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The Three Stooges Online Filmography
"Hey, are you sufferin' from clean underwear?" - Moe (TIME OUT FOR RHYTHM, 1941)

The Filmography : Radio & TV Guest Appearances

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Show/Film Station/Studio Air Date/Released Host/Star Stooges
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, THE - The Wrestling Match CBS / Syndicated 1953-03-27 Joe Besser (Solo)
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, THE - Getting a Job CBS / Syndicated 1953-04-03 Joe Besser (Solo)
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, THE - The Actors' Home CBS / Syndicated 1953-05-15 Joe Besser (Solo)
I MARRIED JOAN - Business Executive NBC 1953-07-01 Joe Besser (Solo)
I MARRIED JOAN - Brad's Moustache NBC 1953-10-14 Joe Besser (Solo)
MEET MR. McNUTLY (aka THE RAY MILLAND SHOW) - Faculty Dance CBS 1953-10-15 Joe Besser (Solo)
SPIKE JONES SHOW, THE NBC 1954-02-20 Spike Jones Joe Besser (Solo)
PRIVATE SECRETARY - A Still Small Voice CBS 1954-04-25 Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE - David Niven Show CBS 1954-05-02 Joe Besser (Solo)
STRIKE IT RICH CBS 1954-06-18 Warren Hull Moe Howard (Solo)
MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY - Hit and Run Witness Syndicated 1954-09-01 Joe Besser (Solo)
SATURDAY NIGHT REVUE NBC 1954-09-11 Eddie Albert Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE - Entire Cast Show CBS 1954-10-03 Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE - The Life of Jack Benny CBS 1954-11-28 Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE – San Diego Naval Training Center Show CBS 1954-12-26 Joe Besser (Solo)
JUST OFF BROADWAY Unaired 1955-01-01 Joe Besser (Solo)
JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE / aka THE LUCKY STRIKE PROGRAM - Rose Bowl Parade CBS (radio) 1955-01-02 Jack Benny Joe Besser (Solo)
YOUR FAVORITE STORY - No Tears Syndicated 1955-01-13 Adolphe Menjou Joe Besser (Solo)
MILLIONAIRE, THE - The Story of Harvey Blake CBS 1955-03-02 Joe Besser (Solo)
EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO MEL - Pilot Episode Unaired 1955-04-00 Joe Besser (Solo)
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