say this short could've been better.ISLIPP, therefore I am. ®2001
Posted 2001-11-04 01:03:00 by Mike Holme
This short hasn't had a comment since the beginning of summer! So I'll post a comment. This was a great short, and very funny, but it was a little disjointed and Moe's wrath seems to be very limited, just like in all of the stooge westerns(except "Yes, We Have No Bonanza" in which Moe has a pretty bad temper). I also found it odd that Larry was always the one hitting bad guys over the head instead of Moe or Curly. But oddness in a short makes me find it more interesting. 3 1/2 pokes
Posted 2001-03-02 02:36:00 by sickdrjoe
I normally don't care much for these Western spoofs. (Does anyone?) Too much Western and not enough Stooges (who, let's face it, were city boys.) This one's worth watching to see the boys in those nutty Three Musketeer wigs and beards. But if y'wanna catch a great Stooge western, try YES WE HAVE NO BONANZA (1939) instead.
Posted 2001-01-05 14:49:00 by Uncle Mortimer
As much as I love both Curly AND Shemp, I have to admit that the Curly westerns are better than the Shemp westerns. I think it's probably because Curly's personality is better suited to be put in a dopey cowboy outfit. I mean, it was hard enough to believe that The Stooges were cowboys.(Curly's youth and clownish personality made it a little more believable though, in my opinion.) Although I generally don't like the westerns as much as the others, this is a great short and probably my favorite Stooge western. I just feel that The Stooges were better suited to be the city boys that they were(detectives or salesmen or doctors or clumsy painters or football players or even dressed as women, than to be cowboys trying to save Nell or whatever.)..best example of a bad one: "The Three Troubledoers" or "Merry Mavericks") This one though, is great! The 'poker game' and Curly's 'organ grinder gun' are the highlights!

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